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Back in my WoW days girls would voluntarily spam /1 /2 /4 "Hey! I'm a lonesome little girl i needz teh help". The result? 40,000 gold and 20 levels worth of power runs.

It's a marketable trait that many females (and in some sick cases, males) would capitalize on...

Just sayin'

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My experience with Xbox live is quite extensive. You need a gold membership to plat multiplayer. And yes...7 months of live @$15 a month =$105. So yes. That's $100 on live alone. I have a PS3 as well....I noted my GENERAL observation on the communities I've played in. Im confused as to what your confused about...seeing as how the XBL comment is a fact and the community comment is an opinion I'd say the statement that I have no XP with either is kind of void. Thx tho.

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Lol. I don't pay for Xbox Live...I buy all my online games for PS3. I traded my Xbox for a ps3 and missed gears, halo and I wanted to import my mass effect 1 campaign all the way to the third.

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Yes we are. Not for you? Great. Have a nice day. Bought both, as you'd notice if you read the article. Yes. I'm broke...probably because I pay rent and yes, feed myself. Thx for stopping by :)

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I definitely feel where you are coming from op. I understand what you mean. I disagree but i get it. As far as difficulty, I'm right there with you...i felt like the first was significantly harder than the rest...I think its DOES have a bit to do with being older and not as responsive and/or misinterpretations of my controller to the game than the others (I.E, getting too close to a cover area while sprinting will pull me into cover and stop me while i intended to keep sprinting, etc.) Th...

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Yeah Optimis, I'd have to respectfully disagree when GoW3 was released, I played the single player and beat it before "omg omg gears of war" obsession wore off so I went back to the first and overall gameplay was less satisfying. The gameplay wasn't as smooth as I remembered, obviously it was alot less colorful, etc. I still enjoy it but if I'd have to choose I'd pick the 3rd...the unreal engine improvements allowed for a more solid game experience.

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@Blacklight82 - Right...Yeah, totally. :)

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@Joab77- Yeah. There comparisons I made in this article are only that of certain traits of the cultures/stereotypes of their respective counterpart. Of course there are also going to be differences as well, I.E The Quarians are not an EXACT mirror image of the Islamic middle easterners. the main idea of this bit would be to ask the question, "Do you think this was intended? or was it just coincidence?".

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Hahahaha. Interesting point. As far as finding other article on this topic, other than a few forums, i couldn't really find much content on it with any indication as to whether or not it was far as other races and cultures I DID notice some other similarities but i chose to leave them out for the sake of not stepping over the line of racism. This article is merely a comparison and is in no way intended to offend anyone.

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Maybe as an alternative instead of pre-ordering a copy, you could wait until it's release and read reviews. If it seems worthy of trying, rent it. If not we can all release our nerd rage on forums!

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Yeah...I feel you on that one. Im just about at 50/50 with it. There are parts I really like and parts I just wish they'd change...I'm really looking forward to seeing if they do a multi-player and how it would turn out...but it makes me nervous thinking about it you know?

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