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I have to agree with you there Grant. Love Tim's work and I really enjoyed Brutal Legend. It was such an innovative title. I mean, a world and characters that derives from everthing Metal has never been done before. And man was it done beautifully. I think the flaws that the game had was that it was just a bit short and the strategy part of the game just didn't really have any depth or strategy for that matter. It was basically gather up all your allies and go destroy enemies and thei...

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Very interesting article. Guitar Hero has been VERY successful on my side. We enjoy playing together. Modern Warfare 2 has also been pretty successful. I remember that she would get these periods of pwnage at times and then whoop my ass. We'd also be quite the team when we played Spec Ops. I have to admit that I found it pretty damn hot that she could beat me like that when we played competitively.

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I like that they took a step out of the destroyed urban areas and had a level in the jungle. Looks like it'll be a nice change of pace.

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Pretty accurate review Grant. But personally, I love the environments. It's got the dark scenery and signs of destruction similar to the art style of Gears of War. Also love the new character design I saw in the Multiplayer Beta. New melee kills are awesome compared to hammering someone with the butt of your gun until they die in Killzone 2. Stealth sections too! Really can't wait to play this game. Got my Helghast Edition on pre-order.

Oh! And that's Mein Kampf...

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I think I'm defintely going to pick it up. Time to check the bargain bins. The Frostbite 2.0 Engine looks awesome.

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I hate to say it but I've never played Battlefield. Looks pretty good though. Might pick up Bad Company 2 since I've many good things.

I miss GameState too :(

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Unfortunately, I'm only on Chapter 4 right now. Been too busy lately and it's eating into my gaming time. 'Tis a sad day :/

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Yup, that's what I'm gonna do. Will try to finish it tonight. Just so damn excited for Dead Space 2. Necromorphs better be lining up to get pwned XD

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Come on Grant, you can't be that scared :P

Play during the day if it helps.

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My Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition arrived yesterday. I need to finish the first Dead Space though before I can review the sequel. Looking forward to Resistance 3.

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I can agree that most games borrow elements from others. But Darksiders was a blatant rip off of those games. Especially that Portal gun. That was just wrong.

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Unfortunately, I have to disagree. Respectfully of course. But I don't think Darksiders was too surprising. It was nothing really original. Took elements from God of War, Zelda and even Portal. As Yahtzee said, "It's like stealing a car, spraypainting it and then trying to sell it back to the owner.

Vanquish gets my vote! Brilliant game. Need more shooters like that. Fresh and innovative. Was a pleasant surprise

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I couldn't agree more. Games are pushed for release dates because of money being the only concern. Developers need time to make really good games and that is what they should be given. They need to focus on their consumers, listen to their fans and not rush a project. But even then, the game shouldn't be mediocre. Games that feel unfinished don't go down well with fans.

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It can be better. The team just needs to learn from these mistakes and find solutions for the problems. It could be awesome.

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Also, The Force Unleashed 2 should have kinda had a tie with MoH. I really enjoyed the first one and was excited for the sequel but when I played it...meh

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Yeah. Medal of Honor was quite a disappointment considering the previous games. I was really hoping for a Call of Duty contender from MoH but alas, 'twas not meant to be.

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I can't also help but feel that the Fifa games released every year is just the same game with a bit of a spit polish. Hey, I'm just sayin'

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Not really a racing fan nor am I a GT fan. My choice would have to be Red Dead Redemption. So much to do in that game. The amount of activities just blew me away.

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Really the best COD story so far? I can't wait to continue with the game then :D

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From what I've heard, Mass Effect 2 will be accompanied by an interactive comic that will help PS3 owners catch up on what happened in Mass Effect 1

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