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Looks good to me, wish i could afford a PS4 lol.. #39
I dont care who sold most, just that i want both of them i cant afford either ! #60
Halo meets Call of Duty. #50

So thats why i have more then 3 bubbles now... #100
For me, the 60GB console with F1.
Got it afew days before launch aswell.

Wasnt overly impressed, because the F1 vids which turnt out to be fKE. #55
Not neccersarily because the PS4 allows it, more because of the backlash and the fact they are ruling out anyone without internet access.

Like when they say "this" many people have xbl they do not mention that some consoles will have 4 different accounts. By limiting the console to only those with internet access they are potentially losing millions of console sales #43.1
Well they should.

Im a 360 fanboy and i will be getting a PS4. Not an Xbox One.

I will miss playing Gears and Halo but i don't think those games are worth all of the additional crap thrown in. #44
Why is it so much bigger?
Technically are they not very similar?

What warrants it being so much bigger? #62
Ofcourse they will defend it, they see $$$$ !

They might make more money for the single game sales however i think many people will avoid used game sales if it will cost whatever the retailer charge and then a full price license... pay more for 2nd hand? #50
ofcourse they will record !!
came across this this morning, reminded me of xbox one #15.1
I dont think they can justify it either to be honest.

$499 + Xbox Live. + your broadband costs, wanna watch Netflix? thats +. Want to buy that used game? Thats used game price + the license you need.

Pretty soon games will have not optionable chargable DLC... #17
What does the Xbox One cost>>?

£429 that is ridiculous #12.1
I do not have the internet at my house, as for that analogy, is he trying to say that people will buy a console that they cannot use because sometimes they might take it somewhere that does have internet?

IMO its the worse decision they have ever made.
I know plenty of 360 owners who only play offline.

And its looking to be a bit pricey now.

Monthly for your internet,xbox live, + the console...
Just so i can pla... #35
Microsoft have lost me as a customer.

Im yet to see why i should buy there console depsite being a 360 fanboy.

I currently cannot afford to have internet, so i cant bloody own one anyway, stupid!
I don't like the money grabbing tactics for used games, and you can bet they probably going to up xbl pricing, AND i bet the pricing is not as competitive as the ps4. $399 has suprised me.

I can understand what Microsoft are trying to do... #6
"Halo, imho, is the most overrated fps games I've ever played."

In my opinion that title belongs to Resistance, that IMO is the most over rated FPS. #26

You havent played halo but Killzone is on par with it? #1.1.15
How many people answering were PS fanboys.

PS fanboys out number us all online therefore it is no suprise that polls suport this. #60
Everyone is the target audience for Xbox One.

Just as everyone is the target audience for Ps4.

They want everyone to buy there consoles and both consoles will try to cater as much as possible for as many as possible. #3
Something id like to point out aswell.

MS are worth approximately 4 times the amount of sony with a net worth of just under $70 billion dollars. It would not surprise me if MS release the next console and sell at a huge loss, purely because they can afford to.

It also would not suprise me if one day MS buy out EA and release all there games on there console only. Seems like a logical move from my point of view especially if you can afford to and MS can. #104
I expect MS to have made slight changes upon learning the PS4 Specs.

I expect the next Xbox to have a complete windows 8 dash style to it, MS are pushing for a "universal" console here, to do everything you would ever need. TV, Movies, Games Internet, Apps etc. Same as Sony i expect.

Primarily a Xbox fan however id say the future of PS seems brighter to me, even though im not a fan of any of there big hitting games, GT amazing as it has always looke... #101
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