Is this Real Life


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Horrible article!

Don't waste your time people.

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That is. A Awesome Idea!!! Holy Sh!t

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They should of showed off his X-Ray or a Fatality right after he appeared through the darkness.

Just a little tease of his "style" would of been sufficient. Still excited though.

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Fujin! Awesome!

I hope we get a lot more of the elder gods lore X.

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Couldn't resist! Again.

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Make that 14 copies.
I'm sure the 7 disagrees won't be purchasing either.

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@-Foxtrot "I'm not liking the characters, they all look "samey" to me."

No more Samsies!

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You forgot something "This is epic /s"

Battletoads are cool but far from epic. That's funny as hell if your serious!

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Drop the "!" off the name guys.

"Slain" is the definition of a violent death or act of murder.
"Slain!" seems to be a light-hearted or quirky portrayal of death. Which, doesn't look like the game your making.

Just my 2 cents :)

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My Agree button exploded after a hundred clicks! Sorry, I could only give you 1 :-)

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Worst comment of all time.

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I absolutely love Mortal Kombat reveals! They hook me every time and I have to know what is going on in the MK universe. Hated the 3D PS2 games but loved MK9.

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Speaking of wasting thoughts.....good story bro!

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If it wasn't for The Beatles there would be no hard rock today right? If it wasn't them(Tombraider/Beatles) it would of been someone else.

As easy as that!

Just because you were first, doesn't mean your the best.

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I really hope they have better game titles planned for the sequels though. The Order: 1887, 1895, 1903 and so on would be lame.

They should title them something like The Order: Extinction or Devastation and leave the numbered Order: 1887 to mark as the beginning of the series IMO.

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There are games that are 24-36 hours long,(Nice specific length there buddy!) they are called RPG and MMO's.

And since my playtime is in very short sessions and limited, I wouldn't ever force myself to play a game if I don't enjoy it within a half hour.

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PlayableGamez is not blind?

"Evolve = DLC galore" is absolutely True!

Turtle rock has been talking about DLC before screenshots of the game were even released and every opportunity since!

Gamers are fed up with developers saying "Look at all the content we are showering our fans with!" When they're REALLY just pissing all over us!

So pardon the wiser gamers for being disgusted with the large amount of ...

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It would be a great little portable TV streaming device if it had Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go.

To bad it doesn't and as of a couple months ago had no plans to support the basic streaming TV Services.

What a joke.

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The Vita has become a continuation of the PSP and a Extension of the PS3 and PS4.

It is really not a self contained handheld with it's own exclusive library and never will be. No matter how much you guys complain or wish it to be.

You want cross-play, PSP games, Portable PS1, mobile PS3 and Ps4 games and 2 Free games a month from PS+ then get a Vita.

I don't regret it one bit.

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