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At least Bethesda still supports modding

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Incredibly disappointing

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6.75% in N.C

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I meant they were one of the companies to create it, I know there were others. They were just the first to implement it

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Sony invented blu ray, which pretty much quadrupled the storage space of a DVD but kept it the same size. With their new flash based storage, I'm sure there gonna be just as innovative

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299 seems perfectly reasonable considering everything this thing can do

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I'm impressed with it. I like shooters that don't take themselves too seriously

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Why do people that make these videos always suck so bad?

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Amnesia is so amazing.

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It would be a while before the next halo game came out. We're talking 2012 or 2013, so stop bitching about a new halo coming out every year.

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Piracy will always be around, no matter what platform. Better games = more sales not less piracy = more sales. The sooner devs realize this the better

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I live an hour away from Raleigh, it's nice to know the industry is doing well there

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If there's any game I would shell out extra money for a collectors edition, it would be this one

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It's sad that in law nowadays it's all about who's got the better lawyer and not who's actually right

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I beat Halo: Reach on legendary and I must say you get so much more enjoyment and satisfaction out of it when you play it on hard. I really began to assess each situation before I went in, checking my ammo and considering what guns I had. I felt like I was overwhelmed, and outnumbered, instead of like a walking tank. It was a much more rewarding experience, it emphasized game mechanics that I would have missed had I played it on normal

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As long as they have really good deals like Steam. I can go to the store and get Crackdown for like 5 bucks but on the marketplace its 20. It'll be just another way for companies to rip us off. If the only way to get games is through them then thats a monopoly of sorts

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That picture is an epic win

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I got it for 30 dollars from amazon during a sale and I thought it was well worth it. I was a little skeptical because of all the negativity from critics, but after playing it I was blown away at how good the story was. The gameplay was fun, the graphics were great, the city felt real, and the soundtrack was awesome. I think the critics were comparing this game to GTA, which is not fair. Granted, they are very similar, but they are two different experiences.

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How the hell did they manage to outdo Uncharted 2?

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I keep trying to think of a list but then I remember another amazing game that's coming out and my list gets messed up. So I'm not even going to bother

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