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Too bad the cloud will never help the Xbox One though. If it could they would have done the demonstration on an Xbox One.

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I hope Microsoft doesn't have any commercials during the show. We know how this all works. You pay to get your product on the show. They'd definitely do something like that.

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Any game can run at 1080p on the Xbox One. The real issue is what the game is doing. I doubt this game really pushes the hardware that much. If you make a game that really pushes the PS4 and it runs at 1080p on the PS4 it will most likely have to be dropped down to run on the Xbox One. That's because of GDDR5 versus DDR3 RAM.

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I just noticed a tweet by the moron who wrote this review. All he cares about is people are talking. Of course. Write a crappy review of a great game and get attention. Moron.

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Is that true? I noticed one of the guys who is high up has the same last name as Cliffy B. Is he his brother?

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Polygon's dastardly plan worked. Give a big game a crappy review and let everyone talk about you. I never heard of the lousy site before and I know I won't ever go there. They don't have to give the game a 10 but their review is stupid. Attention whores. That's why I ignore most reviews anyway. Everyone knows The Last of Us is worth buying.

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Wow, that sure looks bad. It makes Microsoft look like they want to tell everyone how to think on the Xbox One and then not let anyone question them. What are they afraid of? If it was just a communication problem like Major Nelson said then they should have it and talk about everything.

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What a moron. I won't even waste my time reading the crap he wrote. I can see it's not worth our time. He just wants lots of hits.

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If this is true Microsoft should have someone else design their consoles. You'd think they learned from RROD how to do this. I figured the reason the Xbox One is so big is to keep the heat from building up. That really should have helped unless they ended up with all the hot parts in one area.

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So what's stopping them? Come clean on everything Microsoft. I guess if they do that gamers might not like what they hear.

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If those prices are true it will help the PS4 even more. Would Microsoft really release the Xbox One for more than the PS4 though? I can see the prices being the same more than this.

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These reports are nonsense. Notice how they're by companies nobody would even preorder from? Why would anyone preorder a console from Blockbuster? And after reading comments from this report is looks like this isn't much of a console seller either. We won't be seeing these stories from stores that actually sell consoles.

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But if they switch to the PS4 it might mean adding another five years. :)

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It's still too early though. People are too lazy. Play it until you find most of the stuff, then look for help.

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Why is this crap on here? Get this off. April 25th? And you have to log in?

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Another ad paid for by Microsoft obviously. Try to get the heat off of the Xbox One. We already know enough about the PS4. It has the best RAM. It was created to make life easier on developers. It's all about the games. And Sony has the best first party games. What more does Sony really need to tell us?

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It would be funny if every question they get is where's FF Versus XIII. They might as well make that a PS4 game now. If they do maybe it will be out for the PS5.

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The only thing awful about Xbox One is it's the third Xbox so it makes no sense. Is the next Xbox going to be the Xbox One 2? Or maybe it will be Xbox Squared? The name is too confusing.

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I downloaded Fuse on PSN and got the first hour free but I deleted it. The game just isn't fun from the start. I guess if Sony ever puts it up as a free PS Plus game I'll download it. I don't play much online and don't have anyone to play co-op with. It looks like it isn't worth buying if you like playing single player games.

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Funny that NBC News has a favorable report on the Xbox One. Of course they do. They're really involved with Microsoft. They have or had MSNBC together. Is that network still around? I bet those TV watching achievements will be for watching NBC shows too.

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