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You might very well be right - something similar happened to me, and my controller died as I was turning. Guess what? Delsin kept running in circles! At first, I didn't realize that my controller had died. I thought it was a bug, none of the controls responded... hilarious, in hindsight... #1.3.2
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Holy cow! Now I know where my bonus is going this year... #1.1
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I was very pleasantly surprised by Ni No Kuni - one of the best rpgs I've played in a long time... #2.1.1
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Can't wait for your article on Capcom... #3
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I like to have the informed opinion of someone who's played the game and whose opinion I respect before I dish out $60 just to end up being disappointed.

The trick is to find the reviewers who perceive a specific gaming genre the same way as you do and who keep their integrity throughout their reviews. Not easy these days, there're too many bad/sell out reviewers out there... #2.1.1
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Come on, he probably means his total HD used space. #4.1.3
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I have 3 32gb, 1 16gb, and a lousy 4gb cards. I have collected all the ps+ games since they started giving them for the Vita, and that's 1 almost full 32gb card... I love ps+, and yes, it's still worth it even though you have to pay for the extra card (which means about $130 total - starting to get expensive...), but I could use a 128gb at a reasonable price...

I am forced to go almost entirely digital because the retailers in my region won't order too many cop... #13.1.2
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...and my Vita memory card(s)... #30.1
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...and the more platforms you own, the more you game. #2.1
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nice! #377
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Personally I'd rather own them... But some of the ps+ deals are just plain amazing, especially when there's a psn sale - I got pretty much all Vita fighting games for $10 or less a pop! Totally worth it! Now if they could just come up with a 128 gb memory card... #8.1
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I wonder... Does the Vita version look as good as the PS4 version through remote play? #1
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Only if the games keep coming - I think the guy has a valid point. Remote Play could have a negative impact on dedicated games development. I hope it won't though - I love that little machine and I want to see more dedicated games in the future! Fingers crossed! On the bright side, the more consoles sold, the more developpers are likely to come up with new games... We'll see... #2.1
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Which is why I put up with the 3 hrs line at the second store... Wasn't able to get AC4 though... Oh well, I'll start the new gen with COD, BF4, Killzone and the 2 ps+ games... not too shabby... #5.1
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It wasn't so bad if you were in line half an hour before the opening (about 15-30 min once you're in), but I went to a second store and it was insane - had to wait 3 1/2 hours, and they only had COD... To those who didn't go, there's probably not much left... #14
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This is an awesome deal - considering that I already had 3 of the free MS games from this summer (deadrising2, halo3 and AC2), I'll just trade them and get ps3 copies of all 3 games, and pay the $10 for their ps4 version - including ps+, that's 5 almost free games!!! I hope they have good quantities in-store... Tabarnak!!! #5
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More likely that they had to delete it as it may hurt the dev's sales on the xbox one... #1.32
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@turnerdc - I wonder... I see an HDMI output, a network connector, a 3rd thing I can't id, and... what possibly looks like a proprietary usb port! Now if it could support an external HD drive...the possibilities are endless! #1.1.21
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Not a big price cut, compared to the 3DS... Remember, they cut the 3DS price by about 1/3, the $50 less is a 1/7 cut - I doubt it will have the same impact on their sales (although, the 3DS was also just starting to get better games when they did it - not so with the Wii U, as far as I know)... note how they come up with those price cut just when the competitor's next gen consoles are coming out (just like the 3DS when the Vita came out)... I wish them the best though! #1.1.8
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I wouldn't compare the Wii U to the Vita... The Wii U is more like the Gamecube, and that's not a good thing... Not that the Gamecube didn't have great games... It just never got the momentum it needed. #15.1
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