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and dats problably d only games exclusives available for xbox lol about d topic y xbox owners pay for online gaming when is free pretty much in every other consoles i mean we already pay for internet services and dan they wan us to pay for online gaming too what a rip off for xbox owner so sorry for dem

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u can tell when they used unreal graphics just look at that game looks like sh!t leave for xbox that the console for unreal technology

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lets all move to bfbc2 and show iw that they have 2 make a real game b4 putting in to the market not a glichie piece of sh!t like cod mw 2 what a waste of money i regret getting this fuking game but i will sell it on ebay and wit that money ill get bfbc2

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they r happy 4 mass effect 2 got AAA reviews well we got our first AAA game than god of war than gt5 and that just in the first quarter of the year and u xbox owners how long u have to wait 2 get AAA games and our AAA games are original material yours AAA games r only fps or a game whit a gun on it

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of one game whit mediocre reviews and 4 me was one awesome game that game is heavenly sword

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you know football the real football(soccer) is play and watch in 198 countries of the world that means is played in every single country of this planet thats why is call it the king of all sport and american rugby(american football) well thats only play in the usa bcuz is so fuk!ng boring they stop every 5 seconds they have time off and they call it football when they should call it handball while in futbol they dont stop until the half time and they dont use their hands the FIFA the organiza...

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looks fun to me 4 players coop open world wasteland big monsters rpg is enough to me and 8.8 in an ing review anything 8.5 and above in ign is good for me i hope to see u guys in pandoras tomorrow

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yeah they said bad company 1 was going to beat call of duty 4 and see what happens at my gamestop they almost sell it for 4 free so this one will b the same u will c

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haaa nice i am back from my masturbation terapy awesome graphics

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seems like microsoft is losing this war in every front jajaja i guess if they continued at the pace they will end up like the dreamcast a failure console sorry xbox owners

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i dont know y the black people from the USA is so crazy about that word i used to live in other countrys and black peolpe dont give a dam about u calling then n!ggas bcuz theres nothing wrong they r n!ggas is like if a indian guy get mad bcuz u call hin indian rite

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to hight review 4 a dlc game

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he was mad a white girl won instead of beyonce to me none of those biaches deserve to win they were better nominees but well fuc this kanye monkey he is the one that is racist

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sorry but i dont see all d fuzz about killzone graphics alot of industrial maps i got bored to fast but mgs 4 dam what a game the ending is better than killzone the story the characters the maps even the controls sorry but for me mgs 4 numero uno

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sangria i used to live in spain and europe always get the good things for last like the big movies ,videogames,books it sucks i dont know why they do that i feel sorry for u my frien at least u have some of the hot girls of the world mama mia european girls r the best

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we need new maps i wont play this game again until they gimme new maps is boring playing the same old maps

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i play it almost every night is really fun it takes alot of skills to learn when u start to play it but after that i would say is better than cod 4

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I like BF1942 but Vietnam was the best im tired of ww2 games we need more vietnam war games the jungle the helicopters the jets hell i hope they remake vietnam like they are doing whit bf 1943

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OMFG this is awesome i almost cry for real ps3 is the best console ever forget about zelda or halo or others game this game is going to be a god among the others games coming for next year i love ico and sodc i have both games to those guys that never play this game before u need to do it right now for your own sake or u will die and go sad to the other life i hope is a mix of ico with big bosses like SODC thanks to that sev guy for this video u make my day

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i hope they bring back bf vietnam like they doing with bf 1943 bf vietnam is the best vietnam war game i ever seem and im boring of ww2 games give us more vietnam war games please developers

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