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This reminds me of comparing Android users to IOS users. Some people want everything for nothing.

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That's true, now let's see who focuses on all the negative stuff they said or all the positive stuff they said.

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Yup, i think people are getting pretty sick and tired of seeing fanboys act like they aren't the most biased. Especially from one who constantly cries foul about the media and when someone turns the tables it's time to argue and pick out that one comment.

The Playstation 3 IMO is the better system right now. It offers greater value but Sony screwed up early, big time. They also lack the marketing Microsoft has been able to sustain, especially in the U.S.A. People ques...

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I see CommonSenseGaner has fans, not stalkers. Right?

On one hand Sony wants to make sure Vita is it's own device and they say they learned their mistakes with the PSP and how they treated it like a handheld console, on the other hand they need to market cross-platform play. As long as they can balance the two it should do fine. This is why i'm curious as to how Nintendo does it, now that the Wii U and it's tablet controller is able to take games from the console ...

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Then perhaps both Sony and Nintendo need to re-evaluate what a dedicated handheld system should be. As consumers look for devices that do more than just gaming they need to show more flexibility. They need to advertsie more smaller cheaper titles as well. Why not fight the mobile space with games that are also a $1?

Nintendo is the worst culprit because they feel those devices undervalue the software pricing. Let's face it, Nintendo is an awfu...

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GoG is great, so is Desura, but they don't focus on new big titles. It would be a sad day if EA ever buys Valve.

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Well if you actually read the article the context of the topic heading is misleading. He is referring to the acceleration of the frustrations and challenges within the business model, namely PC gaming. This topic reads as though Microsoft will decline as a whole. Two different things. Windows 8 will apparently makw things more difficult for companies like Steam. I personally think Windows 8 will be a flop and is more designed for the tablet market.

Microsoft knows that by con...

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1. Price drops of both PS3 and XBOX 360. We may even see a temporary price cut on Vita or more bubdles.

2. Sony looks to be more in line with coming out with tactics against the Wii U. A new slimmer PS3 model is rumored. Games like Little Big Planet Karting, Wonderbook and Playstation All Stars and other all age games seem to be coming this Fall with less emphasis on more serious games like The Last of Us and Beyond until after the Wii U launches.

3. Both Son...

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The same thing is happening in the movie business. It's basically a sign of running out of ideas.

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Easy mode works for anyone wanting to use it. Gamers have been using any method possible in the past, whether it be walkthroughs or cheat codes. What we should really be concerned with is how games are becoming easier, not options for playing the game on easier difficulty settings.

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Funny how you talk about disagrees when all you do is disagree with everything i say, even when others agree with me. I guess it's because you don't like hearing the truth. Also since you're limited to 1 bubble the only recourse you seem to be left with is mentioning my name in other topics that i wasn't even in. Of course the proper and mature thing to do would be to send me a private PM but we all know you're more about getting attention than actual facts out there.

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@Army of Darkness

People tend to support Apple because they want something easy to use and in a more safe environment. It's a lot more closed off than Android and that can be a good thing or a bad thing, all depending on how much you want to exploit the hardware and how dirty you want to get your hands versus having things just work. Apple's software is structured in such a way that it becomes familiar going from one product to the other. It's like PC fanboys vers...

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Ever notice how these fanboys will reason their decisions? When you look at the Playstation 3 as a whole and break it down it goes like this.

Exclusives - they are the best

Hardware - it's the most powerful (yet last generation it wasn't about thr hardware, it was about how most games were on the PS2) and as this cycle extends its welcome the talks will continue to be about exclusives. That way the aging technology is now downplayed.


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There are many forms of loyalty and sadly people like Hicken do not represent why loyalty matters.

When you have someone like him who is so quick to defend EVERYTHING related to Sony and at the same time so quick to ATTACK anyone or anything that poses a threat, that isn't just brand loyalty. That is being a loyal slave with only one real agenda. That is to make sure Sony looks better than anyone else.

Companies like Sony cannot be viewed within gaming as...

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More will follow. Once cracks start to appear it brings more attention to other hackers. That doesn't mean i support it, i'm just being realistic.

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Can't wait. This game is gonna be awesome.

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Hicken writes:
"Nobody "really really" wants to to write off the 360. They really really want things that aren't currently there, or they really really don't want to have to pay just to play the online portion of their games."

First off there are two different views to this and once again you want to focus on only your viewpoint. Poeple like Xbox Live. They like the way it works, they like how all games are universal with one another whethe...

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Once again you are making generalizations. Not all mobile games are simple and not all console games take immense skill to play. Just because one device has a controller doesn't make all of those games just for hardcore gamers. The evolution of gaming is much broader today and isn't in simple terms as you would like.

Games are a form of entertainment, no matter how big or how small they are. By the way, many readers do actually enjoy the comic section as well as readi...

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Now you know why they want to get away from physical media and more towards something like PSN+ where all of us need to be connected to play and the games we own we actually don't own.

Sony can try and patch this but we all know how patches go. It's a constant battle back and forth. The consumer wants to move towards more freedom of their software and the abilities of the hardware while the makers of the hardware and software want to tighten the noose. Most people wou...

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Hicken writes:
"I'll go ahead and tell you why I'm here, commenting in a 360-related article: "

The reason is obvious, you're threatened.

"I like games(as if I hadn't said that before). Don't like Microsoft"

There are hundreds of people who work for the XBOX division, so how can you hate Microsoft and then say you like games? It makes no sense. In fact it's demented to think like that and on...

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