The world is a meme!


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WiiU, ps3, 360, og xbox, gamecube, n64 and numerous portables would like to disagree with your "new system" theory..

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I thought the same thing before I bought mine, turns out split joy-con configuration is my favorite way to play games now, go figure..

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I completely agree, when I saw this trailer my jaw hit the floor, holy crap this is one beautiful game. Don't mind the haters, they are just salty

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Press release states their using id6 tech..

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Seems like that Fallout 4 rumor might actually come true..

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Wow, cause Nintendo is still making developers use "sweat" instead of blood right? 1992 called, they said to get off their jock..

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I know you must have had a hard time typing that without your fingers burning. First of all just from the vid I'm not seeing a "significant" downgrade, I don't think you know what that word means. Doom is often heralded as a visual masterpiece nor sure where your getting that their not "demanding", the salt is getting crazy at this point.

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I agree, I think it was only shown because of the tie -ins, who knows though

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And yet NBA 2k18 has full feature parity and beautiful visuals, hmm..

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I can't even take you seriously when you say that orange windbag is "popular",lol- ok

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Love me some BOTW, in fact I'm STILL playing, have been since launch. That being said I don't think it deserves to be number 1, at least not yet, it's way too soon to decide that. Super Metroid at 23 is damn near criminal, that game is just as playable now as it was in 94

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Holy crap I need that Samus skin!

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If it's half as good as Dragons Trap I'm all in

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I stupidity bought this turd at full price yesterday, pro tip: do not buy the Switch version, I'm literally getting like 5 frames per second, it's completely unplayable, I wish there was a way to get my money back, I've already deleted it to make room on my console, hopefully some updates are incoming..

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Not sure why you'd laugh, I'm pretty sure it will outsell gears of War 4, why wouldn't it?

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Looks like a 5 year olds bullet points,lol

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Any proof of this claim or are you just tossing around baseless accusations? getting tired of seeing this unfounded argument being spread around as gospel..

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I guess I'll be one of those three

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The beginning of the end of Miiverse unfortunately, I know the service catches a lot of flack but I personally love it, sad day

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Same, I absolutely love my Wii u, it's a shame I'm in the minority- but I can see how it does not appeal to everybody, for me though I have the max amount of downloads the system will allow(293)- Mostly Indie and classic titles, with a healthy mix of retail too..

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