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"The world is a meme!"


Actaully because of Miiverse integration you could make the argument that every U game is online, I may not be able to play every game on the net with others but I always have a thriving community around me at just the push of a button.. #9.1.1
Ikr, I've had my 2 TB WD hardrive since day one, what storage issues? #23.2.1
First off Smash hasn't even released on the U yet so you have zero clue as to what you're talking about, secondly please prove to me that either one of those titles you mentioned have dlc on disc, cause according to Nintendo they don't..for now i think I'll go with their word over yours.. #4.2
.. #4.4
I can confirm the link isn't "fake"-I redeemed a club Nintendo code through it yesterday and it worked perfectly(downloaded to my U from my pc)must be nice to make random assumptions while doing zero research.. #4.3
This demo has convinced me to buy the game-I was on the fence having never played the first one and it not looking to appealing to me, but man after playing this I'm sold-absolute controlled insanity in motion and it's super fun.. #31
There is no shortage for spaces even before this update-your screen would have just added a new page, mines been doing this forever as I'm now on my 12th page(which I've condensed down to two now with the folders);) #4.1.1
Is this writer trying to get hits by taking the easy road and bashing Nintendo(with the exact same type of troll article thats been written by other trolls a thousand times over)? Yes, yes he is... #20
Real life is weak with a low poly count..;) #11
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Perhaps I'm mistaken but did this game not start out as a kickstarter with plenty of U owners chipping in? Will they be getting their funding back or is it just some "sorry about your luck" type shit? #10
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Wow, you're a homophobic piece of shit-why don't you go watch faux news and jerk off to your Glenn Beck posters you sorry ass excuse for a human being..gfy #2.1.6
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Exactly what Saviin said, I do it all the time-half my friends list was populated in this manner #2.3.2
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To be fair they have done away with friend codes for the Wii U, I'm not sure they will ever get rid of them for their handhelds because they are geared more towards children.. #2.1
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Of course it doesn't, when it comes to any Ninty news nothing looks right to you.. #8.2
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Haha, well said :) #1.1.1
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There is another developer roundtable tonight at 9 EST for an unannounced 3ds title, perhaps it's Project S.T.E.A.M? #3.2
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Looks damn good if it's a fake, I hope it's real though cause I'm all over that Plessy!! #10
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Took the day off from work to play this bad boy and it has not disapointed! Amazing game-hands down my favorite Mario Kart #2
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Wow, what a troll ass review!lol #2
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I should note that the writer stated the disc held just under 9 gigs of space which is incorrect-it holds 25 gigs of space on a single layer disc.. #1.3
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