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Looks like Ubisoft is getting into the Early Access strategy (popular on Steam) with AC:Unity. The problem being they didn't tell anyone.

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Seems they have not fixed the crashing issue yet either, along with the performance issues.

Watching MANvsGAME stream the game right now, has already crashed, had an audio bug, and a subtitle bug.

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Was wondering that myself.

It looks similar to Option 4.

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First off that APR is high, but not out of this world.

Second, no Khols CC is needed for this promotion.

Third, of course you will pay more if you finance something in the long run. You are getting a product/service for no money up front.

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If you take a look at Weekly sales you will see that the 620k and so on numbers are for 2 weeks on the market.

The article itself is showing only the 1st week of sales.

For reference

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Using the articles own source you're right.

After looking at the numbers, most multi-platform games have sold 2 to 3 times better on PS4 than Xbox One.

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There are definitely some aspects of the game that are cringe worthy, can't deny that. However after beating it, the whole package was pretty decent.

I think the issue with this review is trying to compare it to Dark Souls so much. It is a separate game, separate IP, treat it as such. I'm not sure any other reviewer mentioned Dark Souls so many times, over 20 times here.

Not to mention the review is poorly written. At some sections I was left quest...

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To be fair this is not Sony asking for input. It is a forum post from a PS user.

Either way, it can't hurt to post on the forum any suggestions, a few might end up a reality.

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This is from the article linked within this post about the PS4 controller features added.

"On PS4, you can touch the touchpad to switch modes between first- and third-person. There will be a few options to control when the game's in first-person and when it switches back to third - you can have it so that shooting is in first-person but it snaps back to third-person when you're in cover, for instance."

I imagine it...

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I forgot all Sony and Microsoft do is make game consoles. Sony's gaming division is doing quite well, and is profitable.

"But you will just sweep the facts under the carpet and pretend" right?

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I draw the line when a "Face cam" is not used for the face.

Especially when the "Face cam" not being used for the face is larger than a quarter of the screen with "Top donation" "All time top donation" "Recent follower" "Recent subscriber" , etc....

After all that, how much gaming content is really left?

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Why does everything have to be about business thought?

And so what if they advertised Sunset Overdrive, a great developer that has worked exclusively with Sony for many many years has made a new product. No harm in Sony throwing some love their way, even if it's not on a Sony platform.

EDIT: And in case you missed it, obviously Insomniac is taking it lightly, so why don't we?
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I don't know how anyone could disagree after that lol.

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Nothing wrong with some harmless fun here and there. Glad to see both sides taking it lightly.

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The developer said from the start they would not release the PS Plus edition until the servers were operating as intended. They did not want to put stress on the servers by releasing a free version if the paying customers couldn't even use the online service.

This means every update on the servers is an update on the PS Plus Edition. Because every improvement is one step closer to it's release.

It isn't hard to understand, especially if you'...

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"This is basic financial planning.. If you have the money to spend on a console of this price, another $400 is not breaking your bank.."

Cool logic. So if you can afford one car payment, why not two right? One down payment on a house, psssh, get 2 homes.

"If you could afford to spend that, you could afford another $500 and if you can't? Then you probably shouldn't have spent the first $500 lol"

After all, using y...

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"Plus you can play console exclusive games like titanfall, ryse and dead rising 3 on pc which is a bonus"

Titanfall, Ryse, and Dead Rising 3 are not console exclusives....

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Would be a relief, but the action far surpasses the survival horror portion of modern RE games. Of course I have my doubts for RE 7. Only time will tell.

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PC definitely let's you send messages through PSN using the gyro sensor in the PS4 controller, for YEARS now..........


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They implemented this the day after I buy Shadow of Mordor off the store -__-

Hindsight is 20/20

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