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Hugely impressive catalog for the first year on the Switch!

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It's another great title for it and is really impressive. Hours of fun to be had ;)

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With all the talk of SP titles going away lately, The New Colossus is another great example of how that's simply not going to happen. Amazing game by MachineGames, just a really fun campaign.

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I ran across it online and after seeing the screenshots and videos, I had to play it. I'm very happy I did, as it's an excellent 3D platformer with lots of charm.

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After the disappointment of Yooka-Laylee, I wasn't going to get my hopes up, but A Hat in Time is fantastic. And I can't wait for Super Mario Odyssey either! Great to see this genre making a comeback =)

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I hope the next Halo is crafted far more carefully story-wise, includes local co-op and really pushes the capabilities of the Xbox One X.

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I had a good time with it. If you gamed on the PS2 and original Xbox, you'll definitely enjoy this remaster from Rebellion Developments.

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I imagine in a few years it will shift back to more linear based games. We'll still obviously have a plethora of open world titles, but like all things copied over and over, it's going to burn out eventually. Look how the next COD is going back to WWII. FPS's in this era use to be all you saw, but then it grew old. And here we are again...LOL.

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I did see that and I'm interested to seeing how the final code compares. It still looks really good on the PS4 Pro, but it no doubt has an edge on the XB1X. Fantastic game on all platforms =)

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Really interesting article! I agree with the comments on, "where is Luigi's Mansion"?!

Odyssey is going to do gangbusters, can't wait to play through it.

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It's a perfect game for the Switch. Darkwind Media really put in some hard work into Wulverblade. We don't exactly see much in this genre anymore, so it was very refreshing. It's definitely challenging too, I recommend co-op whenever possible!

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Yes he has =) It's such a good game, well worth the wait. You can choose casual, survival, nightmare or classic for difficulty. It can be lowered while playing, but you can't increase it if you find it to be too easy. I recommend survival. Nightmare can be immediately chosen this time around if you really want a challenge, but you do have to beat the game first to unlock classic (which adds some additional obstacles and there are no autosaves).

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Hopefully so!

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It's almost been overwhelming lately in this genre, F1 2017, Forza 7, Project Cars 2, Redout...all fantastic.

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The arty style and effects are fantastic! It gets a little too dark at times (causing navigation issues), but they wisely outlined your enemies so you can see them in those areas. It's a solid twin stick shooter overall, lots of fun ;)

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You should get at least 6 hours out of the DLC. Have fun with the sequel =)

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It's a lot of fun and yes, the story in Death of the Outsider is excellent. The main character lacks some skills and abilities compared to previous entries, but none the less, it's a solid expansion for Dishonored fans.

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@ContraCode - Only a week away from Forza Motorsports 7! While we have yet to review it, I'd say from everything we have seen that you can't go wrong with either games. Tough choice, might as well get both if you can =)

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Slightly Mad Studios has done an amazing job on this sequel. It's incredibly rich in content, looks fantastic and yes the controls are rock solid, whether you are on a gamepad or racing wheel.

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