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Namco games always hit arcades in Japan first, a Wii U version is inevitable. It's not a question of "if", but instead "when?".

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Played it on my 3DS and completed it, unfortunately it's broken at the moment, so I don't have access to it D:. Finishing up my MGS4 trophy run, so I'm looking for something else to tide my time over until Hyrule Warriors, Smash and Bayo 2. The whole Image & Form team did such a great job, will also be getting it on Wii Uas soon as it releases! Would love it on (EU) PSN.

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Damn son, looks like this was

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It was GIMP, to be precise.

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You don't have to be a "journalist" to write dumb stuff like this. I don't call myself a journalist at all because it would be a completely wrong description of what I do.

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I think Shakespeare would be proud to see his work being used as a comparison to this.

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Would love to see Hush, was sad that there was never any DLC to expand that story in City, now we know why!

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For Wii U? Yeah maybe, but for Nintendo as a whole? Nah, they'll be here for years to come, in some shape or form.

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The game's industry, while competitive, always seems to come together in times of need. Well done guys.

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For the most part, developers themselves set the prices, not Nintendo.

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