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Hicken writes - "And since it's speculated that there won't be nearly as large a performance schism next time around, that means there'll be an even larger focus on the minute differences."

Oh goodie! Another gneration of fanboys clamoring how that one extra pixel makes all the differences in the world.

Companies like Nintendo will always have exclusives to try and sell the hardware. That's how they keep themselves within their o... #3.1.3

Nintendo plans to sell 4-5 million by March of 2013. We have no idea at this point whether or not they will meet or exceed that target. That's roughly 1 million units per month. #1.1.1
It's too close to Christmas to be playing that game. They risk potential loss of sales by doing that and the Wii U is going to have to have a fast start because Sony and Microsoft are likely to announce new hardware next year.

They have already announced they will not sell the Gamepad separately at first in order to keep the supply chain going. What people need to understand is game forums don't neccessarily translate into real world sales. People have waited a long... #5.1.2
There are many layers to fanboyism. The difference between media like music and movies is there isn't the constant fighting over what platform they reside on. That brings a whole new level to fanboyism for gaming. People may argue or debate between different music styles and genres. I doubt there is much fanbyoism between those who publish the music and what label they are on. Same with movies. People enjoy comedy or horror and so on. They may even get attached to some actor or director b... #1.1.1
It's such a blessing that we can now get these smaller games on consoles like this without breaking the bank. #1.1
That's just the nature of the beast. I say good for Nintendo on finally taking 3rd party gaming seriously. You think they just want to sit back and watch Sony and Microsoft gobble up all the sales? It will take this aggressive stance to win back gamers who otherwise were totally comfortable playing 3rd party franchises on their XBOX's and Playstation's. #1.2.1

There is over double the amount of activity on the PS3 forums than the other 4 main game forums COMBINED. So yes, as far as the members it seems to favor more PS3 owners.

As for the negative media it's all around. I've seen article after article that's negative towards the Wii U. It's a common theme in journalism because they... #3.3.2
Ah yes, everyone is an idiot but you. Ever stop to think that used games sales do not go into the pockets of those who created the games? In fact companies like Gamestop make most of their revenue from used game sales. On one hand people want these expensive games like GTA IV that cost upwards of 100 million dollars but never stop to think of where the return revenue comes from. Thankfully it sold millions of copies but as we can see not all games recoup devlopment costs. So of course compani... #3.1
Let's see, Hicken was upset over the ending for Mass Effect 3 and he also claims to never have owned an XBOX360. Therefore it's plausable that he started playing Mass Effect with part 2 on the PS3 with a summary of what happend with the first Mass Effect game. No big deal right? Now please tell us all the cliffhanger that left gamers wanting to find out the rest of the story for Bayonetta 2? Did we even know Bayonetta 2 was even coming out before this week?

Games like... #1.2.2
It will be interesting how things go this holiday season. #2
Oblivion disagrees with you.

PS3 owners have a right to complain, they just want things to work and not have the system be treated as 2nd class. However Sony needs to listen more from game developers and not have hardware that makes things more difficult. #4.1

Now ask yourself, would he have said the same thing in a Playstation Move article? Very doubtful.

If this is false advertising then comment on it. Instead people like GribbleGrunger look like Sony fanboys because they can never actually discuss the... #3.3
You can prove it with your Sony online account. Welcome to the future where consumers can actually take their purchases from one device to another. Can you imagine if you bought a new IPod and weren't able to transfer your old ITunes music you bought?

You make me laugh Hicken, on one hand you go on about how this generation was awful because of DLC and other shady tactics but here you are still defending anything related to Sony. #2.1.1
Nintendo will always enjoy some form of success because they still have a strong brand with many consumers. They also hold key franchises. Will it walk away from the competition like the Wii did? I doubt it. Now that all companies have gone or are going into the direction of motion gaming, touch controls and multiple screens it will be difficult for Nintendo to be unique this time. New hardware from both Sony and Microsoft is just around the corner too and i imagine many are in my position, t... #1.2.3
With the unreliablity of backwards compatability on next generation systems it's probably best to either repair it or replace it. Especially if you have a lot of games. #19
If Sony really put the gamers first they would have worked more with actual game developers and not have hardware that they continue to struggle with 5 years later. They also would not have told gamers to work harder so they could afford one either.

Yes they focused more on exclusives and getting new IP's this generation but those games only count for a small percentage of overall available software. However i do think they are in a great position going into next generati... #1.1.1
I agree. I doubt Bayonetta 2 is much of a system seller. #2.1.1
Blu-ray was their main plan and because of that their focus on gaming got lost in the beginning. The split in RAM, slow read speeds and not a very powerful GPU hindered it as well.

I expect the PS4 to be more reasonably priced and a more conservative effort. Ken Kutaragi is gone and Sony needs to focus more on earning profits earlier on. The system will also be a lot more developer friendly, it has to be. #3.2
Let's hope Sony finally understands that there really is no need in making game development this difficult on the PS4. This concept may have worked on the PS2 due to it's stranglehold on the market, but it didn't work this generation. The PS3 needed to be the lead platform to overcome these obstacles. #1.1.5
You are right, you should be asking one of your co-workers who are also employed by Sony like you. If he said the PS3 makes every gamer proud you wouldn't even have hesitated. #3.1.2
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