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"The world is a meme!"


I'm with you! #2.2
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I NEVER play jrpgs, but the scope and beauty of this game will warrant a purchase from me-with a lack of software for the U recently this one should keep me busy for a while(I hope) :) #14
The only thing from my U in my closet is it's box-I use mine daily, not sure wtf you're going on about.. #6.3
^ This #13.1.3
At the same time though people were abusing it just because they could-I was perusing the community hoping to find some impressions of the game-instead all I can find is screenshot after screenshot of the F bomb like a bunch of ten year olds who just learned their first cuss word... #1.1
I'm getting so tired of seeing people reference the NX like it's there to replace the WiiU-here's the deal(as Ninty has already stated) they announced the NX to ease investors fears of Ninty getting out of the hardware business after the DeNa announcement, thats it-end of story. If they talked about it next year and released it the year after it would be in line with a five year life cycle-just like every other home console they've ever made... #8.3
Perhaps you need your eyes checked-from my perspective this game get's prettier every time I see it... #6.6
The internet before today- "Oh Nintendo you need to make a unified account system, Nintendo you should expand your reach and release your properties on mobile devices, Ninty your console is underpowered if you released a new more powerful console I'd be all over that...

The internet after Nintendo pretty much announces all that-" oh wtf Ninty, slow down-you're turning into Sega" #16
@ Griever-lets see Starfox, Splatoon, Yoshi's wooly world, Devils Third Mario Maker and Starfox to name a few and that's just off the top of my head-not sure wtf you're talking about after X and Zelda as ZERO devs name all their games for the year before sound like an idiot... #1.2.5
Not sure why you have so many disagrees-it is smooth-I play multiple titles online with hardly a hint of lag, and yeah I never pay a dime for it, it's easy to to disagree with something you've never tried though I guess... #3.1.3
Shocker alert! #8
Just checked and my status and coins have been reinstated(whew).... #4.1.1
I somehow managed to grab a code for the Wonderful 101(it took a lot of page refreshes and working through broken links)and was on there a few minutes ago attempting to get Starfox for my 3Ds when the site crashed for the 1,000th time-only this time when I went back in all my coins are gone! My platinum status and all my coins are wiped out, hopefully it's just a glitch... #4
Same here-while I have played each game by themselves I've yet to play trilogy, this game was going upwards of two to three hundred dollars a few weeks back-to get it for a tenner has to be one of the most amazing deals in gaming right now! #1.1
Why say anything? You play games and the WiiU has some great games-nuff said. #8.1
Pretty obvious why you have one bubble.... #1.1.2
Reminds me of the DK cabinet in DK64! #7
One of my favorite E shop titles- I'm still waiting for sound while playing on my Gamepad only though... #3
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As you're posting in a Zelda reveal're doing it wrong... #12.1
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Holy crap I think my wallet just fainted! 2015 GOTY confirmed.. #38
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