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pretty sure he was comparing bloodborne's responsiveness and lack of inertia-esque gameplay. Geralt feels sluggish and every aspect of moving feels heavy. Swimming is a hassle; almost drowned in shallow water because he wouldn't go up. Horseback-riding is a chore when the horse keeps stopping at trees that we weren't even moving toward. trying to pick up loot requires you to be DIRECTLY over the pile AND looking right at it. Just ridiculous. If they fix those simple problems; the ...

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Lol I'm all for everyone having their own opinions, but when you say one of the best games of the decade is less than what it actually is with some clickbait nonsense, well you lose all credibility to me. There's not much substance to this article. Save your time friends.

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Deducting points because you can't handle a game of this caliber is like saying a Bugatti is a bad car because you don't know how to drive.

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What is going on with these scores?...

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it's almost as if.. they aren't credible whatsoever? It's almost like.. they're completely biased regardless of the product.

I'm sure they were probably payed to give the review a 9 or 10. But were like "Nah people will know. It's too obvious. Take the safe route; 8.9"


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@Blacktric I had a minigun, from survival. And nobody knows how to deal with it. Kills in one hit, destroys cars in half a second. Nothing stops it, except another minigun. Or maybe a tank.

Your point isnt very accurate since I don't think anyone is going to be doing and western-standoffs with a minigun. It's the element of chaos that makes that gun so insane :3

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It's okay. Better them delay it, than to disappoint true fans.

I can't wait for this. Been watching since 1998.

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I'm gonna assume a big reason for the delay is the fact that everyone will still be playing GTA.

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Eh. Just not a fan of Star Wars so I may seem biased, but It doesn't really seem magical enough. I mean, you could say the same with Tron in KH but I think it was a fine line.

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I don't want Star Wars in KH. Feels so weird. I didn't like Pirates of the Caribbean in the game either. Just not a fan of the real life movies being cartooned.

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Troy baker is voiced by Nolan North who voices Marlene's Ellie. Drake. Bioshock. ??

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That's what I want. An even harder game. I love a challenge.

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wtf. to my knowledge everyone loved pvp. lmao. I'm sure they didn't make it any worse.

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my name is brody too. :B

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Idc what happens. I'm a GTA fanboy through and through. But my vote goes towards The Last of Us.

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what's the difference between the 70 dollar service, and the 100?

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Eh, I'd say my 3 reasons, without reading this article would have to be:

1. Massive sandbox map FILLED with life and excitement.

2. The standard of games now being accepted by the general population is highly raised, not allowing games like COD to consume all the glory, when their devs don't work nearly as hard as ND, or R*.

3. Keeping fun things in games as well as serious aspects. A game that becomes too serious of itself can los...

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