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Cool interview; good info about getting into the industry.

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I still haven't played SOCOM 4, but info I've seen so far has me excited. Give a smart 3rd-person shooter like Uncharted 2 or Ghost Recon over a Call of Duty any day.

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This seems like a really interesting blend of game types. Customizing your slots sounds pretty cool.

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I'm very excited for this, and jealous you got to play it! Good article.

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Same here. I've had my eye on it for quite a while...

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It definitely pulls you out of the story when the narrative doesn't match the way you're playing, but it's a difficult line to walk to tell a specific story while encouraging player freedom. Good article!

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Wasn't there a Mortal Kombat for game boy? I remember that being a lot of fun, and actually not a terrible version.

Of course, I was a naive elementary school kid, so it's possible that it's absolutely wretched :)

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Stranger's Wrath was pretty good, and unfortunately sort of fell by the wayside. The oddworld universe if definitely worth revisiting.

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I think it could be argued (to a point) that you play a good guy in RDR. At least good in the sense that he's faithful to his wife, and for the most part wants to help people (helping out at ranches, etc). Of course, in true R* fashion, you can also be a total scallywag.

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I agree; it seems like it was sort of rushed out with a lot of great ideas that were unfinished or even broken.

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Sorry, all. None of the sources I looked at differentiated between makers and publishers, and the Demon's Souls site shows the Atlus logo first, so I screwed the pooch :) The article's been updated to reflect correct info.

Thanks for setting me straight!

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The Demon's Souls site says different! :)

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