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Looks interesting, I like the wide range of colors. Games are too toned down today in many cases. #1
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Interesting points. Maybe the devs could implement more fear into the character during tense moment. This does bring the gamer deeper into the world they are playing in. #3
I wonder what classic rally cars will be available in the dirt spec? I DD a Evo X so I'm hopeful to see it in there =) #1
Looking forward to revisiting Wolfenstein! #2
Wow, looks good! Definitely one to keep an eye on. #6
You'll be nothing but hooked now. Grab the comics too. They are much different in certain areas. I need to catch up on the books myself. #1.1.1
It's great fun guys! There is a ridiculous amount of content in this CE. Another great title for the PS4. #4
When reviewing these extremely story driven games, you definitely have to very careful in not giving away any spoilers. I can't stand it when some reviewers give huge things away from the campaign or episode in this context.

And you have got to WATCH the show!!! You are missing out =) #1
They are great entry level gaming glasses! Updated our conclusion with the price, which is $20 =) #1.1
Great DLC to an amazing game! #1
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Absolutely, if the gameplay is gimped it is over before it started. Hopefully XIXGAMES and Pixel Bones Studios works hard on fine tuning the controls on this one. #1.1
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That first level sums up the game well. Mass explosions, fire everywhere, rocking soundtrack...nailed it.

It is pretty funny now remembering when systems came with two controllers and a free epic title. SNES is still one of my all time favorites and Contra III was just one of the many amazing games available for it.

I'd love to see a new Contra on the Wii U. #2
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Ninja Gaiden games are always brutally difficult but the bad camera angles at times made it that much more in this entry. Still a fun game but hopefully Team NINJA can learn from the good and bad on this one and deliver an awesome next gen Gaiden in the future =) #1.1
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Loki's concept looks good. #2
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The Crawling One looks wicked! #3
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Nice review! We gave it a high score too. If you play through all the missions, it's definitely worth the price and if you are MGS fan you don't want to miss out on this.

Not hearing David Hayter took some getting use to but Kiefer did a great job. Makes me that more pumped for The Phantom Pain =) #1
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I think a lot of people have just jumped on the hate wagon for this one. I know it can be beat quickly but there are many games that you can do speed runs through. Even Dark Souls was beat by some people in 25 minutes but that doesn't mean it's a bad game.

If you are a MGS fan and play through all 6 missions, you'll more than get your $30 dollars worth. #2
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I'll have to check this out. It's tough for new devs out, there so it's great to see when one succeeds with a new IP. A lot of risk and work. Nice review! #2
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UT, that was a fun one! They definitely share the same high octane action which is always fun ;) Bubble up sir. #4.1
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I agree, I think the majority of players, especially on the Xbox One are very happy about their purchase and the longevity of the game looks good. Already great maps and modes with plenty more to come.

If you just look at Titanfall and don't get to play it, you may not get what is so exciting about it. Play a few games and if you're a FPS fan, you'll likely be hooked. #1.4.1
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