Is this Real Life


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There is no god, you mindless fool.

@picnic Thanks for the math lesson and the cliff note version of pascals wager. Glad it works for you! I would love to avoid peoples delusional beliefs but when they comment in public forums I DO HAVE THE right to express my opposition and ridicule their comment.

@pixel I'm sorry you still believe in a invisible friend and fear "it". I don't support such others public delusions. One day you may becom...

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Way to ruin my "Hell" experience id! I thought this supposed "Hell" was eternal?

Pre-Order cancelled!

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Not sure at this point how ANYONE can disagree with a Last Guardian delay remark lol!

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I think you have Cliff confused with David Jaffe.

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No Netflix *Mic drop*

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Not trying to offend you or be a grammar Nazi. Just replace your 'ands' with a period so people can stop and breath man.

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That is the longest sentence ever! I cannot bring myself to read it again to find your point. Try some decaf man!

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That was gonna be my second guess!

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Apparently someone doesn't know what you mean by "classic arena shooter". Kids are funny!

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Only have to work 9 months out of the year? Would you mind sharing your occupation? My money is on road construction. Right?

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"I want my opinion read, not criticized!"

Stealth replies always get read and almost never commented on. It is a sneaky tactic of a [email protected]

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Here's a tissue...

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Your take on this article is "Games like the latest Tomb Raider probably sold even more than reported."

Keep waving your denial flag kid!

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What are you talking about? I do not pay taxes on PSN.

Does anybody else?

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Good for you man!
I love it that some people are still brave enough to say The Order was a great experience (which it was!) knowing the hate they will receive. Hoping for more Order in the future!

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Maximo 1 and 2 please. We need some Black also.

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PSN was down? Hmmmmph. So......

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Why didn't you inform microsoft earlier of their release date error Capt.Obvious!? You should send a resume to their marketing department ASAP!

Just having fun. I'm being a shithead :)

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Yes! Trine:Enchanted Edition for less than $4 on PS4! Now I can start this beautiful series since Trine 2 was free a couple months ago on Plus.

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