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Listening to it now!

I actually thought the Incubus thing was kind of cool. I guess the story is that their album leaked like 2 months early, and instead of throwing a fit they put out this free flash game.

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Well, you start at 1, then comes 2, and so on, and eventually you will reach higher numbers, including (but not limited to) 92. This is known as counting.
This is the official Goozex podcast, and Goozex is the best game trading site on the web.

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Arkham Asylum!

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Rad! I like this idea. I love being able to close my DS and pick up exactly where I was.

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Controllers hurp durp.

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I've heard a lot of good things about this game, which kind of surprises me considering the unusual subject matter. I guess with some creativity you can make a decent game out of just about anything.

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You're making sense on the internet!! Get out of here!!

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Thanks! I thought I came up with some fun stuff. My favorite idea, and the one I most want, is the bow! I would be fine if that was Lara's only weapon, if it was done well.

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Sounds like it's short but good. I'm adding it to my list! And War for Cybertron, which I still haven't played :)

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Nice work! I like the review coupled with a tutorial sprinkled with some German lessons.

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Bushido Blade was so rad.

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Good finds! I need to get myself a smartphone. My phone is just a regular dumbphone.

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Great psuedo-review! I enjoyed this game a lot. And I feel for your stepson; it seems like everybody wants to be "edgy" and push limits, so a lot of games end up as Mature titles.

Some cool exceptions: Portal was T, Portal 2 is E. MAG and Brink are both aimed at the multiplayer shooter crowd, and both are rated Teen.

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I never played GTA IV, so I can't speak to the resemblance to Niko, but I thought John Marston was a great character. I loved the respect for his family, and the earnest desire to reform himself. I thought RDR was anything but boring.

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I can see the resemblance, but honestly Rage looks like the mean cousin of Borderlands with no sense of humor.

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Maybe I'm just not using them right. Thanks!

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Yeah, not sure what the "broken" comment is about; granted I only played half the single-player, but I didn't run into a single glitch or bug. I never was able to take it online, though, so maybe that's where the issues are?

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Or maybe some options to play with, or something. A button to swap shoulders (like in Army of Two: TFD) would be appreciated. too, like wanaraceu said.

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So... you didn't read the article?

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