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He already completed all of the writing for Into The Nexus.

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A twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan.

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Whoever that person was, props to them.

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I didn't know one guy counts as the voice of the entire development community.

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But seriously, at least Black Ops II had the balls to introduce campaign elements like customizable loadouts, branching narrative decisions, secondary objectives, and a new time period.

From what I've seen of Ghosts, on the other hand, NOTHING new is being done. Same drab color scheme, same overly scripted set pieces, same confining linearity, same familiar weaponry, same jingoistic, badly written block...

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That Tom Chick is at it again...

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Anyone else notice how the person who uploaded the vid is named Aiden Pearce? The same name as the game's protagonist?

Could this be a marketing stunt by Ubisoft, or am I just going crazy?

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The Conroy twitter account mentioned in the article looks like a fake one, not to mention the original tweet has been taken down.

In short, this news is probably false.

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Strange, you didn't seem to have any problem with those 10 year old girls last night.

Anyway, if at one point you happen to have any actual feedback, regarding what I wrote rather than what arbitrary physical appearance I should have, I'm all ears.

Also, you were 9 years off, but good try.

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The difference being that the RFI is a made-up doohickey running on made-up blast shards with the power to do tremendous made-up things.

At that point, any comparisons to a realistic vaccine seem questionable in my eyes.

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Looking forward to a game doesn't mean you can't also discuss its problems, whatever they may be.

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Obviously it wasn't. Was there ever a case where a game was 99% done before it even got officially announced?

Didn't think so.

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Seeing as someone died, I'd say it is pretty horrific.

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INB4 the expected "that's probably the only thing the console is good for!" comments.

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Wow. Has he really grown this out of touch with reality?

There are gamers out there, Cliff, many of them fans of your games, that don't have access to 24/7 high speed internet. That's the world we live in. Try dealing with that.

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Well, time to move to a new state.

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Keep in mind that not everyone will have a rig awesome enough to run it.

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You know, there's such a thing as the reply feature.

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If you can stomach the dated graphics, they come highly recommended. Definitely some of the most well designed gameplay and open ended levels you'll find in any title.

GOG and Steam have semi-frequent sales on the series, so there's your best bet.

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PETA, you know we're all sitting patiently and waiting for you to shut up, right?

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