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I recently purchased an X1 (S) and Preordered my pro on the same day. The S will fill the void missing from the Pro with the inclusion of a UHD Bluray drive. The Pro will give me a taste of what to expect from from Scorpio next fall.
I bought a 4K/HDR XBR display from Sony to take advantage of the upcoming new consoles.

I am glad we have these two tech giants challenging each other,because it will only end up benefitting the consumer.

I am a fanboy of g...

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Ratchet is already stunning,but 4K/HDR? Mind melted!

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If the price isn't right all the teraflops in the world will not make a difference. All the comments coming from MS currently to not be concerned with the consoles price,but moments later saying that the Scorpio will be priced like a "High end" consumer electronic device.
This could mean we'll be competitive or the PS3 "you'll want to get a second job for this thing."

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If you like podcast check out the "gamers with jobs:conference call" podcast. They have guest host from many studios including arkane studios. I feel like they are gonna an announcement for dishonored.

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Tactics like this are used throughout the industry. They release a prototype to devs that are marked to help with leaks and make sure they hold to their NDA's. This was never considered as a production model,much like the original Xbox was housed in a 15" tall chrome "X" with a giant lime green logo in the center. That was a prototype never meant to be released.

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I am completely interested! Alan wake was a very underrated game that has the misfortune of releasing against Red dead redemption.

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I have just finished the Order and kid you not when I say I was floored. The ending made me feel the same level of guilt that I felt at the end of The last of us. This game while not perfect,was perfect for me. It was exactly what I needed from a holiday that saw the release of countless broken games and lack of focus.
[email protected] had a single purpose in mind,deliver a razor sharp cinematic action experience and for me it nailed it.
Sony should make sure to secure this franc...

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I strongly agree with you. I have reached the airship portion of the game and have been floored by every minute of the game.
If you are gonna knock a point off of the game make it for length,because everything else is polished to near perfection. I own both "next gen" systems and have two of the major releases of this generation still a buggy mess AC:Unity and Halo:MCC.
When I popped in the Order on the PS4 I figured would be prompted to download a hellacious pat...

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Heavenly sword,Indigo prophecy,heavy rain and beyond two souls have done exactly what The order is attempting build on. None of these titles set the world on fire with critics,but have loyal fan base. With the exception of Heavenly sword with it's combo heavy combat system I feel the order does a much better job bridging the gap between film and video games. I am a few hours in and am loving the order.
This is a traditional adventure game with modern combat system that any tell ...

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Given the hype surrounding this titled had it delivered 10's across the board we'd all be crying foul. Seldom in this industry have we seen games hyped as much as the order deliver.
The title that immediately springs to mind is Rage. That was a beautiful game with solid core mechanics and the semi-open world that everyone loves,but was a middle of the road experience.
I was one of the people that enjoyed quite a bit of the Rage,but admitted its flaws. The Order will...

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I loved bullet witch! That is a game that received less than stellar reviews.

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Naughty dog has even said they will not sacrifice an experience just hit a bullet point such as 60fps. Even The Last of us had the option of 60fps (with a slight visual downgrade) vs a much nicer looking version at a solid 30fps.

I feel this is getting a little overblown as well,but as a Sony fan (gaming fan since 79') they put the expectation out there for this gen. Microsoft kinda fumbled this gen after pretty much pulling a sega genesis last generation trouncing an un-...

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As a matter of fact Sony had been called out for many things and sued for the many promises made for both PS3/PS4. Kill zone:Shadowfall, Vita cross play compatibility (not remote play) and numerous other things. Let's not make this about frame rate or resolution 1080p/60fps is a goal,but was never promised.

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Down in Kansas City.

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I have been excited for this since the first gameplay reveal. The media that has been bashing it were the same that loves Gears of war for all the reasons they don't like The Order. Just because something has been done before,doesn't mean it can't be done better again.

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I have told many friends that Bungie should have looked no further than Borderlands for inspiration. Loved BL1,but BL2 far surpassed expectations.

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Borderlands 1 was a Frankenstein of an engine. All the cell shading lighting tech was written in house on top of the existing Unreal tech, so maybe for that reason? I love the first as well and would love to see it released as a digital version for X1/PS4.

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You should try it again. I played it for the first time since the PS4 launch and it substantially better.

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Public perception is what is selling consoles and Sony is owning popular opinion . Sony seemingly did everything right from the word go and had the praise of most 3rd party devs by having a laser focused plan. Read the "Opening the Xbox" and everything that almost ruined X1 was fought against by the fathers of the original Xbox. I am a lifelong gamer and Sony loyalist, but have a soft spot for Phil Spencer and the Xbox crew. I own a PS4, but the games I have played this gen have bee...

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I would love to see an HD remaster with beta access to the next gears.

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