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I guess these so called "Bayonetta" fans are more of the "If I can't play it then no one should." If you a true Bayonetta fan you should be excited that the game is coming out at all instead of just fading into the abyss. Even if it is no on your preferred console. I personally don't believe Bayonetta 2 will sell the WiiU as an individual game but will help nudge those on the fence. Personally I've got my WiiU pre-ordered and plan to enjoy all it has to offer. ...

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You know what sounds good? Metroid developed by Platinum Games... make it happen Nintendo.

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Because people have invested many hours into the game. Simple =D

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The whole Genre is going F2P. The only ones who can get away with pure subscription is those who have established members who will pay to keep what they have accomplished. I'm glad that they went the way of player choice. I can see the viability of paying for the sub and for the F2P model. All in all it's only going to help the game. I look forward to it. F2P would have saved SWG if they chose that route.

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I'll be spending that money for the Wii U. Not just for ZombiU but for all of the great titles that Nintendo themselves make.

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I think it's more of a "We've already made a profit just from selling the game at retail. Now lets get some longevity by getting more Subscriptions" While they did go overboard with the number of servers, the community has itself to blame. All I seen the first 2 1/2 months was "OMG, I have to wait in a queue for 5 minutes? What BS!"

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I've still got my fingers crossed for a 3DS re-boot of the original Pokemon. Please bring us back Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. I'd buy that game in a heartbeat.

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I must also add to your comment that the PETA game does not make me want stop wearing fur or stop eating animals. Actaully it made me hungry for bacon and eggs. People for Eating Tasty Animals unite!!!

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I don't believe it is different, 50 states make up the United States just as 4 countries make up the United Kingdom. How many people, outside Canada, can name the 13 provinces and territories? Also, yes maybe the teeth joke came off as a rude but to my defense the poster just stereotyped an entire country off of the X-Box Live community. Not to mention the posters statement of "we have higher standards for exams in the UK." Which is completely false if the post is correct about ...

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You make it sound like the UK schools teach everything. Most UK people probably cannot name all 50 states that make up the United States. Also, 75% isn't a very high standard, to some schools here in the USA, 75% is barely passing. Your logic is flawed as are your teeth.

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I do the same. I read the reviews and see what average conception of the game is and also to receive more info about the game that I didn't know before.

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His incompetence to grasp the gameplay/controls shows in his review. Every review I have read besides this one has said that the controls are spot on and are extremely reliable. It just shows that a game is only as good as its player. He must be one of those guys who don't aim in FPS games and instead says "Spraying randomly works just as well." Bad review in general from someone whom honestly doesn't seem like a 'gamer'.

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I've got to agree with you there although the remakes are nice. I own 2 3DS games right now with Ocarina of Time and Super Street Fighter IV. I really wish that Capcom would put Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the 3DS.

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I think the general consesnes is that next gen. consoles aren't going to be much of a graphic leap as we are use too. Personally I'd like to wait until around 2015-2016.

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I'm sorry to say but my sources say otherwise. He knows more about the business asset then I do. Go to 1:28

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Yea my PS3 has been getting more attention this gen mainly because of the 3rd party support it gets and the online. I still love my Nintendo games but you can't get the total experience by just owning one console.

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NoA doesn't make decisions like releasing content in the America's. That right is still held by the main Nintendo corporation.

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Motherf***, I want this sooooo bad. I still have my limited edition Zelda DS Lite. This is what I need and tbh, it looks better than the Zelda DS Lite. I'd like it with an extra circle pad tho please... =D Thanks.

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If I wasn't in the middle of re-playing Metroid Prime trilogy and BETA testing TOR I would totally try to find the demo haha.

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I enjoy many Japanese games, the problem is few of them tend to make it over to The States. Please Nintendo bring us Xenoblade, The Last Story, and others.

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