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The same can be said for any game console. The PC is often viewed as being a more hardcore platform yet you don't seem to support it. So i'm not sure on what authority, if any, you have on making any comment.

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Yet we can continue to count on you making intelligent responses.

Funny how on one hand people whine about DLC and other tactics to get consumers to pay more without ever discussing how much games cost now to make. If you want AAA games then expect the cost to the consumer to be passed on somehow. Whether it be episodic content, DLC, online codes to unlock multiplayer and online access to curb used sales, digital distribution only to curb not only the used market but piracy a...

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Then i'm sure you will side with them on these articles:

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The fact is Metal Gear started on another platform and was designed by Hideo Kojima in 1987, long before Sony entered into game consoles. What about Final Fantasy?

Unless Platinum announced they were going to make Bayonetta 2 long ago and promised it would continue on the same system then what's there to complain about? This strategy of getting 3rd partry publishers to offer exclusive games, whether it be timed or full exclusive games, has ...

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I'll say it again, smartphones will not replace traditional gaming and we will always have games that have controllers. On that note we still want videogames to expand and reach out to more people and be more accessible.

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They will rectify that, it was the main issue for me.

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The immaturity of gamers never ceases to amaze me. Games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear started out on the Nintendo console. Bayonetta 2 will also likely be timed exclusive and may come to the new PS4 and new XBOX.

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"Yeah, that's why the Wii is at the lowest price, it will be the most commonly traded in system by far. PS3 is the least likely so it gets the highest price."

It's based on value and current pricing. The PS3 cost more to buy than a Wii. What's interesting is they are only giving $90 for Vita.

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I expect both the XBOX 360 and PS3 to drop in price within a month or two.


I wouldn't get rid of my PS3.

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From the article:
"Launching at $300 for the entry-level model puts Nintendo at the high end of historically successful console launch prices."

No it doesn't. The PS1, PS2, XBOX and XBOX 360 all launched at $299. I'm not sure if anyone knows this but both the PS1 and PS2 were historically successful. $300 is actually very reasonable for what you get. It's only a high price compared to previous Nintendo consoles.

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I'm sure you're upset over Final Fantasy and Metal Gear going to the Playstation.

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It sure got your attention though didn't it Hicken? As you can see it works. They know how vulnerable some people are.

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So someone says something about a PS3 exclusive and the knives come out. How odd. The fact that you need to insult people shows just how attached you are to the PS3.

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Funny how someone who accuses me of being a stalker (while he himself follows CommonSenseGamer and others around) has me bookmarked and likes to respond every once in a while with his 1 bubble.

"Consumers want flexibility..."
Because the Vita only does one thing, right? "

Did i say otherwise? You're the one who's rampant on how smartphones can't compete because Vita is a dedicated gaming system. I am saying c...

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I should hope so that the Vita can do this and more since Vita games are on average $40. This game is likely goping to be less than $10, most likely $5 or 6.

What people are missing is how far these games have come in such a short span of time. How will Vita games look in comparison in 5 years to what smartphones can do then?

I think people want to downplay this as much as possible because they know that smartphone games are creeping into dedicated gaming ha...

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Wiki can be edited at any time. You can count the games listed. My guess is maybe some games aren't released yet or got cancelled. Not sure but the point is the XBOX360 has a lot of games and people don't just buy the console for one or two games. Overall software sales for both the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 are very close. Meaning all this arguing about exclusives and which games are better is a bunch of nonsense. But people seem to enjoy the bantering that goes on back and forth. A...

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So instead of talking about the game they picked (it was Uncharted 2 for those too lazy and it is one of the best games this generation), you do the same old stuff. You pick that one comment out of the crowd, usually the one that either bashes or dismisses anything in relation to Sony, instead of picking your own game or focusing on the topic.

I myself can't pick one game. I enjoyed Uncharted, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Red Dead Redemption, Forza, Mario Galaxy, there are a ...

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Sony would love to have a Halo killer, much like how Microsoft would love to have a Gran Turismo killer. You don't invest that much money into a franchise like Killzone and then make such a big ordeal about Killzone 2 and how it will sell hardware when the first one wasn't even all that great or was that commercially successful. They marketed the first Killzone a lot and made a big deal about it's visuals and the reason was obvious. Halo was the new king in town and the PS2 simply...

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PS3 - There are currently 760 games (multiplatform: 615; exclusive: 137; console exclusive: 8) and 15 cancelled games on this list as of July 25, 2012.

XBOX 360 - There are currently 929 (multiplatform: 720; exclusive...

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The official site is so much cleaner and nicer looking than this one.

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