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Funny how someone mentions trolls yet comes here in a topic about Halo 4 that is exclusive to a platform he doesn't own or wish to own. It sure isn't to talk about the trailer is it? Nope, he uses his one bubble because someone mentioned fanboys.

Halo 4 looks awesome and they seem to be pushing the hardware as much as they can. Anyone who doesn't care for Halo shouldn't be here in the first place.

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Yes it does and i also bought the Sly collection.

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Why do you care so much? Why do you care what they think of Vita?

What i think is really going on here is you know it's not doing as well as you'd hope and really does bother you when people aren't positive about it. Get a backbone and stop worrying about it, it's only a gaming device. If it doesn't do well it was only $250 and you still got some enjoyment out of it right? Perhaps you should spend more time playing with it than arguing with everyone on N4...

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"Why don't you mention them?"

How about for once you don't be so bloody defensive and actually read the article. Instead you continue to get your back up because someone has something bad to say about a game or a platform you like so you get way too defensive and ready to attack instead of being mature about it.

His main criticism is about how it's not really skill, just needless constraints put in place that masks it as skill. Can't...

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"Soak up the hatred, while you're at it, as no matter how good this game will be, it will be hated. "

This is why you're a huge part of the problem. You rant and rave about how cynical and negative the media is but you're also feeding it non-stop.

"How can people really be excited for Versus, and yet turn their noses away from Lightning Returns? I honestly don't get it. "

Once again you continue to generali...

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"So then what is the point in there being 2 to 3 different consoles on the market?"

What's the point of having more than one HDTV on the market? Why have different DVD players? The reasons are many, different quality, different features, different controls and so on. We don't need just one company to supply the platform, otherwise we'd all be paying $600 for a game console.

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I would love to see Nintendo take more chances when it comes to software. The Wii U might also struggle getting people to buy it for 3rd party games. Recycling old titles like Mass Effect 3 and adding a new interface, charging consumers $60, isn't going to cut it. Another issue is the pending releases of the next Playstation and next XBOX. If the Wii U is on par with current consoles but with more RAM it's doubtful the Wii U will keep up and once again Nintendo will fall behind. Sure,...

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Haven't gotten one yet.

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Looking forward to this.

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Sony has screwed up big time when it comes to PS2 games being played on other devices. It's the most successful system in history yet they keep advertising PSOne games instead.

This is like Netflix offering BLURAY and VHS movies but not DVD.

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Don't expect the same level of support post-launch like the PS2 got after the PS3 came out. The PS3 isn't nearly as successful or as dominant like the PS2 was. That's just reality. I don't expect a complete drop of support like we saw on the original XBOX or like we've seen on the Wii but it's not going to be anywhere near like the PS2.

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Add that to the list along with The Last Gaurdian and Agent.

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I'd rather see 3rd party developers have exposure than be isolated to one platform. They will have a much better chance of success too.

As for Resistance 3, it sold only 180,000 in the U.S. for the first month. I also have to laugh at how you mention sales for Crysis 2 and Dead Space 2 and only mention XBOX 360 sales. That proves my point since the game was on other platforms which brings the total sales up. More exposure, better chances of more sales. It doesn't take...

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Nintendo would never agree, they will always be the odd man out. They live inside their own bubble. Sony will support Android and release games on other devices not created by Sony, Microsoft will support the PC and even have an XBOX Live App on Apple's IOS. Rare even made a game for the DS. It's just Nintendo who refuses to work with anybody. They also had the worst track record with 3rd party publishers.

You will never see Nintendo games on any other platform other ...

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Way too early to tell. Many thought the Wii wouldn't do well and Nintendo didn't have much momentum going into it either since the Gamecube didn't sell that well.

It's very hard to predict the market and he just hedges his bets.

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Their next game is a multiplatform game, including the PS3. So why would they do more numbers being solely attached to just the PS3 and Vita? In fact Resistance 3 didn't do very good numbers.

I hope them the best of luck with Overstrike, i'd rather have a new IP.

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Gran Turismo 5 suffered from plenty of issues early on, i should know since i owned the game from day 1. It took months before the game was actually the game it should have been, which is ironic considering how long in development it was and delays.

Another example is SOCOM: Confrontation. It was an utter mess and plagued with issues, so to think these things are isolated to Bethesda or 3rd party publishers it's not.

What i find striking is how many peopl...

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That 'a boy Hicken, continue wasting your 1 bubble doing damage control.

Sony will have a fix for this but it should have been an obvious alert from the beginning. The whole Playstation Store needs a major overhaul anyways. I expect when the PS4 comes out everything will be much more cohesive and Vita will be in full swing by then. PS2 games will also overshadow PS1 games in the store by then too.

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The system is not over-priced. Not when you compare it to the PSP when it came out and how much that was and the Nintendo 3DS and wht it offers and what it can do. However when you get to the $250 barrier and add memory cards that are essential and come at a premium price, the overall cost goes up. Still, it does offer good value but that market for a portable gaming device that is over $200 may be shrinking.

Maybe it's marketing that's hurting Vita. After all Sony ha...

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So in other words you're not here to discuss the low pre-orders for Playstation All-Stars, instead you scoured all the topics that came out today, like you do every day, and feel this inner desire to make a comment about how the media hates Sony. Talking about how sick and tired you are with these topics, yet not sick and tired enough to stop yourself from continually repeating yourself and to keep posting all day, every day. You must take a lot of viatims and drink lots of Red Bull to ha...

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