Is this Real Life


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@GigawattConduit - LOL! Yes he is, he's still looking for Carl

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"classics like kobra, havik, meat, darrius and everyones favorite hsu hao." HAHAHA! You are joking right? RIGHT!?!

I want Fujin, Nightwolf, Kai and Rick Grimes for the next kombatants.

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@Ravenor I'm sensitive about what? I stated that I hate kimmel and why gamers are mad. I wasn't talking about myself at all.

@iceman06 Yes! you got it right!

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Simple huh! So you are a developer? You probably have no idea what it takes to even make A do B!

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Jimmy was stereotyping ALL gamers. That's why a lot of people got pissed. I've never liked kimmel. The replies made me laugh more than anything that dry douche has said in years!

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Yes and YES!

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To who? Desperate house wives or confused man boys! LOL!

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Hahaha! It happened to me also!

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Disagrees!? Really?
Apparently it doesn't look awesome and people can wait. Wow! Some people, I swear! *shakes head*

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Thank you for your comment. I Wish everyone would read it and stop coming up with their own Kojima conspiracy theories. It WAS just business.

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Yes agree! This game was so good my wife and son watched me play it then both, actually played it after I finished. And they hate RPG's! It's really the best LOTR Turn based out there! It really deserved a sequal

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Thanks! Might have to finally give Destiny a spin! I don't want to wait another year for the complete experience. I remember reading they were going to drop the next planned expansions(Comet) in favor of Destiny 2.

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Do we know if this is really the complete edition of Destiny 1 or just the end of phase 1 of their supposed 10 year plan?

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Warhawk PS3 changed my mind completely about MP only games. It was so much fun, I breathed Warhawk for months!

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Corny as hell! Don't waste your time.

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Give us Fangus Lorne!

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Nice try. That is not going to trend. Ever!

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Wow! How freakin' awesome is that of Blizzard to honor a co-worker and friend by naming and putting him in his own game! I love Blizzard even more by this honorable gesture!

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Surprise me am

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Really? Please explain more. Technically. -__-

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