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"The world is a meme!"


No shame in getting one for yourself-hell in my household my kids are quickly becoming Xbox fans while Dad enjoys his WiiU and I could care less what people think about it, no shame in my game!lol #5.1
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Wow, so tell me why you wasted your time going to THREE Target stores? Hell I hate it if I have to step inside ONE for any reason let alone three, sounds like you know how to have a good time.. #28.3
Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm quite the sucker for Christmas though :) #4
Did you read this article? Filled with glorious claims, I'm not going to try and list them here-that's what the article is for, it's funny because this writer also seems to own the game and yet he doesn't seem to share you're concern.. wierd. #5.2.2
Dude we get it- you think there is nothing to do in this huge world, despite all the claims to the contrary you will not be fooled.... #5.2
^this. Totally agree, sounds like some haters are just a tad #3.3.1
Nice! It looks like you could be on to something... #7.2
Sounds awesome, although I feel like I remember reading that it was a third party port coming from Tantalus, I could be wrong though... #7.1
Cool story- Wii U is getting this Fatal Frame, Xenoblade and Devils third, what's your point? #4.2
Got mine! I have one extra if anyone is interested, PM me if you are... #1
Not an issue with my 2 Tb WD hardrive, in fact if it wasn't for articles like this popping up from time to time I would have forgotten it was even there... #4
Nintendo does this with the WiiU by pushing game ads to the Gamepad while it's in sleep mode- you can then choose to go to the Eshop right from the ad to see more info about the game and or make a purchase-otherwise you can just boot up your console and ignore it, you can even turn it completely off- it's non intrusive and I don't see a problem with it-it actually reminded me of some dlc I had been waiting for.. #16
It's a quality control issue and to be honest I think it should be even more restrictive- the servers are already loaded with a gluttony of sub par courses, it's getting so bad that I don't even want to waste my time trying unless it has multiple stars and medals-and the ones that do are by the same five or six guys- I truly believe more filtering is needed... #10
Are you high? #1.3
What the..? Horrible attempt at trolling, back of the class-do not pass go and learn how to use the shift button for crying out loud.. #1.1
It also sports a vastly superior browser and games load and run smoother... #3
And here my 37 year old self is having a blast #1.13
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This is in no way a "3DS" engine, this is a port from the DS version-3ds can easily output far better visuals than this... #7.1.5
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I'm with you! #2.2
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I NEVER play jrpgs, but the scope and beauty of this game will warrant a purchase from me-with a lack of software for the U recently this one should keep me busy for a while(I hope) :) #14
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