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Why would anyone want to remove the cell shading? It's what gives the game its charm!

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So you would rather leave comments to people who already agree with you? What's the point? He's entitled to his opinion and to share it, even if I don't agree with it. I do too have the ps vita/ps3 combo. I can tell you it COULD do the same thing as a Wii U, but right now, it doesn't.

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DOA has always been one of my favorites, but there hasn't been enough improvement over the last few iterations of the game...

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I agree that MP wasn't necessary. I disagree that the MP ruined the games in that list.

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The money they are going to save buying used games will more than make for the $50-$60 for their gold membership - AND they'll be able to play their games on someone else's console...
That argument is getting old...

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Best fighter: Battle Royale? Come on... UMvC, MK and SFxT are all better...

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Sequel to Red Dead Revolver, in a sense.

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I wouldn't say it costs them nothing... I remember them tweeting codes every 6 hrs, and wondering if they ever slept! Yes, it is marketing, and it works! I don't see SE, Capcom or Activision doing anything like it...

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Man, those guys at Gearbox have shown so much love for their fans! Codes for Goldenkeys on Twitter, FB and YouTube, free Haloween skins for all characters, etc. I wish all developpers would follow their example...

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and a flashlight,
a solar panel,
a handbrake,
an ashtray,
a fan,
you beat me on the cup holder,
a bottle opener,
a saw,
a USB toothpick,
a knife,
a spork,
and a toothbrush.

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I guess you gotta own one to believe...

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I see great potential for a Pokemon based AR card game on the 3DS... Bring your fights to life!

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I liked Dead Island and I am also looking forward to the sequel, but I wouldn't go as far as to say this is the best zombie killing game I've played this gen...

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The developpers ARE getting paid. They want to make money multiple times off the same article. I can't think of too many other things that work that way - I made this comment on another article, but it's valid: if I sell my car, the car maker doesn't make any money off that transaction, and it's like that for almost everything else in life. Why would it be any different for videogames? And you'll have to note that most game developpers are making money right now, withou...

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I don't see how that makes any sense at all. Those costs will end up being passed on to the customers, in one form or another, and used games may no longer represent enough savings to be worth the buy.

Besides, the whole notion is just about milking more money from us! If I sell my car to someone else, the car maker does not make a penny more on that transaction! That's how it works with pretty much everything! This will only restrict the consumers' rights, an...

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I don't know how anyone could still listen to them. Disinformation on a whole new level.

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I don't know if it's because 2012 was a bad year for games, or if it's because the critics are getting more demanding...

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I'm a bit surprised that Black Ops Declassified didn't get a most disappointing...

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That would be a pretty cool feature!

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Geez guys, just google it and stop disagreeing for no reason (although this is n4g so I expect even more disagrees - wouldn't feel like n4g otherwise). And yes, so far it's only a rumor.

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