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I haven't bought COD DLC since MW3 and don't plan on buying it ever again. Charging for maps divides the community and by the time the first DLC comes out I'm tired of playing anyways. #13
He says that he misses Kinect for the voice commands, but a lot of people don't know you can control the PS4 with you voice too. I do it when I'm using my headset, I believe it can be done with the camera also. #25
I've moved on to playing real guitar, but still like playing the drums. Can't wait for the announcement. #10
What does that have to do with my personal opinion? I just don't like the character. #9.1.2
I could't get into the main character in GTA IV, felt like I was playing Grand Theft Borat. #9
House of the Dead 3 and 4 should be on the list. I still play Overkill on a regular basis, worth buying a move just for that game alone. The Cabela games that support move are fun too. #1
Hope it supports real guitars, if not I'll probably stick to Rocksmith. #9
Very excited this is coming to consoles. Haven't played an Elite game since Frontiers on the Amiga. #8
I usually don't preorder games, but I must have that. #8
Gamestop's trade values are insulting. #1.3.3
It looks like the US version is going to be digital only, sucks. #1
That's what you get for trying to cheat. I have no sympathy for cheaters. #60
The idea of dinosaur hunting within a Battlefield game makes me very excited. #14
I bought two on black friday for $39.99 each. Hoping the red one comes to the U.S. Really want one, but not for $70. #5
I remember once upon a time when you bought a game you got the whole game. #6
I'm not buying maps anymore, maps should be free. Charging money for maps divides the community. #7
GTA V is better that real life. #1
But it's fun as hell, that's all that really matters. I just got sucked back in after not playing for almost two years. #6
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Why haven't we gotten a proper Vietnam COD? I'm getting tired of the same game every year. My dream COD would be either Civil War/Wild West or Post Apocalyptic. #44
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I was excited until I read "free to play" #34
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