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Funny you should ask... The RIAA for example does not, in fact, refund the infringed artist - they use that money to pay themselves!! the whole copyright thing in the US at least created a niche of lawyers who make a living off sueing kids, students and monoparental moms "on behalf of" the artist, who never actually sees a penny from it! In some cases, the artists themselves did not want to sue their own fans, but the case was out of their hands and the lawyers representing the RI...

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For the 100th time, copying is not stealing! Get that in your head!! Using copyrighted material for a profit without authorization from the author is a crime! Making a copy for your own use, without distribution, should be a misdemeanor at worst.

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So... What's the big deal? They managed to get their hands on a list of future dated games... How is that a threat to my personal information?

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I'm surprisd nobody mentioned the region lock as being a bad business decision - from the gamer's perspective, at least.

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You know, $350 seems really fair to me. I never got a Wii, and this will be the opportunity for me to finally get into all the exclusive games I never had the chance to play (and which are now considered Nintendo selects at $20 each on a bad day). It's a win-win for me, and I'm definitely getting one on day one.

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Now I understand why you picked that name!!!

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"I am not even connected to live what so ever and never will. I will not pay £16 or £25 or even £40 for a gold member ship since i think because its a total waste of money and it sucks as a service big time."

Nice trolling, but how would you know if the service sucks when you've never been connected to it (in your own words)?

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I just saw an article om msnbc - there will be 2 bundles - $300/$350 (USD)

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I watched it with my eyes closed, on mute.

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Like DayZ? I wish they would port it on consoles...

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Sorry for the caps.

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I would like to see how that study was done - it seems normal to me that someone who plays a violent game will have an adrenaline rush that someone who plays golf won't get - thus it would make sense that the adrenaline filled player is more tolerant to pain than the golf player...

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You can never kill enough of them! What I'm looking for in a zombie game is the potential of killing them creatively (à la "zombie kill of the week" in Zombieland) - that's what keeps the genre fresh and fun!

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My favourite quote:
"Poulterer, who has a master’s degree in counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, said dopamine in the brain is released when we do something that feels good. That type of feeling is associated with video games."

So... Anything that feels good is potentially addictive? And the solution would be to only do things that you hate doing? Get real.

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How dare you put Chrono Cross on that list!

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sometimes I worry that reviewers are too young (although I'm not sure how old the guy is) - I can see why reviewers from the new generation may not appreciate 8-bit games and the such, when all they've known are current or previous gen games. Having personally known and played first gen games like pong, atari, coleco and the such, I can still appreciate 8-bit (or less) games and enjoy remakes like this one, even if just for the sake of nostalgia... Which feeling is obviously not sha...

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...or did too many drugs and is now irreversibly brain damaged?

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I'm just worried about being locked out of the cloud, i.e. if I chose not to renew my plus or if I din't have access to the internet for some reason... Remember, the end of the world is in barely 3 months!

But thanks you Sony, for listening to us.

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Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

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Next... the 3DS!

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