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This will never happen and it shouldn't.

As much as I don't like MS or Nintendo's offerings, we need them to keep Sony in check. Competition is why Sony had to drop the ps3 price from launch. It's also why online play on PS3 is free. It's also why Sony has to arm themselves with a ton of 1st party studios.

Vice versa, it's also why MS launched the 360 a year ahead of ps3. They came in the game late against the ps2 and were pretty ...

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Infamous 2 is way better than the first.

The graphics, story and gameplay have all improved. Sucker Punch is turning into one hell of a developer. Hope Sony buys them soon.

Ice launch is one of the funnest things to do in a videogame.

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must be a slow year for xbox.

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Let's all hope Sony stays the same.

Nintendo releases the same exact games every generation. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc. I got tired of Nintendo after the n64 and Gamecube. Sony mixes it up and does a good job of bringing new and old IP's.

I can't wait to see what new IP's Sony has instore for us in the next 2 to 3 years. Starhawk is looking nice..

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The only company that needs to release a new console asap is Nintendo.

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As a PS3 only owner I think this is a dumb idea. People have every right to sell a game they bought with hard earned money. If publishers and developers wanted to make more money from games why not launch games at cheaper prices so more people buy up front. Instead of launching at $60, they should be coming out at $40 or $50.

I will be boycotting Resistance 3 by not purchasing it. Do the same if you hate this online pass idea.

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Loving the beta so far ND.

Let's keep the improvements coming.

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ok there LG. please shut the fcuk up.

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I'd be cool with a new gen in 2013. I'd also be ok if Sony decides to wait a little longer to launch PS4.

Microsoft has to launch ahead of Sony to be competitive. Sony will want to be close behind if they want to dominate next gen.

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oh dear god are you serious.

I was thinking of getting R3 but will definitely not buy it now. Unless the game launches at $39 and this online pass crap is only like $3.99 for lifetime use with multiple accounts.

If Sony and the entire industry starts doing this then I will just cut down the amount of games I buy to one or two year. I'm sure many people will do the same.

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I'm having fun with the beta so far. You definitely have to play alot more tactical. Think about what you're next move will be.

One of my only gripes is that the characters feel like they move really slow. Even when they sprint it feels slow as hell. I thought the movement in UC2 was perfect so I don't get why ND slowed it down for UC3. UC2 movement with sprint woulda been better.

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This was a decent article. Don't agree with everything in it but it's his opinion.

The biggest thing that held back Sony from dominating this gen was the $599 launch price. They won't make that mistake next gen. If Sony designs the PS4 the same way as the Vita by targeting an affordable launch price, they should be fine. $399 should do it.

The PS3 will last longer than the 360 and Wii.

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Yeah not gonna happen.

If cloud gaming does take off it`ll co exist with traditional consoles. Or the big 3 will make a console that can support both cloud and physical media.

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This is a huge myth. The only 360 exclusives that sell like crazy are Halo and Gears. And that`s basically all the 360 has.

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I've been playing UC2 mp off and on ever since it came out and I'm loving the UC3 beta.

The new custom options are pretty cool and the power plays give the opposing team a chance at coming back.

The overtime feature is awesome. It adds a sense of urgency to close matches.

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LOL nice theories... but sadly, i don't think you're too far off.

The government wants complete and total control. They won't stop until everyone has a chip implanted in their brains.

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The Vita will not be the most powerful portable device it's entire life cycle. It doesn't need to be. It'll probably be surpassed within a year or two but it won't matter. The Vita will still be capable years from now.

People buying the Vita will be thinking long term and probably don't want to upgrade every 2 to 3 years. Unless you`re a tech nut and must have the latest cpu and gpu in your gadget you should be fine.

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If Nintendo is really aiming for the hardcore and it launches at $399 it probably won't do Wii like numbers.

PS3 and 360 will be dirt cheap by the time it launches and casuals will flock to whatever's cheapest. I have a feeling that a $199 PS3 with Move bundled will steal alot of casuals from Wii U.

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I've seen the BF3 PC footage and it looks amazing! The console version looked pretty good too.

I only game on the PS3 and I'd like to know who these idiots are that are complaining about how BF3 looks. DICE deserves some props for getting BF3 to look that good with all the stuff going on.

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I dunno what everyone's complaining about.

BF3 looks on PS3 looks pretty awesome.

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