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What exactly would you tell them, that you're annoyed that the PC is constantly evolving and PC gamers don't have to wait 5 or more years to get an extra performance boost?

You're a funny guy, you don't like how smartphones and peripherals like Kinect because according to you they devalue the hardcore gamer, yet you're also threatened by the PC platform and its ability to outshine consoles. Must be rough being stuck in the middle.

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Who is they? Oh yeah, the people you constantly worry about. This patch is about the items being used on the PS3, perhaps you should discuss that instead. All i can say is thankfully we live in the modern era where updates and fixes can be applied but it should not be used to rush your product out the door or not have testing done beforehand (in general, not suggesting this game was).

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Those 5 games look good but only 2 of them will be available at launch.

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People are competitive but there's a difference between being competitive and one who's sole purpose is to ruin the experience for others.

There really is no perfect system out there. Some are obviously better than others. The best way is to filter your own friends but that takes time and limits your audience. A rating system never seems to work either. Look at Metacritic for example.

I have met a lot of great people online so it would be a shame ...

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This is true and the only way to curb it is to have more accountability. That means no way of creating new accounts while you're warned or whatever measure they take.

Gamers need to be educated on the fact they don't have the right to ruin other peoples experiences. These services have their own terms that you have to agree to.

1. If someone constantly team kills for example they can have a warning attached to their avatar and sent to purgatory wi...

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How many times do you need to be told that i am not a moderator? So why don't you just mark it if you feel it's trolling and move on? Instead you always make a big production out of everything. I've never seen anyone as butthurt as you on the forums about the media and about certain members. Take a break kid and ignore this site if you can't conduct yourself in a mature manner. There's no need in mentioning my name in articles, or anyone else that has yet commented.

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Dead or Alive actually sold quite well. The fact is Japanese gamers support fighting games more (Tekken, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter ect.) and we all know the XBOX systems have never done well over there. So when you take away Japan both the PS3 and XBOX360 have similar software sales.

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It only took until near the end of this generation.

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Yup. Just like Facetime. I think it's a great idea they allocated 1 GB just for the operating system too.

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We've seen a lot of negative topics about the Wii U yet why aren't you guys talking about them? HappyTrigger is right, some of you guys need to give it a rest.

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The article is posted by Playstation Universe, a site that also supplies a lot of positive articles. If people are having issues and sites like this talk about then perhaps other users can breathe a sigh of relief and realize it's not just them if they too are having issues.

I swear some of you guys are too sensitive. Perhaps you should take a break and ignore this place for a month and get back to normal.

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M.A.G. is another example of a game that didn't set the world on fire with software sales. I thought it was great and the extra exposure through PSN+ helped matters. Starhawk kind of came and went and didn't have the life like Warhawk did.

I think it's great Sony is offering games for cheaper with the option of just buying the multiplayer. I wish more games would do that and it does breathe extra life into older titles.

So are you here to talk...

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Hicken strikes yet again. Coming into an article about a XBLA game and not even discussing it. Instead his focus was on a member who went after a Sony troll. Great job Hicken looking after your brothers.

Microsoft should just give a green light for a new Killer Instinct game. Perhaps if Kinect 2 is a lot more responsive that would be a great peripheral to push the franchise forward.

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Hicken wrote:
"Not to say that the lineup isn't a good one, but it would be far more tempting if most of the heavy hitters were't available on a console many of us already own."

Well if that's the case both Sony and Microsoft better stop making PS3's and XBOX 360's, since according to you everyone already owns one. Which of course makes no sense.

Also according to you, everyone gravitated from a Wii to a XBOX360 and ...

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Why isn't it fair? You are just as able like anyone else to invest in a PC instead of a console that's essentially going to stay the same for roughly 5 years. The PC's will always keep the console fanboys in check whenever they feel like tooting their own horns about how powerful their console is.

It's funny how some people are against the popularity of smartphones because they make games too casual and aren't for the hardcore, when many times consoles d...

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Me too but i'm still going to hold off until i see how the online pans out and the library builds.

It doesn't matter what line-up Nintendo brings or Sony brings or Microsoft brings, the so called "hardcore" critics out there will always find something to not like. Most consumers don't spend time on game forums. So what people comment on doesn't always transpire into what the general public thinks. Personally i think the Wii U lineup is pretty stron...

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The fact you got a disagree already for just saying it's good to have options shows how people here on N4G will disagree on ANYTHING.

The game looks amazing and the PC version looks to really take advantage of the hardware. Now watch as i get a disagree, lol.

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Metal Gear did not start out on a Playstation device, how many times do you have to be told that? Also why did you mention Final Fantasy and not finish your argument? Oh that's right, it's because it started on Nintendo consoles and then went exclusive for awhile on the Playstation.

REAL Bayonetta fans will buy the appropriate hardware to play the games on. Just like they did with Metal Gear and Final Fantasy. Not everyone isolates themselves and limits themselves ...

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Hicken, Android is not better than IOS in alsmost every single way. That's like saying the PC is better in every single way compared to console gaming. Since IOS is more controlled much like your PS3, that means games are likely to have less issues since you don't have multiple operating systems to worry about and different hardware set-ups.

If you support Android so much over IOS then why do you support console gaming so much over PC gaming?

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Nintendo has been around a lot longer in gaming than Sony and Microsoft. I guess when you live and breathe only in Sony's world everything else must be viewed as pessimism.

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