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"When Nintendos revolutionary online is fully up and functional"

That's the key, when. I have a feeling the service will be a work in progress much like how Sony's was. This is another reason why i'm going to wait until next year to see how the Wii U stacks up. They took a year trying to explain the Wii U and changing its design along the way and i expect it will take another year for Nintendo's Network on the Wii U to come to fruition. Nintendo does...

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This is good news. I liked the demo but never got around to buying it. Now i can have part of it for free.

Can anyone give a honest answer and tell me if there are still quite a few people playing it online? Warhawk had a dedicated community which made it last a long time. I don't want to pay $20 and have to wait to join a game for too long.

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"In the past, a "console" was defined as "the simplest, fastest, most efficient box that allows you to play games on your TV instead of going to the arcade or installing it on your PC". Nowadays console seems to mean "dumbed-down PC with a few motion-control gimmicks". "

In some cases it still is, even more so than the PS3. Updates are quicker and smaller to get you into the action quicker, there are no mandatory installs. They also did...

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Way to neglect the most important aspect, the performance. Which Eurogamer does a complete analysis of. But then again you're the one who tells people Sony never has timed exclusives, just Microsoft. So obviously you have an agenda in the first place. I guess when you only see what you want to see things appear different.

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Does Euogamer lie too?

Most times now both versions are very similar. It's nothing to really worry about and developers are much more used to the PS3. In this comparison it ...

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Hmm, i get 2 disagrees yet no reason why? So are those people saying that the PS3 is doing well in North America and doesn't need to improve? Are they suggesting North America isn't the largest market when if you add up all systems sales in each region it actually does show North America in the lead?

What a strange place where even if you write something true you still get phantom disagrees. Either they don't like hearing the truth or they just like hitting disagr...

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Totally agree. We are at a point in time where the graphics should no longer be the main focus. Games should start feeling more organic. How many times have you played a game where you die and the same actions keep repeating themselves? That's when you notice just how scripted games still are.

One big concern i have though is games requiring less skill from the player. Look at a game like Mario. It used to be hard, you only had a few lives which made you pay attention. Mu...

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I know. When they put in the effort it really shows what the PC is capable of. Too bad all developers don't.

There are so many options to tweak and the game simply looks and runs amazing. The game does have it's issues that i expect updates to fix so it's not perfect yet.

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Agreed. North America is the market they should be the most aggressive in. Not only is it the largest market but it's also the market they need to do better in.

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fabod86, they are not a site that gives out a lot of 10's. If you were to compare them to a site like IGN their reviews are probably lower overall on average. On ALL systems.

This constant bickering about how the media hates Sony or they are biased in reviews against Sony is getting silly. This site has more members who care more about the perspective of Sony than the other two. You look at the forums that are about the platforms here and the PS3 forum gets double the act...

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You're absolutely right:

"But mostly, we're just happy to see a flagship game for a modern system that's about running from left to right and jumping over things. New ideas are great, great old ideas are better, and LittleBigPlanet has both: it's the future and the past of videogames, rolled into one." 9 out of 10

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That's true, same thing with movies. Another area that is damaging on hyping up a game is showing it way too early, or in some cases just CGI trailers.

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I'd like to see more advancements in different types of gameplay and better A.I. There should also be more focus on polishing the games and getting them to run smoothly.

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Physical media is not going away anytime soon. However the amount of digital content available has been growing steadily and many games now can only be purchased through digital means.

The problem for companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft is they need retailers still. They need them to sell hardware and gamers still want physical games. Sony tried to change that somewhat with the PSP Go and failed. Gamers are not ready to drop physical media just yet but the industry is...

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But that was because back then Sony was more focused on getting bluray into homes. They listened and they got back to what they do best, provide a great gaming platform.

What Microsoft has done is also listen to feedback. They got those 3rd party games this time. They got the GTA and the Tekken and the Resident Evil games that were either favored (with timed exclusives) or neglected on the original XBOX. They also saw the casual market unfold before their eyes and tried (too ...

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You're right, they tend to want to overshadow everyone else so that they can be heard most. This is just an ongoing issue that magnifies on the internet and a lot of it has to do with the anonymity of it.

I really don't understand this mentality of those who constantly just want to be disrupted. Even if there are valid complaints what they are doing is not very productive at all. There needs to be more balance out there, people who are willing to admit faults within a...

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"Who cares about how many people play?"

Well they are multiplayer games so i would think people want to be able to play with others and not have to wait an hour to get a full lobby going.

Call of Duty still gets high reviews. Aren't opinions fascinating, everyone has one. You do, i do, the person you're replying to above and so on. You might like Bad Company 2 while someone else likes Black Ops. As long as they enjoy it what difference does...

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It's a little late to be coming out with new models just to make money back. The older models will drop in price so that's good. But by comparison the PS2 launched at $299 and by the same time that the PS3 has been out now the price of the PS2 dropped to $129 while having much more demand and making Sony lots of money.

It's almost as though Kaz Hirai was told by the board that they better generate revenue soon and this is one example. So instead of cutting costs b...

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That's a good time to wait until. I think i'm going to wait after about a year for all upcoming systems. That way you can get a better idea of what direction they are headed and the library of games will keep you busy.

1. I'm still not convinced about their online network which is another reason i'm waiting. I don't think it will all be ready at launch either.

2. I want to see what Sony and Microsoft show and if they don't next year i&...

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Hicken takes one step forward and two steps back. Now we will patiently await Hicken's same attitude if Playstation All-Stars sells well. I imagine we will wait until eternity for that.

Did the above member mention Sony? No, so that means you either follow this user around or you keep having this itch to troll the comment section looking to argue with anyone.

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