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"It was as though the earth had opened and the skies split."


PC it is for me, then. #99
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I don't want to seem like the devil's advocate but to be perfectly honest, it runs fine on my system too. I stated the exact same in another post: if I had no internet connection I would have no idea about the game's being broken, I was actually able to push it to 3K without any performance drops. I cannot speak for the rest though, but the game's next-gen, just like Watch_Dogs you shouldn't expect great performance from your gaming laptops and stuff, I wouldn't know i... #4.3
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Of course she won't, PTSD is for sissies.

I mean who would get PTSD from fighting and eventually killing an ancient sun queen that can manipulate extreme weather conditions, a tribe of heavily armed maniac worshipppers who believe that the only way to escape the cursed island is to sacrifice a young girl in a fire ritual to revive an extremely dangerous and unpredictable goddess, and an army of zombie samurai warriors who're just back from the dead to protect their be... #8
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55 days left to experience the last good Metal Gear game, and it'll definitely go with a bang. #1
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I am shocked too. Please don't compare Deus Ex to COD because Deus Ex is a god compared to run and gun military shooters. What a game Human Revolution was. #3
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Yeah, seeing it up close on the screen would definitely be better than watching videos so I'll make my final judgement when I play it. Jungle maps do look stellar too, I'm excited to see what the next-gen Frostbite engine could deliver. After seeing NFS, Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge it surely looks promising. #1.1.2
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I still think the sandy planet map looks a lot better, might be due to the top notch lighting that demonstration had. Hoth maps remind me of the Battlefield 4 DLC that included snow maps. #1
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Come on guys, it's ND we're talking about here. Whatever they touch they turn into gold, there's almost little to no possibility that a follow up game could be bad. #1.1.5
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It's an exploration game, which makes me think that it won't be for everyone. People should take it or leave it based on what it is- and it's indeed an ambitious project, maybe too ambitious for its own good. I wouldn't have ridiculous expectations for what I've seen so far, but I feel like people don't exactly know what it's going for, so the hype might negatively affect this game. Personally I hope they do well, they seem like nice guys trying something new, that... #6.2
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To be perfectly fair, it runs fine on my system, and I really wouldn't know the reason of the fuss about it being an unoptimized game if I didn't have an internet connection. Seems like it's causing problems on mid-end systems, which is indeed a problem if true, particulary on AMD hardware. But if you have a upper mid-end or high-end system you should be fine. #8
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The game seems cool, as far as I know it's one of the few games that is confirmed to use UE4. It looks good and I'll definitely play it, but the only concern I have towards the game is that it seems like it's taking place in one place only, just like P.T. That might mean a) repetition and b) a short game. It looks like a cool tech demo but it probably won't be at the same scope of Silent Hills, a full-on game. This is more like Gone Home or Dear Esther, one of those narrative... #3
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I highly recommend this game to every gamer who didn't play it before. It's the next best thing to an R rated Zelda game with full of content and a nice storyline. They hardly make old shcool games like that anymore. #1.3
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Gotta give them at least some credit though- they released the first patch fairly quick (which fixed rain shaders and ambient occlusion). I didn't think they would release a patch for existing Batman Arkham Knight digital copy owners. #1.1.5
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Dayum they're in a hurry to dispose of their stock before the ship sinks. Mine's sleeping somewhere at home that I can't even remember. #9
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This actually doesn't matter due to the most simple fact that the PS4 version had the patch on day one and runs great while the PC version doesn't have jack yet (and nobody knows when or even "if" a functional patch to adress the graphical issues will be released) and runs like a bat's #ss. No point in comparing the two, really. #8
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Bane didn't break the Bat. PC port however, successfully did. #1.1.20
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For a game that's hardly playable at its current state? I don't think so.

Keep your apology, and just fix the damn thing as soon as you can, before people beat the game on the consoles and move on to another game.

If you can't provide that, well, your apology's not accepted. #1.2
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Holy hell, this just keeps getting worse and worse. Forgive the language, but how could you f*ck it up so bad?

PC version has inferior rain shaders even though the Nvidia trailer brags about the enhanced rain effects. Lacks proper ambient occlusion. Might have a texture streaming problem. Most definitely lacks the bokeh DOF effects. On top of that, it's locked at 30 fps and it even drops below that value on most of the mid-end cards. Even if you have a GTX 970 or GTX 980... #1.1.3
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Oh it's our fault now, huh? How about we go over it, and see if we understood it well enough:

1. An archaic sytem in terms of hardware compared to its counterparts.

2. A friggin' tablet for a controller that nobody asked for. Seriously?

3. Uninventive first party developers that push out the same old, same old with the lack of courage to invent new IPs.

4. No third party support. Like, none. Nada. Zero.
... #1.1.13
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Nothing is locked on PC, not as long as the platform has the support of modding community. Even if they ddid it at retail, modders would come up with a solution within hours after its release, just like they did with Dark Souls 2 on PC. #10
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