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The beginning of the end of Miiverse unfortunately, I know the service catches a lot of flack but I personally love it, sad day

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Same, I absolutely love my Wii u, it's a shame I'm in the minority- but I can see how it does not appeal to everybody, for me though I have the max amount of downloads the system will allow(293)- Mostly Indie and classic titles, with a healthy mix of retail too..

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I can't believe we're getting a completed Starfox 2, a new Super Nes game from Nintendo in 2017! I wanted this game so bad when I was a kid, worth the price alone in my opinion, kinda mind blowing tbh

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As a Ninty fan I would live to see my two main consoles join together, if Microsoft and Nintendo started making and sharing games together- holy shit that would be something to see..

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I really need to find a Switch, Nintendo's most promising lineup since the Cube..

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One of my absolute favorite Wii U titles! Bring it

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More like GBA+DS+3DS+Switch= 281.23 sold, Switch is a handheld or a hybrid- either way it's still a handheld first and foremost, hell the whole system is contained in it's handheld form

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Switch is at 16%, pretty nice start for Nintendo going on right now

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Weird, I was in Gamestop last weekend trying to find a Guardian Amiibo and three different people asked for the Switch while I was talking to a Gamestop employee- my anecdotal evidence trumps yours, we could go round and round...

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I second your notion, shit is tiresome, get a life- I still don't own a Switch myself but I definitely see one under the tree for Christmas with a new copy of Odyssey sitting along side it, best damn portable ever made imo

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Pretty sure the Switch will easily eclipse X1 sales, they're not that good..

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I have a few Nintendo hating friends who just picked up a Switch for this game, people love Mario Kart- I'll be double dipping just for the battle mode on the go :)

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Same here

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It's nice to see actual devs with no dog in the fanboy fight gushing over such a great game- you wouldn't know it if you only get your gaming news from N4G, but there's a whole world out there who loves this game.

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Don't really care, I know I'd like a bite of that peach though ;)

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I agree that it looks like they added some worthwhile content- the battle mode has me hyped, but why are you bringing up Sony? When you say crap like this it just makes the rest of us Nintendo fans look stupid, come on man try to stay on the topic of the article

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The reason it's an issue is that people thought the parental control app was the only way to check playtime, which would have seemed like a step back from previous consoles. Nobody knew that a play log opened up natively on the system at first because you actually have to play for about a week before it shows up- and to be fair Nintendo never told anybody about this either. The parental control app is still the most complete way to check playtime however as the native app only tells you i...

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Not sure why you got three disagrees for that statement, it's your experience- I'm 90 hours in with tons of Shrines left, I actually have about 250 Korok seeds- and I haven't even opened my whole map up yet and still have two main dungeons to complete. To say this game is massive would be a huge understatement

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So sick of this dumb ass argument, there are so many sites that gave it perfect scores that are in no way Nintendo/Zelda fanboys- I swear that's the first thing haters claim when they don't like something- Bet you wouldn't last 5 minutes in this so called "childs" game...

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Not sure where you heard that but the Japanese have never been fond of Zelda titles, especially 3d ones..

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