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Plenty of blu-ray movies to watch when I'm not on my PC.

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Meh it's alright for youtube, using your voice to navigate etc.. that's about it. Is it worth the money?
Not a bastard chance.

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I don't pay for games, never have, never will. I'm not too fussed about multiplayer and i certainly don't rely on 1st party software to fix bugs.
Do i care?

EDIT - LMFAO! Typical response from someone who doesn't know how to use daemon tools. Save yourself some money.

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I've been doing that for a while now....
Bethesda charging for something that has been free to PC users since last year!
Bad shit man!

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My 360 will get some serious use this Holiday season.. I can only imagine the DLC Turn 10 will release for Horizon.

Forza 4 was a true masterpiece in my eyes. It'll surely be the Game TDU2 should have been.

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Isn't his name DeSliver? Or at least according to the script leak last year....

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They both have become weak. You're the type of "gamer" who says "next gen" is coming next year when in Essence the lucky few have been playing "next gen" since the PC release of Crysis Warhead. They both have ran out of steam. It's actually depressing.

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Nothing wrong with shooting scum.

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What a wanker.
I work full time for your information.
Go fuck yourself, jealous mong.

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Dreamer! nothing but a dreamer!

I love how they say "same clock speeds" as the pricier 670. Funny that, considering most the third party 670's (MSI, Asus etc) clock 30% more than the 660ti.

Looking at the big picture, you're better off with a 670.

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Yeah right. It'll not even flinch my 2x 670 super clocked. Crytek need to try harder and stop being bitches because of consoles.

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Hahahahahahaha! Nintendo never change. #NintendoFAILS2012

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Will that be along side the horrid input lag.... LOL

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PC. We've been in "next gen" for a while now. Console owners seem to think their jump to "next gen" will be massive.... It won't. Not if Sony don't want to end up bankrupt. Same goes for MS. PC may be expensive but it's literally a one off payment into a world of brilliance. It goes along side personal preference... If you have the money go for it.. If not. Enjoy your 20FPS consoles with sub par textures, screen tearing, jaggies, lack lustre promises from S...

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He's an Ex FBI agent.

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I'm taking the piss. Now leave. If you actually think i'm being serious with most of my comments then you have a major problem.

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The best Console experience money can buy :)

Ooo look, phantom disagrees from PS2.5 owners.

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Go back to your 10FPS ps triple.

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