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"Hey, we have 10 exclusives out of the 300 games that came out last year on our system, you guys only have 5 exclusives out of the 295 games that came out on your system last year. You're nothing like us"

This is the level of intelligence we see daily on game forums.

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I think people like Hicken suffer from an identity crysis. They try and try and try and try to make their preferred system seem so much better and so different than it's main competitor. Yet in reality the XBOX360 gamers are an awful lot like Playstation 3 owners. They buy many of the same titles so people like him focus more on the exclusives, after all Gran Tursimo gamers are so very different than Forza gamers right? How ridiculous.

Ever notice on forums much like N4G ...

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XBOX Live is a service, people have argued about the fee since day one but Microsoft has managed to create an online experience that really is seamless behind the scenes. From the ability to continue playing with the same friends from game to game (without losing voice connections) to quick and small game updates and hardware firmware updates that keep you playing games more and waiting less. They are also very aggressive getting time exclusive content, and we all know how people want to be f...

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"We just got an incredible update and guess what articles we'll be getting over the next few weeks. Gamers sicken me "

This is what i've been saying before, forums seem to gather the most pessimistic and negative people out there. You can have a list of features and if 10 are good and 1 is bad you will see certain people flock to that one negative while ignoring the 10 positive features. Same thing within the comment sections. 10 peop...

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It's funny how guarded the videogame industry is. Can't say this, can't say that. Nintendo has even told publishers they are not allowed to give out any specs on the Wii U hardware. Rockstar is still playing their games, showing teasers and some screens here and there with no launch window for GTA V.

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"What'd I miss?"

You tell us, you're the one who's on this site all day every day. You take too much stock into what everyone says. You need to ignore the negative articles and the negative people but for some reason you can't. Instead of spending time enjoying all these games you say you can play over and over again, you'd rather spend your time here defending the Vita and concerning yourself with those who may not like the system or want more ...

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Interesting, thanks. Even a service like Steam is hard to gauge. Lots of people leave the service running in the background.

I've used OnLive and it does indeed work. It's actually kind of amazing. You can even be a spectator and watch other people playing. Never had a problem with lag but the visuals are not the greatest. They hide the deficiencies and sometimes it's a bit pixelated and dark. The colors are also washed out but it is very quick to get in and start...

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I think Microsoft and Sony need to identify themselves more this coming generation from each other. Microsoft had XBOX Live going for them and Sony had BLURAY. Sony has basically caught up to XBOX Live in many ways (while still offering the core service for free) but BLURAY never really made the dent Sony wanted when it came to gaming. Microsoft went with Kinect but that was midway through the console cycle.

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Have they ever publicly announced how many active members they actually have?

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Stop trying to spin things into a positive because you've spent your entire livelyhood here promoting Sony and everything in relation to that company. There is obviously issues going on behind the scenes. You don't write i have retired from Sony if something is going on in your personal life. You take time off, you don't tweet to everyone about it.

If we don't have any concrete information about The Last Guardian at TGS that means the issues with the game run ...

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People need to stop whining about every little thing. Lots of people whined when Bethesda took over the Fallout series and low and behold it sold millions and got great reviews. Back then they would rather the series was left in limbo, that's how 'hardcore' pathetic gamers can be.

The opportunity is out there to make your own games. So if one feels like they never have anything good to say by all means, do something about it.

One thing i have lear...

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$60 is a lot to ask for from gamers who may finish the game in less than 20 hours and be done with it. Especially when the gaming industry whines about the used game market and the rental market.

I like the fact David Cage tries to offer something different but he needs to be careful and not and try and create what was considered an entertainment medium now as art and a one time experience.

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Of course Vita has games, in fact it had a good launch of titles. The problem has been since that. Since March they have only reviewed 7 games.

Things will pick up soon. It's far too early to be writing the system off, after Christmas of 2013 we will have a much clear...

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That doesn't make much sense. The original Playstation played music CD's as well so the new factor of being a media device is old. The PS2 also played DVD's and helped the system in that way too. Now the PS3 does BLURAY but the problem was this time the price affected potential gamers. Before many saw it as an added bonus the system could play music and DVD's. So as a gamer it was now a big premium with little benefits since the games didn't rea...

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There is one game listed for the XBOX360, #28-Monster Hunter. As for hardware sales they are probably too low to even bother. The systems has been a failure in Japan much like the previous XBOX. I doubt the next XBOX will do much either, Japan seems very loyal to the point of being xenophobic when it comes to gaming. Microsoft tried early on with exclusives from Square and even getting titles like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. They were only blips on the radar.

People often s...

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out on the PS2 October 2004, it did not come out until June 2005 on the PC and XBOX. It was indeed a timed exclusive.

So if you cannot grasp how these tactics were used back then and are still being used today to sway consumers then that's your problem, not mine. DLC is just a...

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After reading up more on Journey, you are indeed correct. It was intended to only take about a year and ended up taking 3. What i will say in their defense is we didn't have to wait years and go through delays. I can't remember when they first announced the game but i don't think it was a game like Gran Tursimo 5 where they show it and then multiple years later and delays it finally came out.

As for games being a novelty, so what? They still need structure and the...

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I find some of these responses rather ironic. These tactics have been going on for decades. Did people forget Gran Theft Auto and how the Playstation 2 had timed exclusives for that franchise? Did those tactics not pay off for them?

Timed exclusive whether it's a full game or DLC can have an impact. Consumers want to get the product early. Some people even import games or even game systems from other countries just so they can have them early.

If the gam...

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I don't recall Journey having a lengthy development time, nothing like FEZ. The game FEZ was also plagued with development issues and was basically one guy trying to get the game released.

The problem with games is they need someone to take control of the project much like we see in movies. You need a timeline to work within. Alan Wake wasted too much time in the beginning. They started one way and ended up making the game a different way. Then you have a game like Too H...

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Dear EA, just because gamers can play the same game all year thanks to updates and DLC that doesn't mean you need to keep development cycles short which in turn stifles growth in the IP.

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