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Nice write up Tom! My PS1 was chipped at that time, so I could play games from over seas. I still remember to this day walking into our local game shop and asking what the new releases were. They brought up MGS and told me it was doing phenomenal in Japan. I put my money down for it and was counting down the days to pick it up. I was hooked from the first opening scene and to this day, it's one of my favorite series.

I remember being especially proud that I beat i... #11
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"playing games such as the original Super Mario Bros for the SNES". That would be on the NES, I believe you are thinking about Super Mario World =) #8
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Unfortunately Nintendo needs a lot more than just current third party ports. They have to restore faith on many fronts. They can't keep up development wise, their marketing efforts are a complete joke and they are beyond confused in regards to what fans want versus what they choose to give us.

I'm hoping whatever NX ends up being addresses all these critical flaws and that Nintendo and its fans are in a better place sooner than later. #7.4.1
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It needs to be optimized for sure. That's one of its biggest faults right now, but it's early access so that's to be expected. Lots of potential though! Full game doesn't launch for a year, so they have a lot of time to polish and fine tune things. #1.1
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Let's all hope Nintendo has learned their lessons with the Wii U. Innovation is great, but let's put the focus more on the console and it's games...not gimmicks. It has no excuse to not be more powerful than the PS4 given it debuts in November or December of 2016.

It needs to use x86 architecture and the launch lineup needs to be stellar. Crush it with some outstanding 1st party titles (Zelda, Mario, F-zero, Pilotwings and yes...a proper Metroid!) and some s... #1
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Well written piece! ODST is no doubt the red headed step child of the bunch, but whether you get this for free or have to pay the small entry fee, it’s well worth it for fans of the franchise. This is especially true for those that missed this one or passed on it at the time of release. It’s something to keep us Halo nuts from going stir crazy till the fifth entry hits stores =) #3
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Nice, I'll give it a try for sure! #2.1.1
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With every preview it looks that much more impressive! This could end up being Snake's best adventure to date =) #1
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They are only tinted so I can't imagine any harm. Now prescription glasses will of course make your eyes dependent on them over time making them weaker but I've only seen positive affects from gaming eyewear. Would love to hear from others on their experience with them. #1.2
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I was highly skeptical years ago but have since tried out quite a few with solid success. My eyes felt much better after a few hours of gaming or working (surrounded by screens) when wearing them. They really do work =) #1.1
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It has a very cool premise. I see it only has 7 maps, but more are supposedly coming as soon as this month, so that's a plus. I wonder how steep the learning curve is on this one? #2
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Exactly! Everything is a rumor at this point but I hope the Wii U was a wake up call for these guys. From 1st place to last place in sales and nearly all 3rd party support has jumped ship.

How about focusing on a console that is a powerhouse out of the box, backed with an impressive list of 1st and 3rd party titles at launch. Make Nintendo the #1 console of choice in the living room once again. It could happen if they followed how Sony won back the market and fired away... #6.1
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Nice list. I still feel that the sheer size and level of detail that the Titanfall CE got makes it one of the greatest ever. They rose the bar bar high on that one.

For this year, I can't wait for the collector edition for MGSV! The replica of Snake's arm is going to look stellar in the game room =) #5
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It really is tough with so many to choose from. I'm so pumped for Zelda Wii U. Hate it's not coming out this year, but that just means it will be more polished, include more content and be a greater game overall. Who could be a new fan favorite =) #5.1
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Awesome, I should have done a poll! Lots of love for A Link to the Past so far. #1.2.1
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We are on the same page, my #1 pick! #1.1
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It's my favorite era without a doubt. I was lucky enough to grow up with the NES, SNES and Genesis so they have always been really special to me. It's awesome to see this style still so popular today. I hope this sector continues to grow amongst both the Indie and AAA devs. #5.1
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Great question. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds in Halo 5. Let's just hope the multiplayer isn't hacked up and completely broken at launch like MCC was. #1
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It's wild how even with the technology we have to make near photo-realistic graphics, some of the best games to this day are still built and designed around our 2D gaming past. Makes you think if this truly was the golden age of gaming. #4
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I think we can all agree Nintendo has LOST their mojo and need some new blood brought in to help guide them in the right direction in all aspects. They need to execute the next console in the same brilliant fashion Sony did with the PS4 debut. As much as the delay of the upcoming Zelda title hurts, bringing it out with the new system (if this is the route they choose) alongside a handful of their Killer apps will be the fresh start the company needs. This combined with some actual marketin... #20
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