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Please do a better job at quoting what I said and not trying to combine responses to me and CommonSenseGamer. His views are completely different than mine.

Not once did i imply they should drop the Vita. What i DID say was that sales are not doing as well as expected but it is far from dying. I also said to give it until the end of 2013 before anyone can decide how bleak or bright the future of Vita is. I also said Sony can absorb the losses from Vita because there is a bigge...

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Hicken, you can say whatever you want Hicken, just stop mentioning me by name or any indication of me.

Speaking of stalkers, you're the one who continues to follow not only me but CommonSenseGamer. Do you ever listen to yourself or are you just too busy talking all the time?

You're the one who suggest i go after so and so and how i keep picking on you while you yourself will ignore trolls if they are trolling Microsoft articles. In fact you're so ...

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I will wait until the game comes out before i make that call but so far it seems like a clone of Super Smash Bros. with a different spin on it. Nothing wrong with that as long as it's good and fun to play.

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Hicken, the PS3 has been a struggle for many developers. It still give programmers difficulties, the RAM is split, the seek and read times for the BLURAY drive is slow. The game was developed by PC developers and of course they will be far more familiar with the XBOX360 architecture. Bethesda even had issues with the Shivering Isles DLC for the PS3.

Basically it's a whole different beast. Even Gabe Newel had choice words about the system until he finally got his hands dir...

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"Will it outsell the Vita? Sure. The 3DS, too. Because all those dingleberries that bought an iPhone 4 last year will upgrade to get the half an extra feature. That's where those massive sales you always talk about come from; not from gamers, but people blindly buying the next iteration to be part of the "in" crowd."

You mean like all of those who bought a PS3 because they enjoyed the PS2 and will likely continue to buy a PS4 even knowi...

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Call Of Duty 3

Call Of Duty Black Ops II

The visuals have also gotten better over the years. They have also added new features. I view Call Of Duty like i view sports games. People seem to love...

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COD is one franchise out of hundreds that don't prosper. We have seen time and time again of studios being shut down. Super Mario Bros. 3 sold over 18 million copies on one system. It generated 1.7 Billion, yes billion, dollars when you factor in inflation being adjusted. So i too can cherry pick a game.

How many games have done that recently that was an exclusive title and non-bundled? Now compare that to the ratio of development cost. It's no wonder Nintendo was so ...

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Really? Like those who continue to buy sports games or racing games like Forza and Gran Turismo? Those all have the same formula as well but people enjoy them and keep buying them. That is all that needs to be said, if people enjoy something they will continue to buy it. McDonalds doesn't change its whole menu each year do they? Funny how people keep coming back.

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Yes it has underperformed but it's far from dead. The IPhone 5 is irrelevant to the points you've made in regards to Sony dropping Vita. The IPhone has an annual cycle and Vita is at least a 5 year plan. Sure one can say smartphones have eroded handheld gaming devices somewhat but as we can see with the 3DS there is still a sizable market for them. Sony will also absorb some of the losses from Vita because they want devices that are part of the Plays...

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Of course Vita isn't dead, it just came out months ago is many regions and less than a year in Japan. The negativity is linked to hardware sales not doing as well as expected. Kaz from Sony said it is but that is very hard to believe since it's not doing as well as the original PSP. But then again what is he going to say about sluggish sales?

This Christmas season will be a much better indicator for Vita and by the end of 2013 we will have a much broader picture of ho...

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Well when costs have risen so sharply of course something has to give. We also live in an era where episodic content can be used instead. Look at the game The Walking Dead for example.

Either you charge the consumer $100 for a game or you find other avenues to recoup development costs, it's not hard to figure these things out. Games on the NES system were $50, how much money do you think those games cost to make back then and how many people were involved compared to dev...

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I've had a Playstation 3 for years, long before Vita came around, and this downtime has been happening since PSN was launched.

You're argument is the equivalent to iTunes being down because of the new IPad or new IPhone. Which of course is not the case.

Even the original SOCOM on the Playstation 2 had regular downtime for maintenance.

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Me too. By that time the familiarity of the hardware will be in full swing. I expect Smash Bros. will be out in 2013.

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The first one was a great game but it's odd how it went from being exclusive for PSN to this one being exclusive to XBLA. Maybe Joe Danger 3 will be exclusive to the Wii U.

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You see Hicken, this proves right here you enjoy the backlash. You enjoy the attention of being in the middle of the action all the time. Going on and on and on and on.

I told you just a few days ago that i wouldn't even respond to you, that i would leave you alone which is what you keep telling me to do. As long as you don't mention my name and yet once again here you are babbling away and mentioning me when i didn't make a comment to you or even in this topic ye...

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A lot of DLC is centered around online play so waiting won't necessarily pay off because by that time there could be a lot less people playing it.

DLC can be a wonderful tool and keep games fresh and exciting long after they are released. The problem is they have to charge more because you essentially have less consumers who are likely to buy it and it does cost money to make DLC. Some may argue the DLC should be included in the first place but a lot of times the game is ...

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XBOX Live was having major issues a few years ago. It was around Christmas time and some people couldn't play online for a few weeks. It didn't affect everyone but quite a few people. It wasn't because of being hacked but rather too heavy of a load on the servers. Microsoft corrected the issue and ever since there has been no major downtime or major issues.

What people are talking about is not hacking, it's phishing scams. So if you are smart about your accoun...

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You're right. Releasing a brand new IP at the beginning can have its drawbacks too because there simply isn't as many potential customers. I recall quite a few new IP's that didn't sell well that came out early on.

It's always a gamble releasing new IP's but you need to. I'm currently enjoying Sleeping Dogs and i think it's doing fairly well as far as sales are concerned. What publishers like EA need to do is stand behind their product. Market ...

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"I'd like to say I don't care"

That's obvious, you don't care about anything other than your own agenda and that is to talk and talk and talk and talk, without ever actually listening. Do you need to listen to me? No. But perhaps you should realize why it is you are down to 1 bubble. That's not because of me, it's because of you. So either be a contributing member here or stick to being a cancer to this site. That's YOUR decision, not min...

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You don't get it and you never will. You're either talking about somebody or whining about the whiners. Is it really that hard to just make a comment about the topic and be done with it?

"Bring on the Xenosaga series, i like them"

That's it. Now is that so hard?

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