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I actually read the entire preview and then realized it was a waste of time. The author contradicts himself numerous times and some of the things he states are simply not true. For instance, he says that the sniper rifle ability was not viable. He couldn't be more wrong. It was easy to use and extremely powerful, some even felt it was too powerful. It sounds like his skills with the game gave him the wrong impressions.

I see quite a few articles trying to put this game do...

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Just to clarify, this is an unofficial mod. That website lists the game as coming from Bethesda and then lists their source as a Bethesda press release that isn't linked. It's not linked because there isn't one, but you get the idea.

Another terrible, lazy website to avoid.

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Would love it!

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It feels like you took everything I said completely out of context. I never said I purchase games based on my hype level for them, nor did I mention anything about not buying a game because I didn't like the release date. I said that I don't like waiting a year or two for a game after they announce it, or having a game be delayed, but I never said that those things were determining factors in purchasing a game for myself.

I want nothing mor...

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I agree completely.

Having to wait a year or two (or more) for a game gets old rather quickly. If there's a delay, it makes it that much worse. The hype for the game just completely goes away.

The way Fallout 4 was announced was absolute perfection. Gave us a small teaser video, which was then quickly followed up by a great showing at E3. A good amount of gameplay and info for the core features. To top it all off, they reveal that the game will be releasi...

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Pre-ordered this when it became available. The free theme you get is pretty cool.

I also have the game pre-loaded now and ready to go, can't wait!

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I don't think there's a mod being used. In GTA, if a vehicle explodes close enough to another vehicle, it automatically sets it on fire and then explodes as well. Thus, that's how you get these chain-reaction explosions.

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Something about this post screams "click-bait" to me. They don't have any valid proof of anyone saying there won't be any replay system. The only provided "proof" is a supposed Tweet, which is just a screen grab. The screen grab itself looks edited to me, but that doesn't even matter because there's no information on the Tweet itself. It simply says something won't be available at launch. There's no question, just an answer. The Twitter account that...

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My biggest questions about this game were things they didn't even answer. They basically just said you'll have to wait for launch. Everything else they provided was information that has been readily available for quite some time. Also, they used Battlefield and Call of Duty as comparison titles. I mean, seriously?

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I definitely agree with the visibility of loot drops. I wouldn't say it's terrible, but it could certainly be a lot better.

There's actually a faint line that comes out of the loot, much like in Borderlands, but it's almost impossible to see unless you're standing a certain distance away from it.

I didn't test the "missing loot" thing much, but it did work for me one time. It was completely random, so I don't know how I a...

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The drop rates in the Alpha and the Beta were high enough, honestly. It was so easy to get loot, you just had to know where to look and farm.

Between mission rewards, loot chests, and shops, it was really easy to get loot. Not to mention, all of the possible drops from enemies in general as well. Making good use of the Cryptarch was important.

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There was no downgrade with the Ghost. They simply changed that portion in the Beta. Instead of waiting for your Ghost to fly away, it now acts as a flashlight right away. Much better way of doing that scene, in my opinion. The lighting effects themselves are exactly the same, no downgrade there either. The only reason it may appear to be more noticeable in the E3 footage is that the brightness level is turned way down. You could have achieved the same look by turning down the brightness in t...

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A lot of people want it, but for what reason? Just like you said, they all believe it's "handy," yet they never give an actual reason.

The only time it's handy is if you're too lazy to check your list to see if someone is online. Plus, like I said before, most games also have an in-game list that sorts your friends to the top if they boot the same game.

I don't care if they add it, it's just not as mandatory as everyone likes to ...

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I wouldn't put too much faith in that date. They clearly stated via a Twitter post that they'd let us know once they sent the game to certification teams. They have yet to do that, so there's still a bit of waiting to do.

After a game is sent in to certification teams, it'll take at least a couple of weeks, if not more, before they approve it or deny it. In a lot of cases, they deny the game and the developers have to do more bug fixing before they can send it...

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Honestly, this is a pretty overrated feature. It's not going to ruin your gaming experience at all if they never implement it. It's not that hard to check your list and see if a friend is online. If you're in a game it's even easier because most titles have an in-game sorting list and it puts compatible friends at the top.

Whenever they decide to add it in, I'll be disabling it. It's a pointless distraction to me.

Also, just imagine ho...

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Reign of Giants launches on PS4 next week, so no, they won't be launching at the same time.

They've already stated that the multiplayer component will be included as a free update. The unfortunate part is that we won't be seeing a full release anytime soon. They are doing an Alpha version later this Summer. I think they said at the end of August or a little later. After that, it'll go through Beta and then it will eventually see a full release. I should add th...

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I really want to play War Thunder. I wish they'd release it for everyone else. I think it's only available in Europe at the moment.

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So far, the titles they have released have been pretty solid. No complaints from me. Indie games are usually the most creative and innovative, so I have no problem with them releasing more of those.

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It would be pretty hilarious if they forced him to pay for the subscription past the trial. That would be at least $1,000.

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