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I'm gonna wait for "Road Redemption" coming out next year, it looks ten times better than this.

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The only reason I bought an OUYA was because I heard it was good at emulation and I found one at Goodwill for $20. Turns out it is great at emulation, XBMC and works with the Dualshock 3 controller. If you're looking for a cheap and easy way to get emulation on your TV, I highly recommend getting one. It emulates just about every retro console and game.

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Can't wait, best news all year!

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Get it for free. Take a screen shot, open in Photoshop, cut out and paste on transparent background, save as png file. Add to profile. Done.

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Not a bad action game, but I would much rather have Darkwatch.

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Same pre-order bonus DLC

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I think being late to the party with VR will hurt the most.

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Not really, I'm not buying all my favorite movies again for a fourth time.

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Just wait till the Steam Box Scorpio comes out, then you will see bad. Look at the clues, it's going to be a MS version of the Steam Box. I'll be surprised if it's less than $600.

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Stop it with the endless runners, there are thousands on the app store and they are all the same.

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You shouldn't be upset, not including UHD 4k drive will keep the price low. Most people won't use it except hardcore cinema nerds. I checked out some of the discs and they were $35-$40 each.

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Maybe because you can get VR glasses for your smartphone for $10 and most of the games are free.

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Xbox is suffering from a serious inferiority complex.

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I would rather have a Redneck Rampage remaster, with the cuss pack of course.

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If you have a smartphone with a decent size screen you can get into VR for almost nothing. I bought some cheap VR glasses for my phone off eBay for $10 and it's pretty awesome. Don't expect it to be as good as one of the big three, but it with give you a taste of what's possible.

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I bought some cheap VR glasses for my smartphone and even that is pretty awesome. It has me really excited for PSVR. Can't decide if I should just get one a launch or wait for the second generation which will hopefully be wireless. VR really needs to be wireless.

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No we don't. I don't know why people are losing their minds over Stranger Things. It was good, but far from being the greatest show ever made.

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I played the beta over the past two weekends and wasn't really feeling' it. Not as fun as COD or Battlefield. Might pick it up used when its $20.

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I found it a little boring too. I played for a couple of hours, then went back to playing Doom MP.

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I like the rounded corners and matte finish, it looks great. Hope they never make another top loader, those are awful.

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