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Yeti, set, Go!

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Destiny 1 ended up being a great experience, but took along time to get there.

Bungie did a complete reboot mid-cycle with The Taken King and offered us the story and right amount of grind we needed.

Destiny 2, minus a better story feels as though nothing was learned from D1.

You said it best, a game designed to simply keep you coming back. It became my post work unwind and water cooler moment, but I have taken a break after 3 consistent years of d...

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My clanmate said the same thing yesterday. I told him how good it looked in fauxK w/HDR and he said, "Don't matter I am shooting the crap as yesterday."

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That is good to know. I have 3 Samsungs in the house, so I can use one of those remotes.

I know some variations of this model came with the candy bar style remote, but mine simply came with the one remote (smart remote).

Thanks for the tip.

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The KS8XXX series has not displayed HDR is enabled since about 5 firmwares back.

If you check your settings your backlight will be set to 20, which 99% of the time signifies HDR is enabled.

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A saying I have said several times, "You're not sorry for what you did, but sorry that there are repercussions. "

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Agreed. Very few maps are built for sniping in mind and I pretty much gave up on sniping all together in PVE as well.

They built a new game, just to return to the old meta with the Mida.

Ran trials the week it returned and it was pretty much mida, mida mini tool and swords.

I still have the occasional "hero" moment where I can enter a fight solo and swing a match in our favor, but few and far between.

This coming from a...

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Rtings test are scientific and not real world usage. They have HDR windows displayed for the maximum amount of time to test for abl or brightness drop off.

But real world use in any given scene whether film or game that supports HDR, no scene will remain static at peak brightness long enough for it to dim.

Sony certainly has the advantage of worse case scenario constant peak brightness, that advantage will rarely matter.
Unless you sit and watc...

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Panasonic too has outsourced their OLED panels from LG. As mentioned about Sony outsourcing to LG as well it's all about software and picture processing tech.

A smart hub such as Androids google hub used by Sony and Tizen used by Samsung have little to do with the picture.
They are simply content delivery systems.

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I purchased the X900E at launch and returned for the KS8500. The Samsung without local dimming has a slightly better static contrast ratio, can get almost 600nit brighter and has 50% lower input lag (unless Sony has managed to update this since.

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Samsung's QLED also get twice as bright for HDR content in some cases.

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The X900E is of the best 4k/HDR displays on the market currently.

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Sony outsourced their OLED tech from LG, so the only thing they may have an advantage with is the software powering the display.

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It will be a ferrari red GT sport themed pro

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Samsung calls theirs auto motion plus, Sony motion flow and vizio is clear motion (I believe).
Cinema/movie modes generally have Soap opera effect off as well as game mode.

Vivid and standard modes are usually set to high and looks quite unnatural.

It can be turned off or to your liking in the settings.

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The Samsung KS8000 /KS8500 (curved) are stellar 4K/HDR displays with 7000:1 native contrast, nearly 1200 nit peak brightness and low input lag.
It has been the best TV I have ever owned, but if you want one now is the time to grab it supplies are running low.

Since it is a 2016 model it is getting harder to find.

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Sony is using LG OLED panels for the A1.
LG and Sony released 77" models the are $14,999.99 (LG) and $19,999,99 (Sony), so you'll be paying a premium for Sony's processing.

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Dual layer blu ray displays top out at 50gb, but could in theory cram more data through compression.
If you start compressing to much you'll start seeing diminishing returns.
Uhd disc triple layer can go up to 100gb triple layer, but the increased cost of the disc would be passed on to developers.
Hard drives are faster than the currently employed UHD drive in the XB1S /X,so it makes sense for them to use the HDD.

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Of all the things complained about post E3 the size on the One X wasn't on the list. They have been able to cram 4 additional gigs of ram and new SoC with vapor cooling solution at a smaller size than the S.

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I grabbed it on a sale as well as Wolfenstein :The new order. Two of the best purchases I have made in awhile.
Now waiting for Wolfenstein :Old blood to drop again.

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