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Stop SCREAMING at us!
We can hear you. Well not literally but you know what I mean. #1.2.1
1954d ago by boodybandit | View comment
lovedaddy, while I wont call audio from the 360 rubbish I do agree with you and
I am shocked how this is not brought up more often in comparisons regarding the PS3 vs 360 for any reason. Exclusive games, multiplat games, psn/xbl games, digital downloads and even dvd playback all sound better on the PS3 over the 360.

The 360 has nothing but handshake issues with audio over HDMI. Till this day MS has never done a thing to improve this. It's so frustrating! I ended up giving up and using the optical adapter for sound and using HDMI only for video on t... #2.2.7
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Dance you're a riot.
Now frame rates don't matter. I love how it's "slight".
If the 360 had one frame a second more you would be, "360 version superior again, what else is new?". <- and you know it.

PS3, no matter how slight (your words), runs better.
Oh btw I am playing it on the 360. I just call it as I see it and you sir are a hypocrite. #1.2.2
1955d ago by boodybandit | View comment | Personal attack
^No doubt #1.4.1
1955d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Why must another game have to be dragged into this?
Why cant you just enjoy the game you are playing without making comparisons that you know will just start a war?

I am at the end of chapter two and although I am enjoying the game I am getting really frustrated with it's camera angles. I keep wanting to look around. I am actually moving my head around trying to see parts of the screen not available to my FOV. I literally find myself moving around and back tracking some just to see areas not in my FOV close up.
... #8.3
1955d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Pennywise " This is not news."
90+% of what is posted on N4G falls under that catergory.
This place has turned into blogosphere hell. The worst part is those that write, submit, approve and come here and drive up the heat by commenting under their very own articles.

Ahhh.... I'm done whining now, but ig I'm being honest, I do feel better. ;)
I'm gonna go have some cheese. #3.1.2
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"So show me credible industry back data that shows Kinect pre-orders numbers."
Okay Longrod_Von_Hugendon, it's a dirty job but I will get those figures for you.

*puts on latex gloves, grabs KY jelly, reaches up jden28s ass, POP*

There yah go!

*goes to wash hands and vomit* #1.2.3
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"Does Move, or the PS3 itself do this? If Move doesn't do this, then I'm not sure how it can be factored in as features of Move."

It appears Move will work with most PS3 titles from here on out. Games like LBP2, NBA 2K11, Killzone 3, MAG, Heavy Rain, on top of working on casual games. Semantics or not Move does exactly what BH stated above.

It doesn't matter if those games will also work with the Dualshock 3. The developers still hav... #1.1.6
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The girl wasn't cute?
I don't want one of those rigs or wouldn't spend big coin to own one?
The game doesn't look great and didn't run smooth?
I'm lying, I can wait till November 2nd?

You just have to love N4G where people can read minds and know what others are truly think. LOL! What a riot! #11.1
1956d ago by boodybandit | View comment
The girl was cute hell but I want that RIG!
I would pay big coin to own one of those official GT racing rigs. They look sweet and sturdy as hell. There is probably no flex at all in that bad boy. The game looks incredbile and ran smooth as silk. Cant wait till November 2nd. #11
1956d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Really looking forward to this game
Mine arrives tomorrow with the mail. #4
1956d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Couldn't agree more Parapraxis
StartWars and Fullish are Gamerlimit.
Talk about abusing your privelages. They write, submit, approve, then come here are help heat up the article. Bloggers have taken over N4G.

Gamerlimits site should be shown the door, slapped on the wrist or at the very least be placed in a time out. Startwars (great name, it suits you) and Fullish, go sit in that chair, face the corner and don't turn away until you are told! #1.4.1
1956d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Jamie this is N4G where common sense doesn't exist.
The only thing that matter is my dick is bigger than yours. You want to argue who can piss more accurately? Well that's a topic for another day.

Seriously though, all people want to do is argue. CVG is garbage but what site isn't? Eurogamer, Edge, Destructiod, Kotaku, IGN, and one and on. I take the information out of what is posted and do my best to ignore the flamebait fanboy fodder. Truthfully thoug... #1.1.10
1957d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Does anybody really know anyone? Just saying.

I didn't disagree with you Necrum, I just agreed with Unicron. His post stuck out like a hooker in Vegas. #5.1.3
1957d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Pennywise "It was my OPINION - DEAL WITH IT - and move on."
Damn Penny, I didn't know you had such a nasty right hook. Remind me not to piss you off.

Seriously though, Ninja Theory needs to STFU already.
What is it with mediocre developers that talk the most trash?
They put out one decent game so far this entire generation. It sold over 1.5 million copies and they appear to be pissed about. WTF? Now here comes Enslaved. Does anyone see AAA with this new title from them? HELL NO!
1957d ago by boodybandit | View comment
HUFG this is a bigger deal than you are making out to not be
I am a Forza fanatic and lurk on forza forums daily. Most of the community is not happy about this and the blame is split pretty evenly between Turn 10 and MS.

This would be like Capcom coming out with a GOTY edition of SSFIV that includes all of the costumes and Yung and Yang for full MSRP. Then telling all the consumers that own SSFIV that already purchased all the costumes the only way you will get Yung and Yang is to purchase this GOTY edition because they are not DLC.... #1.1.9
1957d ago by boodybandit | View comment
FACTUAL evidence
That is a load of crap. I have been on this site for over 4 years and I lurk here nearly every day. Both 360 and PS3 fans bashed the Wii but it had more to do with it's capabilities (480p graphics, analog sound, dated graphics processor, hell dated hardware in general) then it's use of motion controls.

The WiiMote part of it, as far as it being called a gimmick, was the icing on the cake. It's just a Gamecube 1.5 with a motion controller (gimmick). <- That w... #1.2.7
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^Well said #5.1.1
1957d ago by boodybandit | View comment
"Toshiba "admits" it is best viewed at a 40 degree angle"
And I bet that is exagerrated and pushing the limits of reality. It's like the whole dynamic vs real world contrast ratios today.

The reality is this technology wont be ready for mass production until well into the next console life cycle, if by then. Does anyone know how poor the FOV was for LCD's when they first hit the market? Till this day, while they are fantastic now, they still have limitations and some more so than others.

It's going... #1.1.7
1958d ago by boodybandit | View comment
Irony at it's best PT
Good catch.
I didn't even pick up on the Gears avatar.
Trolls have no shame.

He has a 35-1 disagree to agree ratio and yet his post still stands.
You know the bubble and report system on this site is severely broken. #1.2.7
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