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I have avoided all media coverage since the initial announcement I wanted nothing revealed that may have ruined my experience. I played the beta and took away from it that this was gonna be a very solid shooter from the masters of console based shooters. I figure the lack of real deep story elements were as some have mentioned as not reveal anything major before launch.
I booted up Destiny for the first time Wednesday and noticed that I had already played this whole thing during the... #72
Read "Masters of Doom" great book,but hearing what is happening with Zenimax and Oculus (Carmack) allegations may be true. There are several "documented" cases in the book of him developing and "borrowing" tech for one company and taking to Id. #13
You wouldn't think PS+ would be feasible giving away $25-$40 1-2 year old games away free every month wouldn't work,but it does. I have an X1 and PS3/4 and am constantly surprised how much value I get out of my PS+ subscription, while MS scrambles to figure out how they can compete. Several years ago MS was toying with idea that achievements could be used as online currency,but that fell by the way side. #53
I think I might have a on old Sony Trinitron setting around from the 80's somewhere. Since resolution doesn't matter I am going old school. #87
Nintendo is selling the same thing right now,"graphic and specs don't matter." #86
Here is how the conversation went with the board of directors at MS.
MS: "Hey Donny boy, ummm you realized you just insulted the middle class and the military."
Donny M: "Ummm, I have never been in tank or middle class."
MS: "We don't know what this whole derm thing is, but we can't give these things away at this point."
Donny M: "Ok? Well then we'll just remove the restrictions and punish them for not keeping the... #48
As an Xbox live member I paid $60 dollars a year to play multiplayer. What Sony is doing is the same thing MS has done for the last 2 generations, so this should really be a non-Issue (I too am a PS+ member). If it mean improved social aspects, people that actually chat while playing multi-player than I am all in. Playing PS3 online even with a room full of players felt like a ghost town after coming over from Live. That is why I had both systems from launch Xbox was my go to social gaming ex... #71
The only way you play online multi-player on Xbox 360/XBONE is through Gold membership, so I don't see the problem. I know it was free last gen, but if paying $60 on PS+ gets online improvements that we saw with the 360. plus I get a ton of free merch I am all in. And by free merch I don't mean 2-3 year old titles like AC2 or Halo3. If Microsoft really wanted to get us excited they would have given us an HD remake of Azura from the original XBOX. #53
I was about to say the same thing. I was thinking spiritual successor to the original concept? #5.2
I pray to the XBOX fathers to save MS from themselves. J.Allard, Seamus Blackly and Ed Fries where are you in our time of need? The WebTV guy's have won. Read this book:
What we saw yesterday was everything the fathers fought to not happen on the Xbox. #17
I love how there is a giant COD advertisement adorning this page. "Let's make sure we get some pre-orders on the murder simulator",will be the top story on FOX news if they get wind of it. #145
Word on the street is Ueda is back to help see the project through. No mention has been made of his actual role (that I am aware of), even on a producer role would be fantastic. #7.2
There is only speculation at this point about what GPU will be attached to the AMD(APU). The 6000 series was a rumor and will likely end up a 7000 series card or the Richland APU or Kabini APU(lower power consumption).
AMD Richland APU:
According to the roadmap, AMD Richland APU would not feature the steamroller core architecture but instead would be based on the current generation x86 Piledriver core architecture which is currently being used within the recently launched Trin... #2.2.2
The article was meant as joke. Sadly Lukes comic timing is a little off and the sarcasm isn't laid on thick enough for some. Look at it as an article on what people will take at face value and run with. Example:"Tonight on FOX news are video games inspiring racism?"......."Afte r the break we'll return with the most racist game in history,BIOSHOCK:INFINITE!&quo t; #55
After losing Glen Scholfield Executive producer/cheerleader (Deadspace 1) and Ian Milham Creative director/Series Art director (Deadspace 1-2) they lost the lifeblood and exciting vision behind DSpace. #88
I agree, but I don't know if I am just that tired of current generation consoles or am truly as excited as I am about the PS4? #1.7
But those games were built from the ground up for their respective systems. The 2 games mentioned in the article existed and were ported to the Wii-U. If rumors are correct and the Wii-U is as easy to develop for as the original Wii/360 with a bit more power under the hood then we should have had a superior port. Am I wrong? #1.20
He is seriously one of the nicest guy's I have ever met. The whole staff love their community so much and are huge star wars fans and meant it as nothing, but homage. If anyone knows the story of Michael Mamaril, our fallen Borderland brother in arms it would move you to tears. After losing his battle to to a terminal illness the BL friends he had made and gamed with as therapy reached out to Randy and the guy's at GBX. David Edding "Claptrap" voiced a eulogy as our favorite... #14
This person is obviously an attention starved troglodyte.The writing is amazing in this game, just read Mikey Nuemann's, "The Returners" and Watch Anthony Burch's "Hey Ash, watcha' playin", freakin' genius both of them. #14
"And we needed the staff to finally get Skyrim working on the PS3", that was cut from the article. #10
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