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It's sad that they prioritized PlayStation Now and VR over the Vita.... PlayStation Now is pretty much already dead and how can VR be a more viable market than the Vita? #1.1.8
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It's a fad.... How do you advertise VR? How do you get it in people's hand to try it (it's a headset)? How do you convince people of the value since the PS4 is required for it? I don't think there's an easy answer to any of these questions.... Sony said they had strong demand for this. From who!? The Sony fanboys who answer every survey and buy all their products but represent the minority? How is this a better investment than investing in Vita games several years ago? Do... #1.3.1
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@ABizzel1 and @kenwonobi

That would also include 99.9% of the people they are trying to sell it to. So how are they going to sell it? How are they going to convince people to grab one on top of a PS4 with $60 games? The issue is Sony fanboys who pollute this industry. #1.1.7
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Why!? This is just another fad in the gaming community. To say that there is over 10 million people who will want to, or have the disposable income to buy this thing is simply absurd. Why devote resources to this when it will probably never outsell the Vita and no way in hell will it outsell the PS4. Do not understand this decision at all... #8
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But by cutting one you make the other seem less expensive. #7.1
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Three years have already passed I gave up hope myself in the summer of 2013, but hey, enjoy the indie shovelware fanboys. I warned these idiots for so many years... #2.1
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I feel as if the IP has lost some of its prestige just because there are so many of them. Having played very few, I can only say that they all look the same to me, but I'm not really sure. #9.1
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So one game is a crap indie game.... we can write that off. One is rumored to a multiplat... and the other is a dance game. Good stuff. It's dead simply put. As a Vita owner since day ONE I realized this in late 2013. TIME TO FACE REALITY DISILLUSIONED FAN BOYS. #5
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Well said. Most indies are 2D platformers with switched out foreground and backgrounds. Indies on PC actually tend to be really interesting though. But great indies are few and far between. #6.1
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Yeah this hurts as a Vita owner... OH WAIT WE HAVE INDIES! HA... what a joke... #2
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So the Vita just made them $93000000.... Where the fuck are our games? #3
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HEIL!!!!!!!!!!! #7.1
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More well coordinated competence at Sony.... Great job with the Vita and great job with the TV. #4
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You're an idiot let me make that clear first and foremost.

"Nope. Yoshida said they still make AAA games for it. But the quantity will be less compare to 1st / 2nd year.

Beside, good AAA vita games like Killzone Merc or Tearaway sold horribly. So i understand why sony decided to put most of their studios on PS4 rather than making more unique games for vita. "

What AAA games are they making for it besides Freedom Wars? I'd... #5.1.1
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September!? How about the next four years!! #1.1.1
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Sick of indie crap being shoved down our throats. I BOUGHT A CONSOLE FOR BIG GAMES. None of these indie games look new or interesting to me at all. It's the same monotonous crap over and over just with different textures. I'm talking about the Vita here, but I am completely sick of indies and f%cking 2D platformers with the same rehashed crap. If this keeps up I am not renewing my subscription despite everything that I will lose from doing that. Had enough of indies. #3
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Really why don't you mention some of these games? Why don't you also mention games that we can be excited for in the future? I can think of maybe three: Freedom Wars, Flyhunter Origins (an indie that looks refreshing), and maybe Minecraft. Now that's for the next 4 years of its life span. FOUR YEARS and that's all I have to look forward too. FOUR FUCKING YEARS. Indies don't do crap for any gaming library. You can buy them on almost any device, including mobile, for a lower... #3.1
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Do me a favor and pull that bong away from your mouth. Yes, it is dead. Look at sales, 3rd party support, the fact that indies are pushed so much (risk free software) , the lack of presence in every Sony media outlet, the "unconscious" transition from PS4 to the Vita mentioned by Sony execs, and it is DEAD.

Which one of you idiots will mention remote play first? Sony's rhetoric for saying "BUY A PS4". Better yet, find a 3D indie game for me on the Vita... #2.3
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That's a good freaking deal #1
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Anything will do! Maybe a new IP? #4
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