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your not too smart..... if you pay 10 buckd a month for netflix why in the hell would you need to pay xbox to use the service you already pay for you like wasting your money

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j-blaze just is jealous about hearing anything about the sony brand doieng better than his nintendo he is jealous nintendo only has kitty games lol

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j-blaze your an idiot, have you even ever played these games that you bash??? I know your a nintendo fan boy so I could honestly say mario is over rated and zelda but I do like metriod prime...

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in all reality wpuld you want to play a game that is about vampires? unless you own a 360 or wiiu and have no games to play I would see no interest in this game personally ....vampires reappy....

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your kiddibg right? if not someone with your mentality shouldnt own a sony product or ms product you sound more like a nintendo kinda guy.

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wiiu isnt going to get much support from anyone at all just dont too excited ps4/720 will dominate the crapU devs go where the money is they wont waste thier time on that stuff I mean come on even madden 13 only has like 1000 people online on the wiiu hahaha

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hahaha I love how these nintendo fan boys are all tickled pink about a brandnew system games looking a tiny bit very unnoticeable difference over 7 and 8 year old hardware lol wow how exciting lol

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yeah right nintendo is a joke go play your remake of zelda

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what about the ps2 ???

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but sony will not fail like nintendo did this gen haha go play mario and save the princess.....again lol

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thats very true and I bet all the games you just meantioned wont even show up on the wiiu because devs dont want to waste their time downgradibg from 2 real next gen systems!!

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you must notunderstand the difference between counsles and pc no pc could run kz3 or uncharted 3 or ev3n the last of us on 7 year old hardware and on 512 mb of memory haha your comments are invalid buddy!!!

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thats why the ps3 is outselling 360 in less time than the 360 was out haha

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you are leaning towards 720? have fun with no ips and paying for online haha

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im waitibg for metro 32 or 23 or 2hat ever to defend nintendo's issue lol

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if they let you have gaikia on the ps4 you could download the ps3 games through that now that would be handsome!!!!!

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lots of visual uprages and ai upgrades and lots more characters per level imagine "the future"!!!! also gaikia will be great the can improve by 138.6 percent over the ps3!!! I did my math!!!!

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microsoft is a joke!!! since they dont have any games they need to screw everyone in the gaming world how about they spend their money on new ips and not waste money on time dlc and dlc exclusives thats the only thibg they have they can't compete with 2 real gaming companies that know what tjey are doing !!!!!

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crytek should still remake timesplitters!!!!!!!!

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cod blows battlefield is the way to go!!!!!!

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