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No "World at War" remaster?

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Part of being an artist is being able to accept criticism, if you can't handle it maybe you should look for another profession.

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Xbox Deuce

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It's a gateway to milking real cows.

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4k might be beyond my visual spectrum because I can't tell the difference between 4k and 1080p side by side.

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I am more excited for EDF 5 than any other game game coming out. I was the only person to preorder EDF 2025 at GameStop, the employees never even heard of the game and they laughed at me. They don't know what they're missing.

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I guess we can expect a "World at War" remaster bundled with it.

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WW2 has been done to death, was really hoping for a proper Vietnam COD.

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I would like to give Sunset Overdrive a go, but I can live without the rest.

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Still use mine almost daily.

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GTA never feels repetitive, every mission is unique. Something that seems to be a problem with every other open world game.

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My Fat PS3 died a long time ago, replaced it with a 2nd generation slim. I miss the PS2 BC, but the wifi is much faster and it runs almost silent. I was needing a blu-ray player, so instead I bought two more PS3 slims on eBay that were broken for about $30 each (sellers said they were freezing). Removed the hard drives, reformatted them in my computer, now they're good as new (they just had corrupted file systems).

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They raised the bar so high I dont think anyone can top it. The attention to detail blows me away everytime I play it.

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I have three, still use them almost every day for many things besides playing games.

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I don't buy DLC anymore. The last DLC I bought was for MW3. Charging money for maps divides the community.

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I got the WD My Passport 3TB, WD has never failed me. I've had too many Seagate drives die on me.

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I also bought the Insignia 5-port USB hub that snaps to the front of the PS4, BestBuy has them on clearance for $7.99.

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Excited for this update, just ordered a 3TB drive for when it comes out. Very happy I don't have to swap the internal drive anymore, it's such a hassle.

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The Xbox One is becoming more irrelevant everyday, the Nintendo Switch will be the PS4's main competitor soon.

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House of the Dead Overkill with the Sharpshooter is some of the most fun I've had with the PS3.

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