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not sure if you're being sarcastic or not - it's how they call the ps4 #3.1
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If you'd asked me what I think of Vita 3 weeks ago, I would have agreed with your opinion but, as a ps+ subscriber for my PS3 and with the deals on Black Friday, it would've been stupid for me not to buy one... You already start with 6 games (3 of which are real and high ranking Vita games) on PS+, and the bundle I got was nothing short of amazing... I still agree tho that they need to develop more games, and fast (the "coming soon" list is not as entici... #1.1.9
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Yet I'm still surprised by the results - Sony may not have advertised the game all that much, but gaming sites kept writing articles on it for months! #3.1
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And based on your posts you're a ps3 fanboy. Grow up. #18.1
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Funny, I wasn't even aware that crackle was also available on ps3 - it automatically appears on the 360 dashboard while you have to download it from the app store on the ps3, so mea culpa (although it goes to show that the 360 dashboard is more convivial). But the 4 hrs thing is still true - it took me forever to download full games like Ratchet and Clank and infamous 2 (14 gb!) #17.1
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I do have both, and I like the xbox live experience a lot more than the psn - much easier to get in touch with people, party options, etc. Also, no one ever seems to mention Crackle, which is free (yeah, most of those movies are outdated, but there are a few pearls in there).

Note that I am also a ps+ member and I enjoy this service a lot, but there are some issues with it too (games in NA are usually not as good as in EU, I own most of the games that are offered, the games... #8.1.1
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Could easily have done a top ten on that theme... Seems to be missing a few franchises... #3
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Because it opens the door for something worse? #3.2.6
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@calis and @DragonKnight
So you guys think it's ok for a company to sell your private information to anyone willing to pay for it (I know Sony didn't sell it, I'm just projecting your reasoning into a different scenario)? Just because it's already available to everyone? why don't you guys just get your social security number tattooed on your head?

If you think that data has no value, then think again: why would anyone steal it? To prove a point?... #3.2.4
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Not quite...

It's more like if you told your friend he could leave his money in your home in case he wants to buy something from you, and the money gets stolen. I think Sony has a responsibility toward those people, and that dismissal sets a dangerous precedent for other companies (imagine a bank that says it has no responsibility to return the stolen money to its customers)... Sony was not getting charged with the theft, but it was responsible for the data they were holdi... #3.2.1
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I'd add to that list: region lock, locked accounts and online passes, although we are sure to see all of them on the next gen... #6
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I have downloaded (and installed) both the update and the Mechromancer on xbox 360 as of 7 pm eastern time, and I've had no issues whatsoever - everything is still as it should be (skins, weapons, Badass level, name it). Thanks for needlessly alarming me,, #18
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Randy just tweeted that it may be available by the end of the day Oct 9th #10
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I should've been more accurate - I meant within their first week. #3.2.1
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Correct. It kind of reminds me of those choose your own adventure books - you can call them games if you'd like, but they are still basically books, just like an interactive movie is still basically a movie. #4.2.1
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You know, I'm a huge huge fan of the walking dead series, but I just can't call it a game... It's more of an interactive story... #4
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Save the cheerleader, save the world... #14.1
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What a bold statement for a wrestling game... Can't think of one that ever sold a million units... #3
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You assume that, if someone did not copy a game, he would probably have bought it - that's a false assumption. He would most likely just not play that game, or buy it from a cheaper source (second hand), which still would not generate any more revenues for the copyright holder! Piracy is not nearly as damaging as they would like you to think. No money is stolen from the guy who made the game because you can't prove that he would have made that money in th... #1.7.3
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Yup, tons of hentai sites and short clips based on animated series like teen titans, futurama, the simpsons, the flintstones, etc... not that I've ever watched any, mind you... *cough* *cough* #17.4
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