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"Is this Real Life"


To bad it's not available for shipping. #1.1
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HAHA! You just started the list! 'combat and a few new powers and some bigger enemies'
You can also add better story,graghics and characters too. #10.1.3
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Dude, warhawk only had 1map per expansion with a total of 3 new maps. Why would 2 or 3 FREE new maps be bad thing? Besides, every map plays out to be 3-6 different maps depending on the game mode and player count. #20.2
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U3 maps are 4.99 for 4 maps. How is that price high? #18.1
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I'm with you bro!
So called 'journalist' STILL go back to this scene when talking when talking about bad voice acting, why?! Jabberwocky is right. This scene is suppose to be awkward and fake! Give it a rest you sucker fish hacks! #16.1
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I HATE to say it but...Gamestop has the best pre-order bonus's. Check it out the Limited Edition. #1.1
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This was a Killer video from Jobe! He answered a lot of good questions. And you really get a sense of the dedication LBI\Jobe has for STARHAWK.

He shows new maps, ALOT of gameplay changes and reasons "Why" they tune the way they do. Great Video! #3
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Gens32 is what your looking for then. #7.1
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I only disaagreed after reading your second comment. #8.4
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You are a hater on EVERYTHING!

Are you still mad your goldfish died or something? #1.1.2
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Apparently not you. #6.2
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You didn't give a reason why they don't market their games. Because they have to many Exclusives?

And I agreed with you because "I" didn't need marketed to for me to play this game, but a million others did for it to be success. Core gamers alone cannot keep games or franchises alive.
You need mainstream success to keep Franchises and Developers in business. I really hope people give it try for future of LightBox Entertainment. #6.1.1
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Releases in a week and practically NO ADVERTISEMENTS?! Shame on you SONY!
Support your exclusives or are you willingly just letting them fade away without the impact they deserve!

Anyway,gonna pre-order from Gamestop even though I HATE GS, just for bonus maps and soundtrack. #6
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No pre-order until the full roster is revealed for me.
If their line up isn't HUGE(they have plenty of Characters to choose from the playstation universe) or close to SSBB(35 Characters), SSFIV (35), MK9(32), UMvC3(48 characters to choose from!) I will not purchase!

If they end up only including 20 characters plus a couple DLC's I'm sure it will piss off more people than just me. And I'll pass on it for sure. #9
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Really? I'm in the US and I usually have one map from the Deception pack every other round. It's those dam Flashback 2 maps I can't seem to play. I've only played Train Wreck twice! #5.1
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I did not catch that ? In the lightning bolt. That is kinda lame IMO. I was more excited when I was wondering just how the hell are they gonna pull off a infamous 3?

Nathan hale says hi by the way about the trilogy explanation :-)

I think Exgamerlegends below said it best 'all the conduits are dead. Who would Cole have to fight?´ #4.2
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How is it not over?
Good karma he dies and bad karma HE becomes the Beast?
Did I miss something or are you talking pre-quell or spin-off ala, Festival of Blood?

I thought his story was over and if they continued infamous it would be with a different protagonist. Personally, I would Love more Cole! :-) #4.1
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Good review. I agree.

Since this pack dropped, I have seriously played them more than the Flashback #2 maps. I have yet to play Train Wreck more than once maybe twice, which is a shame because that was my most wanted map from U2 especially after removing the blizzard and snow so you could see the entire area.

I Love Oasis and Graveyard!
By far the best maps in the Multiplayer to date IMO. My opinion is still out on the other 2. I haven't played... #2
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Shit site-DO NOT VISIT!!!
Thanks for the TROJAN Buddy! Outstanding work! #5.1.1
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err. No.
I DO read and post in their forums apparently YOU don't!
All you do is spread lies.
THIS map pack is the last of the DLC for the FHC. Which you made very clear by your crappy trolling skills, you are NOT a member of!

Just because some members don't like it doesn't give you the right to spread their lies or just spit out random crap you read in a comment section.

This is the 5th map pack. 3 MP packs and 2 Co-Op maps... #5.3
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