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the interrogations are messed up. they skipped the part when he stabs the guy's hand onto that tree stump.

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noticed that too. mad that they delayed a game that was already remade/delayed.. although mw2 and uncharted2 are going to be massive, i would still have SCC at the top of my list.

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agree. the cutscenes are the majority of these screencaps... and they were all captured on a pc!!!

i've played both. 360 all they way through twice.. ps3 version for 1 hour and had to stop because the lack of AA was hurting my eyes.

360 moves more smooth.

they did a great job with the port!! rocksteady kicks as$.

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AC1 was a rental.

AC2 could be a purchase.

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go to the source.

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it was a gametrailers exclusive debut or something.

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well... this *trailer* is about a week old.

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i bought it straight away.

without playing the trial first.

it's a great game. and the price makes it even better.

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it was nov developed for the ps3.

it was ported. Unreal engine.

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Pre-rendered cutscenes from the demo.

not in-game screenshots.


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this same news has been posted 4 times in the past 2 days!!!

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Played them, the 360 version is slightly better looking. The joker content is lame.

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F this exclusivity BS.
I've got every system like a true gamer.
Batman: Arkham Asylum, Splinter Cell: Conviction, ModWar2, AssCreed2 and Uncharted 2!
I'm not really excited about MAG at all.

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server error.

also it seems like the uk site has it but the us site doesn't.

12:20 UPDATE: it's working now.
go through the UK site.

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they're not talking about the stupid fight challenge the you played at the store.

A full E3 length demo.
with actual gameplay.

and they posted this on the forum like a week ago.

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This site is packed full of ps3 fanboys. its pretty ridiculous. go play infamous or something.

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Wether it's an early build or not the difference is massive.
5 different sites are saying the same thing.
I went through every comparison LoT did.
LoT loves PS3.

They gave Star Wars: Force Unleashed to the PS3 version because of screen tearing.....
Even though the 360 version looked 2x better in every facet.

I would rather have screen tearing than have to strain my eyes for 15 hours because of the blurriness of the PS3 port. ...

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After the show, Conviction is the only game I want to play this year.

Thats why Xbox won.

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The only reason Hideo said that the peacewalker was a true sequel was only to help it appeal to fans more.
Because it looks like a piece of crap.

And yeah, a revised psp beats Alan Wake, Conviction, and Natal?

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