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"It was as though the earth had opened and the skies split."


So basically, no difference at all. Well, aside from the obvious resolution and frame rate bump. #4
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Here's what I believe to be a rough translation of the negative aspects regarding the game that they listed in the article:


- Level design doesn't have a wide variety, the missions are always the same no matter what planet you're on, and they are repetitive.

- Enemy variety is insufficient.

- The range of classes are poor and there is no distinct features between them.

- The story is di... #1.1.24
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The message reads: "You gon sh*t yo pants, son." #7
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I can see someone starting a "David Hayter Voiceover Kickstarter" already. #3
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Downgradivision. Just look at those fugly textures and downgraded ligthing. What a joke... #4
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Holy shit! I literally let out a scream of joy when I discovered this.

One of my favorite game developers teams up with one of my favorite movie directors to create one of my all time favorite video game series.

This, my friends, is a dream coming true for me. What a great reveal! #1.1.1
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Next question. #11
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Lul wut? It's like asking for Spielberg to take the time traveling out of Back to the Future movies. It's the very foundation of the game. #5
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I would probably go with Half-Life 2, but nevertheless TLOU is in the top 10 for me. #1.1.10
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What happened? It's become a milk factory for Ubisoft. The content's still there and enjoyable but the story has directly gone to sh*tter. Unity looks promising but I can't get excited for any AC game anymore. They have been around too fast too much. #1
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Ironically enough, your nickname sums it all up.

I don't consider a gaming machine that can't produce 1080p resolution in games like Sunset Overdrive a "next-gen" console. The machine uses a two and a half year old GPU, even by laptop standarts that's "old".

Both companies cheaped out this gen. If it wasn't for Kinect, Microsoft could put a decent GPU in the box but nope, instead they had to spend the... #9.1.2
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I wish they could launch the next generation of gaming in the rest of the world as well.

Wait, what? Are we talking about XB1? #9
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Not that big of a difference to prefer 30 fps over silk smooth 60 fps. It's as if shadows are on high in the 30 fps picture and on medium in the other. That should be the shadowmap resolution difference we're seeing there. Although it's a pretty visible step up I refuse to trade it with 60 fps. On the one hand you get crisper shadows but on the other hand you get double the performance. No shadow option is worth your extra 30 fps. #1.1.3
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If I were Naughty Dog I wouldn't put that darn bonus in there. That way no one would be able to complain about shadows as long as they look exactly the same. Heck, I wouldn't even put a 30 FPS option anyway. Who in his right mind would want to play a game at a lower FPS? No disrespect to Naught Dog but that is utter ridiculousness. As long as the game is running stable without FPS dips, which is said to be achieved, there is no need for an FPS lock option. The "it's more cine... #1.1.5
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One of the delusions bigboss will see throughout the game, I believe. I don't think he will be in his right mind all the time. #4
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Now let us see some off-screen video. Come on, I know some of you did it. #23
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All of the guys above talking about the glorious 4K,

Please record a video in which Watch_Dogs is running on ultra settings with ultra textures activated at 4K and let me see your FPS because I'm sure as hell having a god awful 30 fps (locked) while playing the game on ultra settings @1080p with a R9 290 4 GB DDR5, 16 GB DDR3 and an eight threaded i7 4790K @4.0 Ghz.

Show me the video and then we'll discuss 4K, because it seems to me that 4K for next-g... #1.1.27
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I feel like this supposed leak is just a phony fan-fiction based on the speculation that David Hayter will still be included in the game as the voice of Solid Snake, which I find hard to believe at this point.

In all honesty that would be super cool, but the whole Hayter melodrama could not be a big ploy to lure us into thinking that Hayter's days as Solid Snake is done, just to reveal otherwise with a major plot twist in Phantom Pain. The whole thing, the fan backlash, t... #11.1
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A sleeper hit?

Dude, the original game is a LEGEND. And as far as I can tell from the media spotlight it's getting, everyone's excited to go back to the Rapture. It's a hit coming directly in the face. #2.1
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I'm looking forward to rocks on mountains and tree leaves comparison, completed with a compherensive, side-by-side dirt on tracks analysis. We're geologists after all, not gamers. #1.1.10
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