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Being able to stream PS4 games on the Vita is huge. Just another great addition to the PS4 feature set!

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You can't go wrong with PlayStation. And this gen they got the price, architecture and games right all in perfect harmony ;) They really listened to the gaming community which looks to be paying off just in pre-orders alone.

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It can be tough to find honest reviews. And everyone will be slightly biased towards their favorite franchises whether they admit it or not.

Reviews are just the personal opinion of the author so one should read multiple viewpoints on a game to get a good grasp on how good or bad it really is. It is definitely disgusting to see someone give a bad game a great score b/c they were influenced financially.

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You summed up much of my review ;) Everything about this particular model is incredible and you won't find another headset of this quality anywhere near the same price. The Tritton Pro+ is beast.

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Turtle Beach makes some great headsets too. I'd love to test their latest offerings as well.

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It's some serious tech and one killer gaming headset =) Best part it's affordable especially given its features.

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Not surprised, it's looking fantastic and very polished. I love the amount of zombies and carnage on screen at once!

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Battlefield 4 is definitely on another level. Cannot wait to fire that one up!

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That's a great lineup King William. What is your #1 pick at launch? Tough question with so many incredible games coming out at once ;)

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Gladiator Mode looked like a lot of fun! I'm hopeful it's well done come time for launch.

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It sure is! It's a shame they blew a year head start but they are getting back on track now with more awesome releases around the corner.

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Bring it to all platforms =) I just hope the Kickstarter program gets more pledges soon. I honestly can't believe this sequel needs funding, you think it would be picked up and funded with ease when you look at the fan base of Eternal Darkness.

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Great points and very interesting. I agree that with everything else evolving in the gaming world, the leveling up systems could benefit from some innovation as well.

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It's awesome! Incredibly fun and challenging, it's very hard to put down!

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This game looks brutal...I'm in.

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"difficulty that echoes Super Castlevania IV and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts"...God help.

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Mr. Needlemouse Adventure...doesn't quite fit as well as Sonic, lol.

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Nice video review man. 2D side- scrolling games are still one of my favorites. I'll definitely check this one out, looks really fun.

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It's not bad for $99 but there is certainly plenty to improve on. The more impressive the gaming library is the more appealing this system will become. That's going to be their biggest challenge in these beginning stages.

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Couldn't agree more. The hype is already building since new IP's from Nintendo are few and far between. I really hope they venture out from their comfort zone and deliver a mature core title. A survival horror game or sci-fi themed FPS would be pretty sweet.

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