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Once again you miss the point.

1. Most times all you do in Microsoft related articles is make sure nobody is being negative towards Sony even if if means ignoring all the hate towards Microsoft.

2. Lots of times you're only in them (Microsoft related topics) to be pessimistic and then turn around and whine to everyone how the media hates Sony.

Nothing wrong with your comment above other than you constant need to at least have one snide re...

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nukeitall is right, they do set the price to retailers as Sony has a wholesale cost. Retailers in general don't make a hell of a lot of money off of the hardware but Sony has cut costs of the Playstation 3 over the years so it would be interesting to know how much these new ones cost to make.

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"Nintendo has always been a hole generation behind the others. "

No they haven't. The Gamecube was actually more powerful than the PS2. It just didn't have a DVD player.

The reason why Nintendo goes low-tech is because they are not willing to sell their systems at a loss like Microsoft and Sony do. They want to be profitable. Nintendo also doesn't have other resource streams like Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft has Windows to work off and ...

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It looks good but i'm keeping my slim as well.

Not sure what the point of a 3rd whole new redesign is? I think the biggest factor was trying to come out with a sub-$200 system and from what i read the 12GB flash drive system is still over $200 and only available in Europe. Why only there?

It's almost as though they knew the Wii U was coming so they decided to come out with a new model and have a line-up of games to counter it such as LBP Kart Racing, ...

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I agree, Nintendo should be investing in new IP's.

Nintendo Land™
New Super Mario Bros.™ U
NINJA GAIDEN™ 3: Razor's Edge
LEGO® City: Undercover
Wii Fit™ U
Game & Wario™
Pikmin™ 3
The Wonderful 101™

Those are all being released by or partnered with Nintendo during the launch window. Hopefully we see new ideas after that.

Playstation Plus, Gaika and the...

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Microsoft lost the hardcore? Now that's funny. Have you even looked at software sales charts? If you did you'd see the games are pretty much fall down the same line as Playstation 3 gamers. Have you forgotten that Call of Duty is the number one franchise on the Playstation 3? A game Microsoft is more aggressive in getting on their console?

Just because they came out with Kinect doesn't mean all of the sudden they went from Miramax to Disney overnight. They expand...

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I imagine some drug dealers do but the smart ones won't. Pimps try out their own product don't they?

As for videogames i think it's better to be educated on them if you are in that field.

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LX-General-Kaos , if i click agree, will i get a free t-shirt? I've always wanted a picture of Reggie Fils-Aime's head on my chest. I guess i'll have to get an XX-Large for it to fit.

I do expect the Wii U to sell-out in Japan. So expect more Nintendo domination.

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"I'm inclined to say "Who cares?" but I know someone does."

Then why bother clicking on the article? What is this need and fascination of yours to comment on EVERYTHING?

"Really, though, this article just seems to be making a big production out of nothing."

It's one article. What's the difference between an article talking about how they are going to buy a Wii U or not buy a Wii U, or Vita?

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This actually discusses the nature of fanboysim quite well. Lots of different views on the subject.

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"BTW wtf does San Andreas have to do with the subject of timed exclusive content when GTA 3 & Vice City were on Xbox as well"

Perhaps if you actually took the time to read the comment i responded to you'd understand.

tentonsoftlube wrote -"but sony gets exclusive content, not timed."

That simply isn't true. GTA: San Andreas was a timed exclusive title on the PS2. The reason why it sold so...

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Only if you promise not to leak the video.

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Looks like Ben_Grimm is on Hicken's hit list as well. How nice of Hicken to pop by and talk about XBLA. It's so refreshing having people who don't even own a XBOX360 come here to clear things up.

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GTA: San Andreas completely collapses that myth. It's better to have timed exclusive when it comes to 3rd party games, that way gamers still have access to the content without having the need to buy extra hardware. Even timed exclusive stuff shouldn't exist.

Games should be enjoyed, not withheld. By expanding your userbase not only do you have more potential customers, you can get more people to enjoy them too.

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The PS3 was a failure early on because Sony was more focused on getting Bluray out there than making a great game platform. The system also failed to recapture one important thing that both the original Playstation and the Playstation 2 had, influence among 3rd party publishers. By not having it, and also Sony's decision once again to create a hurdle for game designers, many games never showed off the system. Some even looked worse and performed worse. It also bled money for many years fo...

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You're just making yourself look bad Hicken. If you can't tell the difference between this response and trolling Kinect articles/harassing other members/going off-topic/ignoring those who troll Microsoft while you go after those who troll Sony in Microsoft articles and so on, then i don't know what to say.

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For once i agree with you.

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What an odd comment considering they have released great games this generation that have had great review scores and sold well. Perhaps you should have said the makers of SOCOM: Confrontation since not only was the game handled poorly, it had a ton of online issues, and didn't really get great reviews or sell that well. But then again why would you pick a PS3 exclusive. Even Zipper Interactive brought the series down, which is sad considering it was such a popular franchise on the PS2.

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Says the person who will boycott Forza because Dan Greenwald said Gran Tursimo was getting stale. Even though he's a huge fan of the franchise and it's what got him into racing games.

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Hicken you would be whining till the cows came home telling everyone how Microsoft is shady in these practices. But when it's Sony doing it you focus on what people say instead, and deflect the attention away from Somy.

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