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Holy crap! I forgot all about the rubber eraser method! haha

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Whoops! Thanks for catching that haha An absolute typo on my part!

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Yeah, I called them out in the footer of the article. This was mainly focused on other companies that were in Consumerist's field. But I agree.

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I enjoyed ME3 a lot! The bottom section is actually for games that turned out well these months.

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In order to qualify for the list of "really good stuff" at the bottom, it needed to receive a 4.5/5 or higher in our review. Neither of those titles did.

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The close up "cinematic" kills really showed the overall shift in focus Team Ninja had from substance to style. It was amazing how much they deviated from the original vision of the series.

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For publishers/developers, I'm saying. Players returning games because they "didn't like it" means that publishers and devs will be much less likely to take chances (more so than they already are!)

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This is a dangerous precedent.

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It does seem more like a $5 piece of content.

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Just remember: Apple has a history of announcing products pretty shortly before launch.

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@Pikajew EA, for starters.

@kevnb Activision did venture in with CoD and Guitar Hero stuff.

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Oh, absolutely. Until they prove that they can handle a live event, I wouldn't recommend anyone rely on the app.

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And it did... hence Nintendo receiving the highest 2nd half grade. Wasn't enough to help the abysmal first half.

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The point of the article was to see what company made their systems the systems to have, not who sold the most. That factored in very little.

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But still, it would be really cool to play on the iPad. At the very least, an awesome way to show off the tech.

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