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This guy is pretty funny but I do agree that he tries too hard. He's a PS3 fan through and through but at least he's passionate about gaming and tries to show excitement all around.

The Playstation Move demo was pretty neat and again it just shows the possibilities. The guy is going to have a heart attack during E3. One day he'll say Natal is the bomb and is going to revolutionize the industry and then after the Sony press event he will say how The Playstation Move will destroy N...

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This game looks absolutely amazing. I just hope the single player portion is long and not compromised to add multiplayer.

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The game looks great but c'mon already. I think there will be a lot of DLC that comes out shortly after the game ships too which will be a little sneaky. However I imagine there will be more than enough in the $60 package to keep me busy for months.

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$57 for the game and then a $10 credit towards anything on Amazon which brings it down to $47 plus a Golden Guns weapons pack DLC. I may have to pre-order it as this is far too tempting. The game looks great and seems to have tons of value.

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So a million copies just to break even? I wonder how many are required on the PS3/Xbox 360 then since it's probably more costly to develop?

About only 80 games so far have even reached 1 million and only about 27 reached 2 million and over half of those are from Nintendo. No wonder many are thinking of either stopping to make games for it or decreasing development. I imagine once Natal and the Playstation Move comes out the allotment will change.

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It's true. Insomniac are a great team that deserves more respect and attention much like Naughty Dog is getting. They are now going to make games with better visuals and not bother with 60fps as they said more people seem to care about graphics more than performance. This is what's so amazing about them. The game looks great and runs at 60fps but Naughty Dog gets all the attention for their graphics.

Hopefully it's just a good competitive nature and it doesn't become like they fe...

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Chubear, the problem with people such as yourself is you already have preconceived notions of what you think of the product without really seeing what it can do or having a hands on demo with it. Yes the tech demos have so far been isolated and controlled by Microsoft. That is largely due to it being still early in development.

As for games being shown perhaps Microsoft doesn't want the cat out of the bag yet and wants to utilize E3 as a full on entourage of stuff to show us. The...

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Well green if you're a fan of The Incredibles (hopefully they make a sequel) check this out:


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Thanks green.

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Chubear I believe both Natal and the Playstation Move were both shown at E3 for the first time. However Sony was the one who came out and said the Move was going to come out Spring of 2010 and we all know now that didn't happen. So they delayed it. Which means to me they were already in the works of making games for it.

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Thinking of picking this up. They have it on sale used in my area for $30. I still have Tools of Destruction I need to finish though.

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Nice to see they are improving it all the time. Peter Molyneux said it's hard to demo something that's still being worked on. Can't wait to see what they show at E3 because these Ricochet videos are becoming redundant.

I think the best thing about all of this is the feedback has been very good from those who've tried it. It just opens up more possibilities and the ideas of how it can be utilized is coming from those who tried it aren't even developers. One said imagine playing a ...

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I was thinking of buying a Wii again just for this game but now I know both the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be utilized as well with body controls. The Wii opened up the door for this type of new gameplay, it's just too bad the system itself is still years behind.

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So let's just get that out of the way first and foremost. Criterion likes working with Sony, always has and probably always will. However it's good to see that they are not content in trying to sell PS3's like other PS3 only developers who are quick to say the Xbox 360 is maxed out or this game cannot be done on the Xbox 360. That's just PR crap.

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Can't wait to play this game.

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