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I did some quick maths... there were apparently 13.5 M inhabitants in Ontario (stats taken from wiki) in 2012. So, in average, it cost $0.004 per inhabitant. What's the big deal again?

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And I am psyched to get it on Vita! although I hear that X-2 won't make it to the Vita... shame....

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Remind me to wear gloves when I play your Vita.

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25 years ago, if you wanted to make a videogame for the NES, you had to sign an exclusive agreement. 3rd parties didn't support the NES by choice!

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Awesome. With that comment, I can finally figure out the Sony fanboy to the 360 fanboy ratio on N4G. So far, about 4 Sony fanboys for 1 xbox fanboy. Interesting...

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I know! I've got a 16 gb and a 32 gb, and they are both full, and a lot of it is ps+ stuff, and a lot of free games... When will they sell 64 gb cards? Actually, make it 128 gb and I'll get it, even for $250...(although it would probably be more expensive than that...)

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With the updates, I think this might be the biggest (in terms of file size) game on the Vita! You need at least a 4gb card to run it now, if you've downloaded it like I did! It's getting to the point where I have to buy the "cartridge" version of my new games - I have a 32 gb and a 16 gb card, and both are almost full already! Damn you, psone compatibility! Damn you, PS+! And who cares about those minions?

EDIT: it's ALMOST the biggest one - UC is ...

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I agree, and what a waste of memory space that is... When are those 64gb cards coming out?

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"Mental health should be the real topic of discussion because if a game can cause someone to murder children in their school they already had issues that were undealt with. In fact America’s mental health system is a failure in many ways."

I could not have said it better.

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Funny, we just had a similar conversation a few days ago - this is how big corporations are taking our consumer's rights away from us...

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"That is one huge loss! A loss of $550 and you still want to get rid of something, it sort of tells you a whole story. "

Bah! They more than doubled it up over the years with the bribes they take for their reviews.

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Very true. Bubble up!

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If I resell my car, is the car maker entitled to get money out of the transaction? Nope. Has it stopped car makers from making cars? Nope. Then why do I keep reading comments from people who believe developpers should get paid when I resell my games, because if they don't they'll stop making games? How does that make sense? I'm fed up with online passes, region locks, online DRMs and all those cheap tactics that are only meant to squeeze a few more dollars from us, the consum...

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You are not taking into consideration that, off that $50 bucks, less than half of it goes to the developper... Your example would stil generate a nice profit, though.

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Funny, I was thinking the same thing!

Nonetheless, I wish they were playable characters...

I don't really see the point of having 18 minions that, for the most part, are not noticeably changing anything to the game (they do mention that some will appear in supers, so I wonder if they will affect the gameplay...) Why would I pay for background characters?

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Yes it would... Yes it would... That exclusivity deal must be a pain for them, I hope the deal was worth it...

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I can't believe how those fanboys are trying to ruin this game, especially since, by everyone else's account, the game is rather good! I'm not saying Capcom doesn't deserve that treatment with the poor choices that they have made on other games (namely in-disk locked content and online passes - you can't bite the hand that feeds you)... But a good game is a good game, and it's a shame those guys are unable to be objective enough to realize that.

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Kudos for trying to defend the game - I've tried too, but it's kinda become a running joke in the industry. I thought it was a really good premise, but poorly executed. Hopefully, riptide will improve upon the flaws of the first, and we'll get the zombie killing game that we all deserve (hear that War Z?)

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...because stupid people vote for them?

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In case people are mislead by the title, this is for PC only (although the link in the description does indicate PC)

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