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Whether they were right or not isn't really the issue . If they truly believed in what they were doing then they should've stuck to their guns , doing a complete u-turn has imo left their machine with an "identity crisis" . I don't believe they changed due to consumer feedback , i believe the decision would've been made because of pre-order numbers.

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This is the game i'm interested in the most .

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COD does exactly what it's supposed to do , the multiplayer is so addictive it could possibly be illegal . I just wish it would satop making my machine freeze :(

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I never pre-ordered and i didn't get the code in the box , i was going to just pay to download it but they can forget that now.

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Sleeping Dogs was a fairly easy platinum and is great fun , doing all of the missions will unlock all of the collectibles on the mini map , after that it's just a case of doing some cleaning up on the challenges .

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I'll take it in phases , i've spent the last few weeks in a gaming frame of mind , playing Ghost Recon FS online and levelling 3 classes up to 50 , i wasn't interested in any other media . Once i'd done that i gave up on the games machine and have gone into movie mode . If i had to give up 1 of them then it'd be gaming , i couldn't stand the thought of never seeing some of my favourite classic movies ever again.

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You definitely aren't the only one , i still play the mp of BC2 and think it's far superior to Bf3 . I play on console and feel that the maps are actually too big on console for the amount of players , by the time everyone jumps into a vehicle there are no infantry to fight and i find it boring .

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I'm one of those who prefers the Bad Company spin off , i really want to see Bad Company 3 before Bf4 .

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Hopefully we get Bad Company 3 in 2013 . It should be the next game on the rotation .

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I'm not sure if i'll even bother downloading and going through the final mission again.

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Anything starring Garrus would rule supreme.

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I'll be getting Horizon on day one , it looks like the game TDU2 should have been.

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A lot can depend on the lead character , all of the Uncharted games are excellent and it's helped by the fact that Nate and Sully are characters that people really like.

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I think that they will have very low shields but that BW will allow there healing ability to evolve and include teamates .

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RDJ/Iron Man is cool but for me Thor is the best Avenger there is/was/ever will be .

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No they don't

Next question ?

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Really enjoying the multiplayer , just done Silver with my Asari Adept and look forward to decimating more Brutes.

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I got this from Amazon and the artwork is stunning , definitely worth getting if you're a fan.

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Let the Batarians burn

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It's electrifying :)

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