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Because that is what he taught in his PR training session. Duh.

Do you really think Phil has played and enjoyed the original phantom dust? WAHHAHAHA!!! That is so cute!

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The global average is 21.8 mbps. So everybody crying about their slow speeds are in the minority. They also fail to realize their speeds will only increase with time.

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Nice try on assuming you know shit about internet speeds buddy! Stick your false fact back where you pulled it out of!

It's 32mbps in the US. And 25mbps in Canada. The only countries NOW has launched in.

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Do you really think Tokyo Jungle is incredible?

My kids play it and from what I've seen of it I would describe it as unique and appealing to animal lovers. Not the crappy PETA ones, real animal lovers :)

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This is NOT a "pivotal decision" for NOW's future.

Almost all digital services stumble out of the gates. It doesn't mean they will lose the race. It took Netflix six years 1997-2003 to become the established E-Commerce power house it is today. And I don't see NOW's pricing as a fail like a lot of KIDS online do.

Sony has invested enough to not let it fail. Pricing, Offerings and Availability will all change in the future GUARANTEED. ...

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So glad to know you won't waste money on something you don't want. Just like a smarter person!

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^^^^^Wow! Your a pouty little baby aren't you LOL!^^^^^

If Nintendo won't/can't make another 2D Metroid, last one was Metroid: Zero Mission in 2004, I think. Then i'll gladly take this "copy" hahaha!
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OT: This game looks amazing! The weapons,sounds and atmosphere are awesome! Tom Happ has made a incredible game. I will be picking this up definitely!

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No source. No believe.

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Very good review!

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This game was made by Megaman fans! For Megaman fans! It's not a "rehash" by Capcom.

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And every game should be free-to-play because then you wouldn't have to pay for anything unless you wanted more weapons,costumes,character or levels right?

Who cares that the Devs are in a INVESTMENT Business right?

"I don't want to have to buy another console to play a game that I want! Life is sooooo expensive!" These comments will be incoming

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Old games to you maybe! I have only played a handful of the games on NOW's Sub plan and I have had my PS3 a year after launch. Not everybody can play videogames 8 hours every single day.

It's still a great value and service for people who have never had a PS3, trophy hunters, non-console owners and most importantly, people who can afford $45 dollars for 90 days of instant,unlimited and convenient access to 100+ games. Which is apparently not you.

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Accident disagree.

The little kiddies would rather cry about the price of a 100 videogames at their finger tips than realize what a incredible service Sony is offering to them.

If I could game 5 hours a day, I would be all over this service. But I have a full time job, family and other hobbies.

I also have HUGE backlog of PS PLUS games. If the PS3 PLUS games were available on PS4 to stream with NOW, I would pick up a PS4 tomorrow and subscri...

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What other game streaming service are basing your comment on?

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Your completely right!

The Metroid-Vania formula is stale as hell and now every other indie uses that formula.

I would like a traditional 2.5D Castlevania done right! Not the mess MoF HD was. Simon's Quest Remake?

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Did you play LoS? I thought the mood and atmosphere was perfectly dark for a Castlevania game. I loved it!

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It is hilarious that this is what it takes now days to show the self entitled kiddies what value truly is.

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The value proposition!? Instant access to 100+ of PS3 games for a 3rd of the price of a $60 new release is not a value!? What freaking world do you live in?

I'll buy you the next Call of Duty if you'll buy me a 3 month sub to Now. Then 3 months later we can compare your "value" for the cost. You can even write another shitty "article" on it.

_LarZen_ is right! You cry babies are just damn dumb!

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"Who is Sony targeting with the PlayStation Now? The author ask.

Really? Your still confused! This question was answered at last years CES! Time 2:45

"This service will in the long term, provide existing playstation gamers with instant access to the games they love from previous generations."

"This service will a...

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If you want New Releases go stand in line at Gamestop at midnight with your $60 bucks in hand.

By time I ever get bored of my 100+ games your $60 game should be arriving shortly ;)

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