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"The world is a meme!"


Not sure why you have so many disagrees-it is smooth-I play multiple titles online with hardly a hint of lag, and yeah I never pay a dime for it, it's easy to to disagree with something you've never tried though I guess... #3.1.3
Shocker alert! #8
Just checked and my status and coins have been reinstated(whew).... #4.1.1
I somehow managed to grab a code for the Wonderful 101(it took a lot of page refreshes and working through broken links)and was on there a few minutes ago attempting to get Starfox for my 3Ds when the site crashed for the 1,000th time-only this time when I went back in all my coins are gone! My platinum status and all my coins are wiped out, hopefully it's just a glitch... #4
Same here-while I have played each game by themselves I've yet to play trilogy, this game was going upwards of two to three hundred dollars a few weeks back-to get it for a tenner has to be one of the most amazing deals in gaming right now! #1.1
Why say anything? You play games and the WiiU has some great games-nuff said. #8.1
Pretty obvious why you have one bubble.... #1.1.2
Reminds me of the DK cabinet in DK64! #7
One of my favorite E shop titles- I'm still waiting for sound while playing on my Gamepad only though... #3
As you're posting in a Zelda reveal're doing it wrong... #12.1
Holy crap I think my wallet just fainted! 2015 GOTY confirmed.. #38
Not sure what the fuck your smoking, but this game looks graphically amazing-quit trolling chump.. #3.6.2
Cool story, have fun NOT playing this years best title-have fun playing "PlayBox dudebro shooter 45 hd remaster"... #11.2
Actaully because of Miiverse integration you could make the argument that every U game is online, I may not be able to play every game on the net with others but I always have a thriving community around me at just the push of a button.. #9.1.1
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Ikr, I've had my 2 TB WD hardrive since day one, what storage issues? #23.2.1
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First off Smash hasn't even released on the U yet so you have zero clue as to what you're talking about, secondly please prove to me that either one of those titles you mentioned have dlc on disc, cause according to Nintendo they don't..for now i think I'll go with their word over yours.. #4.2
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.. #4.4
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I can confirm the link isn't "fake"-I redeemed a club Nintendo code through it yesterday and it worked perfectly(downloaded to my U from my pc)must be nice to make random assumptions while doing zero research.. #4.3
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This demo has convinced me to buy the game-I was on the fence having never played the first one and it not looking to appealing to me, but man after playing this I'm sold-absolute controlled insanity in motion and it's super fun.. #31
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There is no shortage for spaces even before this update-your screen would have just added a new page, mines been doing this forever as I'm now on my 12th page(which I've condensed down to two now with the folders);) #4.1.1
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