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So I saw the horse mask and thought of Sp00nerism, turns out it was a rip off streamer lol.

Seriously though if you want a chill stream with good chat that has it's moments (random outbursts) check out

If you see me in the chat my name is Madpwner #2
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If it were a problem or illegal everyone would be complaining about it.

Phil Fish is just money hungry. He isn't doing the commentary, so why should a "Large" portion, or any portion for that matter of the ad revenue go to him?

It's free exposure. Obviously not enough for Phil's taste though. #3.3.1
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If you want ad revenue how about making a YouTube channel and creating entertaining content.

You act as if these YouTubers are not putting in some type of work. It's a day job for the ones being paid enough to live off of it.

BTW Phil, movies are entertaining for their VIEWING experience, video games are entertaining for their INTERACTIVE experience. You'd still buy Fez if you wanted to enjoy it, shoot, I bet you got more sales because of these so... #3
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The time it shut down mid install of an update and bricked, and when it got lost in the mail by USPS..........

Aside from the that I loved the psp, never bought another one after that, thanks again USPS, but I'm soon going to buy a Vita. #3
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You're right, I've seen 4k TV's playing native content, 1080p content, and 720p content. The upscaled 1080p and 720p aren't much better.

It's like playing SD content on an HD TV. Sure the TV upscales, but still looks bad. #1.1
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Ty all for the fair answers, I agree, downloading updates it a much smoother process than it used to be lol. #7.1.6
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Funny how things change, before PS3 received flack because it had "too many updates".

Now they don't have enough? I thought people hated turning on their consoles and having to wait? Not calling you out, but rather N4G as a whole.

Personally I love updates, nothing better than having my device get better over it's life. Just find it funny how quick things flip. #7.1
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You're speaking as if the developer wrote this article, he was answering an interview question.

Also the title refers to games "like" infamous "could" run at that resolution/speed, it's not saying the game runs 1080p/60fps. #16.4
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Services like this, 4k streaming, etc... are creating the demand for faster internet speeds.

If nothing creates the need, it will never happen. #1.1.8
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I understand pixel density and all Panda,

But 8 million pixels on a 32 or smaller inch monitor? I just can't imagine ALL of that detail being visible. Example, does a 1080p phone screen at 4 inches look that much better than 720p? Sure, but twice as good? not to me.

I'm sure it will look better than a 1080p or 2.5k monitors that are mainstream today. But will it look 4 times better than 1080p at that size?

Just need to see one in... #2.3.3
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Only a little north of 3 grand.

Totally worth it /s

4K is nice and all, haven't seen 4K on a monitor (32" size) yet. After seeing it on a 55" TV, make me doubtful you are getting any benefit from going 4K small scale. What would the pixel density be like on such a small screen? Can you even notice it? #2.3
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Nope, which is why this article shouldn't be approved.

They are also wrong about the analog output on PS4. #5.1
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Not sure you are making a point either. Your Sony/bluray example is odd, since Bluray adds to gaming and wasn't a "forced" add on, it was a value added piece that clearly paid off for gamers.

And about Ryse, that was originally a Kinect game. It's troubling to see a device come with a necessary add on that isn't being used, even by the games that were shown (Ryse) to be Kinect games just get reverted back to basic controllers.... #3.1.4
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haha, I did watch he E3 footage though, very promising. #40
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Honestly I don't know of a source for that info. I assume only MS and Sony would know that, and unless it's an amazing stat, they probably won't release it. #11.1.2
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Would assume less since the install base of consoles vs PC's is skewed in the favor of PC, since almost any PC can play games.

Let's just celebrate the accomplishment at hand :) #11.1
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Xbox One sold 5 times what PS4 did at my Best Buy on Black Friday, cause we only had 5 PS4's :).

At the launches however, we had around 200 PS4 preorders and just over 100 Xbox One preorders. #3
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Oh it's such a perfect day... #5
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Well they don't go on any discount, they are just available for purchase. #1.1
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Not necessary to remove it at all.

This is why online interactions are not rated for games, plain and simple. What's next? A ban on games that show violence since a child can easily choose to watch Killzone streams?

I know, let's ban streams all together because anyone can curse without notice.

How about just introducing very obvious parental controls agains children watching live content on twitch through the PS4. That way us adult... #9
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