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Can't wait!

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I had to laugh about that comment too and me being in every PS3 article. I've only made 1400 comments in over 3 years and they are not just PS3 topics. In comparison GribbleGrunger has almost double and he's only been around less than a year so chances are he's in a few i have been in. I have commented in XBOX360 and Vita and Wii U topics as well. Also why wouldn't i post in PS3 topics since i own one and enjoy it? In fact i probably use it more than my XBOX360, PSP and Wii. ...

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Nintendo probably won't pay for exclusives but rather build partnerships like they did with publishing Bayonetta 2.

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Most likely. How the Wii U does this time next year will be interesting. The system is priced very reasonably since you get essentially a $150 tablet/controller with it. I'm still going to wait until i see how the online works and to give time to build a bigger library of games.

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You're right GribbleGrunger, anyone wanting the best experience are all snobs.

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GribbleGrunger writes:
"Brosy is the perfect example of why Sony fans get sick and tired of 360 owners."

Oh really?

GribbleGrunger wrote:
"What else would 360 owners do if not write articles like this? Play Kinect Starwars?"

Want to tell me a...

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Some good points but not overall.

1. "No Lower Prices On Older PS3 Systems"

I still think it offers great value. There is still no word on an official price drop of the XBOX360 either and older PS3's might go on sale to make room for new stock of the slimmer model.

2. "Undermarketing the Vita"

Projections have been cut so yes, there is something not happening at the consumer level. E3 didn't showca...

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"Halo DOES get a lot of hate. Can't say all of it is deserved or undeserved, since I don't have too many problems with the franchise, itself(except that it's essentially become an annual franchise)."

Annual franchise? Halo came out in 2001, that was 11 years ago. Since then they have had Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo:Reach and Halo: ODST. Those are all part of the franchise. They have also re-released Halo as a HD remake. There was also a Halo Wars game that was ...

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Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk come to mind.

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Hicken writes:
"It's not cheaper" even though it's giving you a larger hard drive and a $40 game for twenty bucks more than the previous baseline model. I'm wondering how many of you made it past elementary school math. Hmm, a 160GB for $249, or a 250GB with a $40 game for $269?"

How odd, Hicken goes on the attack in a negative Sony topic. Just how personal does this guy take the daily news? Very personal as we can see.


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Don't worry Ben_Grimm, he treats this place like it's his daily diary who feels it's his need to respond to every topic and monitor all the comments. Just be thankful he's down to 1 bubble.

He's just upset the game is not playable on his favorite systems yet. The game is hugely popular and very addicting. Of course the more popular something is the more scrutiny it gets.

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Hicken, there is also legitimate reasons for Sony as well. Difference is you will downplay those issues when it's related to Sony.

There have been lots of negative articles surrounding the Wii U and the same people who vent about the negativity surrounding Sony don't seem to share the same views when it's to do with Nintendo and ESPECIALLY Microsoft. Some members on N4G are very easy to spot that are totally biased. It's too bad too since you would think we al...

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Perhaps if it came to the PS3 or Vita you'd be interested. Especially if it originated as an exclusive for them. Funny how that works.

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There will be PS3 sales for Black Friday but i do agree that there should have been an official price drop. What this model shows me is just how financially bad Sony is in. Sub-$200 is the magic number. That's where most sales occur from and the PS3 is already 6 years old going on 7 with the cheapest model still being $249.

I expect more focus on getting back profits a quick solution to a lengthy problem. I don't see this new Slim model doin...

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GribbleGrunger, you're in no position to comment in the first place. Not when it's clear how biased you are. You talk about XBOTs acting like American sales are like worldwide sales, yet don't mention Sony fanboys who troll NPD topics and want to discuss worldwide sales instead.

If your position here is to favor Sony and be a fan of Sony 24/7 then stick to only talking about Sony. Otherwise you'll never give the opinion of one that matters outside of the subje...

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Yet people come into NPD topics to talk about worldwide sales, why did you neglect to mention that as well? Oh that's right, you're only purpose is to make sure the argument remains about your views and not anyone else. Many times you have those that want to make sure that worldwide numbers matter more and most often it's from the Sony fanboys because they don't like the PS3 getting trounced in North America. I think most people know by now NPD numbers...

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Tell us Hicken, what comments did you just make about the PS3?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

This is what you do instead. Scroll through the topics on N4G, rummage through the comment sections looking for anyone who has negative things to say about the PS3. Use that 1 bubble of yours to go after them while totally neglecting the actual article because you cannot stand the negativity surrounding Sony.

Did i hit the nail on the head? Just add yo...

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It will be a HUGE mistake if games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 do not measure up in the online department. If Nintendo has any hopes of regaining the hardcore crowd the online must be comparable, or hopefully even better.

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Thanks for the replies, looking forward to getting it.

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I don't think consumers are ready just yet and i also don't think they have the infrastructure in place either. Steam can do it because they don't rely on retail to sell hardware and because there isn't that big of a mark-up on hardware those stores make most of their money through software. Especially used software and trade-ins.

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