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"It was as though the earth had opened and the skies split."


Now that Sony announced their free-to-play massive multiplayer survivor with the same theme, titled H1Z1, they're sure as hell in for a tough competition. #8
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A dramatic difference or not, if that's going to make an already excellent game better, that's a welcome change for me. #4
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That's a shame, really.

I don't know how I feel about playing as Darth Maul, I've never been too interested in the character as it wasn't a multi dimensional character in the movie, but the gameplay looks way better than how it is in the Force Unleashed series. It looks like they've been trying to improve on Jedi Knight's combat mechanics, which I've been waiting for years to happen. Now that this game got canned, I have no other option but to hope... #20
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As expected. I had high hopes for this game when they announced it, and the artwork they showed looked grim and dark enough for a horror game fan to be pleased with. But with every trailer they released, my excitement meter got scaled down more and more. Now it looks like a semi-horror game that uses RE4's action mechanics and SH's dark atmosphere, which I wouldn't complain about, if it didn't look severely outdated in terms of graphics. It went from "yay!" to "... #5
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Maybe that's because there's a massive difference between the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall as well?

Before some of you say "oh there's not much of a difference between those two versions" I'd want to say 1080p/solid rock 60 fps alone is indeed a MASSIVE difference when compared to Xbox One's 792p/unstable 50-something fps.

The difference between the 360 and Xbone versions are somewhat irrelevant as the console's not... #11
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Funny to think that people actually compared the new PS4 PAX footage to previous PS4 footages earlier today, and commented that the PS4 footage was sh*ttier in comparison to the PS4 footage. How is it possible, you say? Ask them, they're the ones who could spot lots of mythical differences between footages.

It just shows that some people don't really know what they're talking about and they convince themselves to believe some things that aren't even real, just... #1.1.2
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Take my money, just do it.

I wish they called it "Last of Us GOTG Edition" though, because that's just what it is- the friggin' definitive gaming experience of the last generation, period.

It'll be such a pleasure to play it again with improved visuals and silk smooth frame-per-second. It was a gorgeous game originally, and it'll be an atomic bomb of gorgeousness this time with the remastered release.

Feels good to b... #1.1.6
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No, just no. We had re-releases for PS3, and we don't need RE-RE-RELEASES for PS4.

Only re-release that deserves to be on PS4 is Last of Us, and that should come with all the single-player DLC included and with Morpheus support to justify its price tag. I can overlook the fact that I've already beat that game to its tiniest bit of pieces, just because I think it was the game of the last generation.

Other than that game, I say we should let them rest. #1.3
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I wish it's not true, given that Rocksteady is capable of some "out of the universe" twists as proven by Arkham City, this could as well be true.

Kind of a deal breaker for me but we'll have to wait and see. #8
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Animations are created with a wide number of mo-cap sessions, of course they will be the same as every version of the game will use the same assets. Overall graphics though, is a different story.

While animations are pretty important as they add to the realism of the game, they alone won't determine the overall quality of the graphics. There are other important visual elements like resolution, frame-rate, the type and amount of aliasing used, resolution of the shadow maps... #1.1.22
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Nicely wrote and full of content. We need more articles like this on N4G. As for the topic though, I still think its Red Hood a la Rocksteady in a different shell. His using guns and willingness to be the real Bat who isn't afraid of killing in order to bring dark justice reminds me of Jason Todd, it's got to be him. #5
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I'd rather call that "consumer demands" and yes, it SHOULD be very effective as long as those companies want to get our hard-earned money. #1.1.10
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Have you guys been biting the sticks of your controllers? Mine's just fine- but all the sticks of the controllers that were connected to the demo units on media markets I have seen so far were broken, especially the rubber that covers the stickers were torn apart. I thought it was due to the kids, but how are you grown ups achieving that?

That's some aggressive gaming, I guess. #1.2.9
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Video looks good but photos that are leaked earlier don't. I don't know about you but it sure does smell fishy to me. #1.1.3
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Oh come on, not this again.

I love the guy, but Ground Zeroes is obviously not a tutorial but rather a demo, as it introduces, well, NOTHING new to the series (unlike Phantom Pain, which is said to be an open-world MGS title). It's not the first time MGS fans infiltrated a slightly big military camp, think about the Groznyj Grad from MGS3, it was a lot bigger site than Camp Omega. So what's new in Ground Zeroes to be introduced and tutored to us hardcore MGS fans, exa... #10
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Yeah, it looks exactly like it.

Yet it just doesn't perform like it, which is the whole point here. #1.1.10
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I really respect these guys. Their games are full of content, look great and play great. I wish there were more compaines like them, definitely supporting their titles. #1.3
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Oh crap, it's the same engine from AC3/4, there'll be a sh#tstorm over that on the internet.

And I thought it was going to be targeted for PS4/Xbox One only. #1.1.5
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I've got the boxed version, with the pre-order DLC code to be used with Phantom Pain.

I'm not regretting my decision one bit as a collector, nor do I care about reviews and some internet character of a dude's opinion regarding how I waste my money on a "useless product", as they might want to call it. My money, my pleasure. I wouldn't care less about them as long as I enjoy what I buy.

To avoid confusion though, there is one main mis... #8.1.2
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I'm beginning to see a pattern in the industry.

> release bullshots
> publish a downgraded copy
> await for backlash
> say you're sorry if misunderstood, talk about some technical mumbo jumbo
> rinse and repeat #26
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