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I'm sorry are you high? What numbers are we looking at? So selling 68k (which is bad) copies of a sports game justifies calling it a success? I think if you changed your statement to doing well in JAPAN I would jump on board. #1.3
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Really indies games work just as well? Why don't you name a few that can even stand in the shadow of Tearaway, P4G, Gravity Rush, or Uncharted. I'll drop you a hint there aren't any! If you want indies go buy a phone not a $250 dedicated gaming device with proprietary memory. #3.1
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The PS4 has barely helped PSV sales unless you have numbers to show otherwise. Oh wait you don't because VG Chartz shows that your wrong and so does Sony's own numbers.

The only reason people own both a Vita and a PS4 is because they are stupid Sony fanboys who will buy the product no matter what. However, only 10% actually u... #1.1.1
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Get ready to hear me complain about the lack of AAA games coming to the Vita! #4
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You're in the minority buddy. #1.3.1
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Not sure if we're going to get one at this point. The writing has been on the wall for a while now: a indie focused library and promotion as a PS4 companion product. What would be their motivation to invest resources into the Vita at this point? If they spent those same resources on the PS4 they would get a much bigger return. #1.1
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Good for them. Could they please bring another Persona Game to the Vita aside from the currently announced dancing game? #1
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Good question. I personally don't think many people will buy it for the game. I think instead they'll do it for the new model and the memory card that comes with it. #9.1
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You've actually highlighted why it is dying. What games are coming to it? Crappy indies. What do indies do for all three parties involved. For the consumer: it provides a cheap low quality game that is enjoyable probably for one week on a console they paid $200 to $250 for that has proprietary memory and makes it all the more valuable. For the indie developer: They work on a tight budget and in small teams to keep costs down and guarantee profits, nothing more, nothing less. Indies rarely... #13.1.2
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Thank you, I think you and I are in the minority on this site, but I like to believe that eventually Sony fanboys will start questioning what they are being fed. Indies do not provide memorable experiences aside from probably half a dozen games. The same can not be said for AAA games which DEFINE the industry and make much more of an impact on players. #12.1
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Indie games are doing nothing for the Vita. They provide Sony with risk free adventures that will guarantee them profit and give you a crappy piece of hardware. Yes I sad crappy and I would like to brand it onto you that indies are crappy producers of software with few exceptions.

Obviously AAA studios aren't going to make games for it if Sony will not. So, the initiative HAS to come from Sony. If they care one ounce about the success of this device at this point and I w... #23.1
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Stop lying to yourself. This is why I hate Sony fanboys: WAKE THE F*CK UP!! the PS4 has helped its sales marginally and mobile and indie software is doing nothing for Sony and YOU other than guarantee small profits for Sony. All it does for you is gives you a crappy over priced game that you could buy on any other platform for a lower price. Instead, you're getting an overpriced version on your $250 (for me) dedicated handheld device which should provide unique experiences for you (oh wai... #3.1
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Glad to hear it! More quality big software is always appreciated. #2
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In my opinion open world shooters is just a bad idea unless you consider Battlefield open world. They are awkward and your vision is limited to the reticle which acts as your eyes instead of taking in the environment which is really what open world games are about.

To me, the best experiences on handhelds are adventure games and RPG's because you can dive in and immerse yourself at any given time. Not only that, but it is physically in your hands: you are holding it and a... #6.1
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Really you mean you don't need a PS4 for remote play?


I agree you're $493 off as well. You wanna know why? You need don't just need a PS Vita for remote play right?

I love the stupidity of Sony fan boys. You're disgrace to the industry. #1.1.5
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Could not be more wrong about remote play. Yes it is a cool feature but it not worth $693. #1.1
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I'm glad one of us is #1.1
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You're kidding right? Sony lost the Japanese market the second and I mean THE SECOND that Nintendo got exclusivity for MH on the 3DS. How else is Sony supposed to counter Nintendo's first party titles in Japan. I'll drop you a hint MONSTER HUNTER. Why don't you look up the top two best selling games in Japan on the PSP. OH WAIT I've already done that for you. You wanna know what they are? MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM UNITE AND MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM 3. The latter sold 4.87 milli... #2.2.1
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Really? Why don't you name me some quality software not developed by Aksyss, Atlus, or XSEED and that is not a port with Western release dates. OH WAIT YOU CAN'T. Wake up, and demand more of Sony. #1.1
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Why would it do well? I try to find positive things in this, but I CANNOT. How is Borderlands 2 going to do ANYTHING for the Vita? A game that came out 2 years ago and that is free on PS Plus and is cheaper on other systems cannot do crap for the Vita. Anyone who has wanted to own this game over that time, has probably already gotten it off steam for the less than $10. To be honest, the bundle will only boost sales because of the cheaper hardware that is in it.

I love how Son... #4.1
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