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I've moved on to playing real guitar, but still like playing the drums. Can't wait for the announcement. #10
What does that have to do with my personal opinion? I just don't like the character. #9.1.2
I could't get into the main character in GTA IV, felt like I was playing Grand Theft Borat. #9
House of the Dead 3 and 4 should be on the list. I still play Overkill on a regular basis, worth buying a move just for that game alone. The Cabela games that support move are fun too. #1
Hope it supports real guitars, if not I'll probably stick to Rocksmith. #9
Very excited this is coming to consoles. Haven't played an Elite game since Frontiers on the Amiga. #8
I usually don't preorder games, but I must have that. #8
Gamestop's trade values are insulting. #1.3.3
It looks like the US version is going to be digital only, sucks. #1
That's what you get for trying to cheat. I have no sympathy for cheaters. #60
The idea of dinosaur hunting within a Battlefield game makes me very excited. #14
I bought two on black friday for $39.99 each. Hoping the red one comes to the U.S. Really want one, but not for $70. #5
I remember once upon a time when you bought a game you got the whole game. #6
I'm not buying maps anymore, maps should be free. Charging money for maps divides the community. #7
GTA V is better that real life. #1
But it's fun as hell, that's all that really matters. I just got sucked back in after not playing for almost two years. #6
Why haven't we gotten a proper Vietnam COD? I'm getting tired of the same game every year. My dream COD would be either Civil War/Wild West or Post Apocalyptic. #44
I was excited until I read "free to play" #34
Sometimes Hastings and Target put PSN cards on sale. #10.3
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