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Exactly! Everything is a rumor at this point but I hope the Wii U was a wake up call for these guys. From 1st place to last place in sales and nearly all 3rd party support has jumped ship.

How about focusing on a console that is a powerhouse out of the box, backed with an impressive list of 1st and 3rd party titles at launch. Make Nintendo the #1 console of choice in the living room once again. It could happen if they followed how Sony won back the market and fired away... #6.1
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Nice list. I still feel that the sheer size and level of detail that the Titanfall CE got makes it one of the greatest ever. They rose the bar bar high on that one.

For this year, I can't wait for the collector edition for MGSV! The replica of Snake's arm is going to look stellar in the game room =) #5
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It really is tough with so many to choose from. I'm so pumped for Zelda Wii U. Hate it's not coming out this year, but that just means it will be more polished, include more content and be a greater game overall. Who could be a new fan favorite =) #5.1
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Awesome, I should have done a poll! Lots of love for A Link to the Past so far. #1.2.1
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We are on the same page, my #1 pick! #1.1
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It's my favorite era without a doubt. I was lucky enough to grow up with the NES, SNES and Genesis so they have always been really special to me. It's awesome to see this style still so popular today. I hope this sector continues to grow amongst both the Indie and AAA devs. #5.1
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Great question. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds in Halo 5. Let's just hope the multiplayer isn't hacked up and completely broken at launch like MCC was. #1
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It's wild how even with the technology we have to make near photo-realistic graphics, some of the best games to this day are still built and designed around our 2D gaming past. Makes you think if this truly was the golden age of gaming. #4
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I think we can all agree Nintendo has LOST their mojo and need some new blood brought in to help guide them in the right direction in all aspects. They need to execute the next console in the same brilliant fashion Sony did with the PS4 debut. As much as the delay of the upcoming Zelda title hurts, bringing it out with the new system (if this is the route they choose) alongside a handful of their Killer apps will be the fresh start the company needs. This combined with some actual marketin... #20
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Nice review! Great game and one of my favorite series. There was so much creativity used in these classic 2D games. As you mentioned, the art style, music and boss fights are still incredible to this day.

I would love to Miyazaki team up with Konami to create a new Castlevania. #1
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Very nice write-up! I'm still thoroughly enjoying Bloodborne and it's critically acclaimed for many good reasons. The higher difficulty certainly isn't for everyone, but the experience you get is unlike any other. That's what makes the Souls games so incredibly popular for gamers that enjoy a solid challenge. Outside of that, the art style, terrifying bosses and unique multiplayer features make this yet another not to be missed masterpiece by From Software. Haters gonna hate... #4
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Looks like a blast of old-school goodness. #1
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I agree the load times need some serious improvement. That should be easy enough to remedy through an update though. #1.2.2
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It's an incredible game. From Software has come a long ways. I'm happy for them, they deserve every bit of it. #1.1
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I wasn't keen on the co-op component for the campaign at first but have absolutely had a blast with each episode. Lots of content at a great price!

Be sure to read up on other user experiences before passing this one up. It has some really creepy parts and enemies. As others have stated, the Raid mode is incredibly fun and can give you hours upon hours of addictive gameplay on its own alone. This is nothing like RE6, it's definitely one of the best Resident Evil... #5
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I got MGS before it was stateside. I couldn't wait to get it so I had it imported. Of course, everything was in Japanese then so the whole game was quite difficult first run through b/c I had no idea what they were saying...especially Psycho Mantis, LOL. #1.1
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Looks fantastic! The beast coming out from the shadows at the beginning is awesome. #1
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Same here! Nice find sir =) #8.2
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Totally agree, a new Twisted Metal on the PlayStation 4 would be welcomed with open arms ;) #2.1
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I forgot about Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero! This was great. I loved lining up and racing iconic imports at night on the interstate in this game =) Definitely a worthy nominee. #1.1
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