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This title just seems clickbaity because at this point Ps4 is too far ahead with a much larger install base now. Gamewise does Microsoft even have exclusives? Since it seems all their first party titles are coming out on pc. And for those stories that say Console X sold more than Console Y in a month of sales that doesn't count for shit unless you sell more than the total amount of the other.

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I would feel sorry for them but considering what they've been doing with microtransactions is disgusting while i find all microtransactions to a parasetic blight what they've been doing with this game and 5 is absolutely disgusting it makes me physically ill to see this. It jusy corrupts and fucks with what could have been a good game.

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I had/have a milk addiction 3 liters a day average and thats just milk no cereal sometimes milo's (not hot) while i have severely cut down now i lm always on the edge of regression.

When i was a kid i could only play video games on the weekend so the 5 day wait was torture but was bliss for at least 3 hours for SAT/SUN. I can't help but think that this made it addictive to me because whenever my parents went away for a weekend they wouldn't let me have the pla...

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and lip sync issues. although I gotta say alloy eyes remind me of chibi eyes

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well yeah isn't ps4 got like 30 million (estimate) consoles sold? I'm sure the games are great and it seems Zelda is a system seller (well it is like the only game worth getting) but the stats are literally on Sony's favour so now that I've tried to be impartial lets go to WAR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH FUCKING NINTENDO KNEEL BEFORE THE MIGHT OF THE PLAYSTATION MACHINE WE HAVE THE SALES WE HAVE THE SPECS WE HAVE THE EXCLUSIVES WE HAVE ALREADY LEFT MICROSOFT IN THE DUST AND THIS LITTLE...

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Yep looking at the timer now 170:42: 50 and counting although to be fair at least 50 of those hours are car driving ap farming and i misplaced the controller so i cant save the game to turn it off so its just sitting there racking up hours.

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Oh right this is still a thing. Sadly Cindy will never reciprocate those feelings i have for her because she's into women but this is not an issue the real one is the barebones structure of the story/lore and world building. Loved the ending super bittersweet but damn they could have fleshed out the world alot more for example: Oh hey 6 astrals are already dead. Oh hey time travel is a thing yow want a cutscene or good dialogue to explain this no you get loading screen sayi...

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I'm buying the ps4 for the phantom pain

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to be honest the design reminds me of the of the fusion between the toa of light and makuta from bionical the mask of light movie ( yay for nostalgia)

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rainbow ninja?

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I hope that they bring in the old republic factions from star wars the old republic

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ah but you see they promised us an evolving world not a blank canvas in which they add to over time in which it become what we were originally promised so instead of expanding destiny they are just filling in the canvas.

P.s the canvas is a metaphor and like anything on the internet not to be taken seriously

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that day came a long time ago most games in Australia are about $100.00 or $99.00 straight on the shelf for AAA game and usually about $89.00 for AA games and I'm pretty sure its a lot worse in other countries I think brazil has it pretty bad.

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Noooooooo please no don't tempt me but oh man this game I really want to go in blind cause I can I understand I went through KOTOR knowing the spoiler (which I wont mention incase someone like me who has yet to come across Kotor like I did and know the story) my first Metal Gear Game was MGS Snake Eater and somehow I had bypassed all the news and previous titles as well as mgs4 so as you can imagine how freaking mind blown I was when I learn't about the other games in the franchise i...

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I don't know about characters but it would be freaking awesome if they could do some PSA's for advertising. here in Australia we got our car crash and one punch can kill campaigns going on so an example.

Sub Zero and Skorpion are at a party having drinks and and an all round good time then have subzero spill his drink on Skorpion and then completely loses his shit and punches Sub Zero and as he's punching him it goes into X-ray and then ends with a whole PSA annou...

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does anyone else think that the guy on the screen look like a modern version of don flamango fro one piece you know that self-appointed king of dessrosa just saiyan.

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it's possible Young liquid is in the game so it would be pretty sweet to have David Hayter to voice 12 year old solid

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now this might not seem relevant but for the next game but I think they should go tropical or do an island = sand powers imagine the particle affects (Gaara of the sand anyone)and it should have dynamic weather which will allow for rain power it would look so awesome also water combat?

new character however they can still use Deslin however for a plot twist its future Deslin who with was able to gain time travel powers (it never made sense how Kessler was able to go back in t...

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it would be awsome if in retaliation the devs bring in gun dlc with a new enemy types of the fox news faction.

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