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I really want to play War Thunder. I wish they'd release it for everyone else. I think it's only available in Europe at the moment. #1.1
So far, the titles they have released have been pretty solid. No complaints from me. Indie games are usually the most creative and innovative, so I have no problem with them releasing more of those. #3
It would be pretty hilarious if they forced him to pay for the subscription past the trial. That would be at least $1,000. #20
Agreed. #1.2
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More like five things we already knew. #1
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Very beginning of the story: "I’ve only completed one GTA game. It was the third one."

Yeah, I stopped reading at that point. #1
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If it's anything like Uncharted's multiplayer, I probably won't enjoy it at all. Way too bullet spongy for me. To be fair, I'm not a huge fan of third-person multiplayer shooters in general, but definitely not any that are bullet spongy. Hopefully it has some fun and interesting co-op modes. #9
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I loved the way the controller would vibrate when it thundered, pretty cool.

It's nice to see the weather will have an effect, not only on the roads, but in the water as well. The waves seem to change quite a bit. They did change a bit in GTA IV when it stormed, but they seem to have improved it quite a bit in GTA V. #1.1
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This seems completely random, but I'll definitely look into it. I'm still a bit confused as to why they used "Far Cry 3" in the title, though. Is this game somehow related? Surely doesn't look like it at first glance. #8
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Pretty poor article, honestly.

They mention the "chopper" motorcycles missing from GTA IV when they were clearly added as part of the DLC later on.

That's obviously a mini-gun and not a flamethrower. I'm not sure how they messed that one up.

"The dude with a green bandana." Seriously? Not only did they misspell bandanna, but they didn't realize it was one of the main playable characters, Franklin.
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Obviously you misread what I typed. I never said it didn't happen, I simply said it appeared to be staged. As in, it looked like something they purposely set-up for the demo rather than something that may naturally happen while you're actually playing. There's a difference. Like I also stated, maybe the game really is that good and it'll surprise me. #2.1.1
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Yeah, this game looks amazing. Although, I can't help but think a lot of footage that they've shown appears to be staged in some way. It just doesn't look like something that would naturally happen in the game. Who knows, maybe they'll prove me wrong and it will be even better than I already expect it to be.

Definitely looking at getting this for PS4 at launch! #2
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I'm against the antics of Call of Duty just as much as everyone else, but I hope they continue to churn them out.

Why? Well, it's simple really. If they slow the production of Call of Duty games, just think of all those people who will probably flock to Battlefield. Now, I'm not saying the entire Call of Duty community is filled with screaming children and people who have no idea what an "objective" is, but it's mostly that. Battlefield already has e... #12
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The match highlights at the end of the game are pretty neat. Much more interesting than showing just one final kill. #3
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Title is a bit misleading. If you read the actual article, it tells you that it's nothing but a fake. #3
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Seems rather risky. If they patch it, you could lose a ton of stuff. #2
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Every other review score for this game has been very high, yet you're listening to the one random review that gives it a poor score? Well, good luck with that. #1.1
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I still think the original Black Ops is the best Call of Duty. The multiplayer was balanced and fun, zombies were great, and the campaign was pretty interesting.

Black Ops 2 introduced some cool things like campaign choices and the Pick 10 system, but it just doesn't give me the same feeling the original Black Ops did.

The campaign choices in Black Ops 2 were alright, but I didn't think the rest of the story was that great. It was decent, but it just... #4
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Author calls the story dumb and stupid, yet gives no explanation as to why he feels that way. On top of that, it felt like he was actually praising the game the majority of the time. Also, the first paragraph has nothing to do with the story or game, it was more like a small rant about video game trailers.

That was definitely a waste of time reading.

I have to say, Far Cry 3 is easily my most anticipated game of the year. I can't wait to play it! #6
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His name is Nate, or Nathan, not Drake. Just saying. I know Drake is his last name, but it seems like most people don't realize that.

The first game isn't titled "Drake's Fortune" because of Nathan Drake. It's titled that way because of Sir Francis Drake. I think that throws some people off.

Anyway, the biggest problem with Uncharted 3 was the pacing of the game. They need to make it more like Uncharted 2 in that sense. Big set piec... #8
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