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Anything will do! Maybe a new IP? #4
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Wow another 2D indie side scroller! How innovative and new! #6
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Yes there are great games on the Vita but what about the future? Why settle for what we have? Gamescom is their last chance to give us anything significant for the next 12 months other than niche JRPG games, indies (whom I don't care for in most cases), and Freedom Wars. #3.1
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Not interested in any of these except for R&C Trilogy and that's assuming it will actually run well. #2
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Statistics they released suggest that they are wrong. However, he did give it recognition as its own device and as a companion device. It's when he says it will be an ecosystem with the PS4 "at the center of it" that I become concerned. #1.1
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There are more touchscreen elements in KZ Mercenary #2.1.1
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Are you aware that the announcement was a mistake? Instead it is coming to the PS4 #1.1
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Really? Why don't you name some exclusive Vita games that are not being developed by SCEJ. WHAT!! YOU CAN'T!? WHY NOT!? #1.3
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It was a screw up. They fucked us again. #1
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No surprises!? HOW ABOUT ANYTHING!! It wasn't even mentioned until an hour and twenty minutes in!! As someone who doesn't own a PS4 but does own a Vita, that was the WORST possible E3 I could have watched. All I wanted was ONE game..... just.... one. Instead, I've been written off along with the rest of the Vita community that doesn't have a PS4. They even undercut the Vita as an accessory with PS TV with a lower price point and the ability to stream to a TV: there is now no n... #2.1
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Hopefully it's for the Vita. God knows we need it. #2
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That would be sick! This game would be perfect on the Vita so you could jump in at any time and do battle with the zombie menace. #1
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Hopefully something for the Vita. As someone who doesn't own a PS4 I'm sick that we're treated as second class citizens when it comes to game announcements. #1
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I think it's funny because you're making a huge assumption that only makes you look stupid. I own a Vita and a PS3 idiot as well as over 30 games for just my Vita.

I guess being realistic and criticizing Sony goes against fanboy rhetoric doesn't it. I care for the Vita far more than you do and that's probably why I troll moronic Sony fanboys who take the first opportunity to suck on some Sony. It's called passion dumb ass go find some. I see the Vita as m... #2.1.1
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Who is this going to appeal to? Sony fanboys and hardcore gamers only, both of whom have more than likely already gotten a Vita and a PS4. I don't see this being that influential for either the Vita or the PS4.

Need I remind you:

Facts don't lie so the only reason for someone to buy this bundle i... #2
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I'm glad you can point out the obvious. Yes Sony will generally pay the devs who they have bought out, that's a great observation. They also probably give them continuous support since they are assets of Sony, another brilliant observation. Yes, many first party studios are given a lot of freedom by Sony. Any idiot could point that out.

Why shouldn't I boast that Microsoft throws money at developers? That ultimately brings games... #6.2.2
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Haha ........... exactly #1.1
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I think a lot of people under estimate Microsoft. They have a lot of cash to throw around and they are actually willing to pay developers unlike Sony. Maybe this will pay off in the long run. #6.2
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Crap of a comment and you should be embarrassed you wrote it and so I am going to humiliate you in the hope that you remember this. Learn your lesson Sony fanboy.

"Lack of games? I've been busy as heck playing NFS Rivals, Knack, Infamous, and now Wolfenstein."

I'm sorry there is ONE GAME you can name on this list that was developed in Asia. DO YOU KNOW WHICH ONE IT IS? I await your response and while you figure it out, maybe you can tell me... #9.1
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It's a valid criticism. What games appeal to Asian gamers? If you name any western game I will laugh in your face and harass you for ages because of your flamboyant stupidity. There is almost NOTHING for Asian gamers at this point. Have you looked at sales numbers in Asian obviously not!! Why do you think we'll see Project Beast a game developed by Namco Bandai and SCEJ? I would also guess we will see The Last Guardian as Well at TGS or E3? WHY IS THAT!? Sony themselves are showing th... #5.1
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